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    Here’s the situation:

    I use a flat iron(Elchim)about twice a week. Lately, I’ve noticed that my hair is becoming a little “dead” at the ends, and generally dryer. So I bought a CHI flat iron, (everyone recommended it) which is supposed to be gentler on the hair. I also started using CHI’s Iron Guard.

    My question is – Is there a shampoo or conditioner or something that anyone can recommend that repairs hair which is already damaged from heat? It’s b”H not that bad yet, but I wanna fix this before it gets worse…

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    stop ironing your hair is the best fix… just iron when really neccisary and try a hair drier


    I used hot tools ceramic iron for years for shabbos and now i use it daily- my hair is not burnt. I think its a great iron.


    dont wash ur hair daily. get ur ends cut and stopusing iron. but i also used the hot tools ceramic till it broke and it was great then i got another one that was awesome. now im married with no problem


    My hair’s also pretty unruly and hard to manage. I use the CHI iron, and my hair’s bocome dead, like yours. I just bought a Pantene shampoo that tames frizz, it works wonders!!


    i use the chi iron every other day. my hair is sooooo dead its crazy. i just started using Pantene’s “damaged to strong” shampoo/conditioner for fine hair. i cant even describe how much better my hair looks!! the only prob i have with it is that it makes my hair a little tangled at the ends sometimes. but i just brush it out in the morning and its good as new =) good luck!


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    my daughter used to use those hot irons, but then she used her own money to get a ‘Japanese Hair Straightening’ @ a salon. I don’t remember how long it lasted in reality, but read this: “The results for Japanese Hair Straightening usually last for one year and may require a touch-up session to take care of new growth.”


    Every time I would get my hair cut whoever did the cutting would go on and on about how wonderful my hair is, and how they never see hair like mine. Then they would ask me my secret.

    Here is the secret: I wash it twice a week (three times in the summer and sometimes only once in the winter if the weather has been really dry), and rarely blow dry it. By “rarely” I mean maybe two or three times a year when I need it dry in a hurry. I never use any curling irons or other hot devices on my hair.


    Boro Park Girl & Yogibooboo

    So you’re using this hot tools ceramic iron, and you say it doesn’t burn your hair? Just curious what texture your hair is naturally-fine, medium, coarse..?


    First of all, a lot of these “ceramic irons” are not completely ceramic so check it out. Also, I found that if I take thin groups of hairs and put it through the iron a bit faster (even if its multiple times) it doesn’t get as burnt. Make sure your iron temperature is appropriate for YOUR kind of hair. If you have fine hair, you can leave it on the lowest thing. Also, blow drying it smooth before ironing can help tremendously and its not hard (I can’t blow dry hair straight so I just blow it smooth and then iron).


    do u have hard water?


    Who has tips on blow drying hair, straight? It takes me forever to straighten my hair, though I like it much better than my natural curly. It never straightens as nice as it does if I’ve blow dried it first, but the issue is that I donno how to hold the brush and dryer at the same time, with trying to catch it on the hair so that the hair gets ‘stretched’ straight. (I don’t think I’m making much sense here, but someone who understands- or can at least try to understand- PLEASE help!)


    tomim tihye

    BasYisroel: I used to pin up the upper half of my hair and blow the lower half first, then blow the upper half separately. This made it easier to catch the hair properly on the brush to stretch it straight.

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