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    ya know that is certainly a cool lesson on people and their inner thoughts. He spoke about his desperation to have a kid in yeshiva because the doors have been closed for monetary reasons and to me “any suggestions” meant “Can anyone suggest how I can get my child into yeshiva for the sake of his spiritual and emotional health when most don’t want us for financial reasons” and you heard “Can anyone help us come up with money to pay for tuition so my son can go to yeshiva”

    Doesn’t the first statement encompass the second? I was thinking of writing a “poor Bubbelah” emotional message, but I’m much too practical and not like that. If they don’t want him for financial reasons, the most direct method would be to solve the financial issues if possible. Even the OP agreed with his paragraph starting We have tried multiple things to get more parnasa like driving Uber. He is looking for an idea. Squeezing more money out is an idea (which may or may not apply here).

    I just don’t agree with you that allowing people to learn torah in a torah environment that they cant afford will have an impact on that. I see them as very very separate issues.

    Not sure what you mean. Anyone is always welcome to be in beis medrash, and even possibly go to a shiur. It is being part of a registered high school and structured environment, eating food and using space that the Yeshiva needs to pay for, that is the problem. If the kid wants to live in the BM (and is not a truant, which he would be at 14) what could the Yeshiva say?


    We have gotten 3 or 4 leads from friends (as well as the Ner Yisrael suggestion here). One looked promising but it turned out to be a poor fit and would have caused more issues than it would have solved. (Sorry I cannot give details.)

    Does anyone know of a list of yeshivas along with contact information, preferably including email? It would be great to have something like that along with a short mission statement describing the kind of boys who go there.


    Have you looked into Yeshivas Ohr Reuven of Monsey?

    Yeshivas Ohr Reuven

    Or Rabbi Zweig’s yeshiva in Maimi?

    link removed

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    I completely agree with Syag L’chochmah on this thread (as I often do). There has been a lot of let-them-eat-cake commenting going on here.

    The very home costs that gavra mentioned should answer his question. If a person is making less than 100k annually and had to get a house for over 400k, then the money is going towards the house! And, there’s no way they’ll have 10k+ leftover per year for tuition!

    The reality seems to be that frum communities in the US are either in areas where you have to be a millionaire, or areas where you have to worry about your kids being stabbed.


    Neville, kindly let us know, please, specifically which US frum communities “have to worry about your kids being stabbed”.


    “have to worry about your kids being stabbed”.

    There were severe riots last year in a major frum area

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Same city, different neighborhoods.


    DSY, I attempted to post links to the websites of the Yeshivos that I had mentioned, but as you can see all that ended being posted was link removed. Guess I should have seen that coming. Still, nothing a couple of minutes on Google won’t solve.


    I think the frum communities live in the suburbs; not in Baltimore proper.


    Try Yeshivas R’ Chaim Berlin (718) 377-0777. They’re excellent in accommodating boys from different backgrounds, while remaining a regular mainstream yeshiva. As far as tuition breaks goes, I can’t tell you for sure, & I think their policy is like most yeshivos, however, I do know someone who was really doing poorly financially, and sent their children there. You would have to find out who to talk to.


    I know people in Baltimore and they were on lockdown.

    The jewish area is Resitertown, but that I belive it part of Baltimore proper, just not the downtown


    Sounds like your son is a perfect candidate for the remodeled Rochester NY yeshiva. They have done a great job, money is not an issue and they love out of town kids. Hatzlocha.


    Torah Umesorah publishes a list of all day schools and Yeshiva HS.

    Here are some ideas- chances are someone will accommodate you. And if not ask them for a couple refferals. There are dozens of YHS across the country.

    In Baltimore besides Ner yisrael there is Neimos Hatorah and Toras Chaim.




    Providence RI


    Greater washington/ silver spring

    Shaarei arazim and shaarei torah in monsey.

    Hatzlacha rabba!

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    Crown Heights, Waterbury, Baltimore, Washington Heights, etc.

    When you grow up in an area with an extremely above average crime rate, you tend to think it’s normal. I grew up in an area where nobody even locks their doors.


    I’d suggest calling Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen for advice.

    You can find his number by Googling [simcha bunim cohen lakewood].


    Neville, must one be a millionaire to live in Williamsburg, Marine Park, Flatbush, Monsey or Lakewood?


    Neville, must one be a millionaire to live in Williamsburg, Marine Park, Flatbush, Monsey or Lakewood?

    In Brooklyn for sure you need to be a Millionaire unless you want to live in a dumpy basement. Anything decent costs a fortune.

    Lakewood is a bit cheaper and people are leaving brooklyn for Lakewood for that reason


    family planning, which i never before had heard a frum yid suggest

    I heard it mentioned as being practiced, if not necessarily suggested,

    due to tuition – the conversation was mostly about children who are

    in public school because their parents can’t afford tuition… 🙁


    Is there a Yeshiva in the world that will refuse entry to a child because the parents can’t pay tuition, if refusing entry will result in the child attending public school?

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