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    So i really dont know much, ive heard little bits here and there but i am looking to apply to seminary and have no clue how to seperate one from the other,if anyone has any suggestions of ones i could look into that would be great!The only one iv’e looked at so far is peninim.

    Theres no way i can explain myself conmpletly just from a few sentences but just maybe if anyone has any ideas:

    #I am baruch hashem very smart and and have grade grades but struggle a little bit in translating hebrew so I cant go to an extremely academic seminary.

    #I guess i consider myself the “chofetz chaim” type, not yeshivish but not really modern either(theres never an exact type to be able to describe yourself)

    # out of town (being in a seminary with openminded nice girls is really important to me)

    # I come from bais yaakov type highschool

    # Im interested in going to college ( if that has anything to do with my choice)

    # I am a year early, so if anyone has any advice on that, or which seminaries do take early admissions.

    *I probably need alot more, so if theres any questions to help differenciate between seminaries id be happy to answer!

    All applies are apreciated! 🙂

    btw whats MMY?


    I don’t know much about these to give an opinion on them however genericly speaking you may want to look into seminar, chochmas lev, nachlas, machon raya, peninim might be too modern for you… but that’s really up to you to judge for yourself.. G’luck.

    hope you do well!!


    Did you look into michlala?


    I think you might be too frum for mmy.

    The outcome is bais yaakov and chofetz chaim, not so much the income.

    You chopp?


    a little heads up chachmas lev is not opening next year


    Maor or Ateres or Peninim sound right.. or even the New Gateshead Sem (Bais Chaya Rochel)

    Do you listen to non jewish music, boys? these are things that you should check into.. and consider with regard to yourself & choosing a place

    Michlala is not for BY type girls.. more left


    Maybe afeki or midreshet tehilla?


    thanks so much!

    Leah22 – i dont particularly have any close guy friends,no!I do listen to some non-jewish music, i really dont know how to clasify myself but i would like to grow in hashkafa, and other things.

    Does anyone have any reasons why afikei or ateres would be good, are they sim. to peninim.

    whatelseisleft-“The outcome is bais yaakov and chofetz chaim, not so much the income.

    You chopp?”…..huh? i dont chop :p

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Meor is for girls who want to grow but some of them start off in different places like english music, videos, ‘dressing challenges’ and stuff, while others don’t. As long as you are actively looking to move upwards, you can try them. They are a hard place to get into though. The interview is painful for some and nobody ever knows what makes them decide who gets in and who doesn’t (THEY know exactly what they are doing, I’m saying the outside people never know). Ateres is less academic but lots of work. Also for people who want to BE more not just learn more. Less of those girls listen to music or have ‘dressing challenges’ going in. Both places want girls seriously looking to grow.


    There IS no typical “CC” seminary. Girls who marry into cc families come from all types of seminaries. You need to pick the seminary that most matches your personality and skill sets, and nobody here is qualified to answer that for you. This is for your rav or high school principal. i wish you much bracha and hatzlacha.


    I think Maor and Ateres are similar than Peninim.. but perhaps attract a more stable girl from more stable homes. Peninim does have refutation that girls have more free time.. and seminary leaves girls to get up to…?


    Michlala is not a Seminary. It is a college. Different Idea.

    As far as the OP, if you actually want to learn something and not party/chessed/”frum out”/reprogram, why not BJJ?


    BJJ, is extremely high academically and hashkafa wise. Michlalah is also very tough academically.

    A Heimishe Mom

    gavra: she said not heavy academics as she has trouble translating hebrew so BJJ is out.

    Happym: are set on going to Eretz Yisroel? Balitmore has a Maalot that is a two year program concluding with a Bachelor’s degree (I was told the options are very open). It is a warm out-of-town community. I don’t know too much about it, but it sounds good in theory. Check it out. There is also a maalot program in Toronto if you want to go cross-border.


    BJJ teaches in Ivrit?


    No, but the learning is very textually oriented. They do an annual spring sing that is in Ivrit by the way, but that’s not the problem.


    gavra-at-work – thanks for the suggestion it was a good thought,but A heimishe mom was right, i apreciate that she pointed it out that , i can manage academics but i do have trouble in hebrew so that doesnt sound like a great option for me.I am leaning towards peninim, especially since i have connections and am interested in hashkafa, but #1 i wish it was slightly more academic ( just slightly more)and #2 leah22 “but perhaps attract a more stable girl from more stable homes. Peninim does have refutation that girls have more free time.. and seminary leaves girls to get up to…?”is it really true that it has a bad reputation???….ik someone whos there this year and shes a great girl and she said they were trying to get better girls.Also does anyone know if ateres takes early admissions?, i know peninim does.I know ateres has alot of diff. types academicly but does anyone know frumkite wise what type it is, or if that has many various types as well?Also yeah i am really set on going to eretz yisroel right now. 🙂 thankyou again for all the responses, they are all apreciated!


    Why you not considering Maor?

    what about Shoshanim – not sure if still around.. couldv’e changfes its name. run by Rabbi Rosen less focus on academia


    No, but the learning is very textually oriented.

    Would you mind elaborating, please? Realize that I am a guy, and when I learn something, it is from a sefer.


    some seminaries make you prepare and study actual text in depth.. whilst others give more hashkafa based classes. obviously all offer both.. but depends what percentages are.


    I just dont know much about it and it might be a little too late…..also i dont know if they take early admissions :/


    i think Afikei or Ateres sound right up your alley. All types of girls, not heavy on academics and i think they take early admissions. i know Afikei does



    Amazing school. Some of my best friends are going there.

    What my point is that although many can/ will marry CC boys, they are not from CC families.

    While they didn’t attend BY, their daughters just might.


    whatelseisleft- oh ok fine now i get what your saying,right i

    guess so!

    jewish for life-thanks!! your right, im still not 100 percent sure but they sound similair to my type…..does anyone know for a fact if ateres takes early admissions?



    As a father of a HS senior, I can share what we have found out so far:

    New Gateshead I do not beleive you can remain there for yom tov or breaks. The kids are mostly European and return home. Unless you have relatives in England, you’ll need to budget for additonal flights home.

    P’ninim I understand has gotten more selective during the application process. I don’t beleive there is a lot of out-of-classroom work, but their schedule looks like the other seminaries, and there are night classes as well. It had a BY hashkafa, and the staff is devoted to the student body.

    Meohr I understand has a larger crowd than Ateres. Both seem to have a higher level of text learning and work. I do not beleive Meohr has been here in the US to tour yet. Both are known for working closely with each student.

    In addition to posting to the board, I’m old school and prefer the phone. We have been calling recent alumni and students we know are in Israel to get feedback. Ask, ask ask!


    There are hundreds of British families who are willing to host Seminary girls over yom tov and other breaks. It should certainly not be a deciding factor.

    Hatzlacha Raba in your search!


    It sounds like Bnos Chana is a good place for you to check out. It definitely has the out of town Bais Yaakov atmosphere with a serious but not heavily academic kodesh program.

    You can look at their website:

    Good Luck!


    when you say youre a year early you mean youre in 11th grade now and want to go to seminary for 12th grade?


    pninim sounds about right to me!!!! the girls this year are much better than past years!the classes are amazing and i have seen girls already growing here! all the girls are very nice in pninim there are no cliques or anything like that!we learn alot here but we have nice amounts of free time with barely any work ever out of the classroom.this gives us time to see yerushalayim- go to the kotel or other places. we are also in a very central location. it is a 10 minute walk to the tachana (central bus station) and we are right across from angels bakery and also right off of kanfei nesharim – a street with many stores that u can go shopping in if u ever need to buy almost anything. pninim also serves 3 meals a day gives u many baked goods and fruit (this saves ALOT of money!)also all of the teachers in pninim care about each and every girl u can go to ANY teacher at all if u need to talk about anything they are also very open minded and normal!if u wanna know more about this awesome seminary just let me know!


    honolulu- why isnt chochmas lev opening next yr? i was gona suggest it… i thought it was a great seminary, I was so impressed with the girls


    aidel- it’s opening up as a new seminary called Bais Yaakov International. I could totally be making this up but I think it’s a traveling seminary.

    Shua Cohen

    Given your total information, I think there is only seminary that you should consider, and that would consider you.

    To recap –

    You’re early admissions.

    That pretty much rules out Meohr and Ateres and most of the more Bais Yaakovy places. (They’ll only look at early admissions if you’re an academic superstar.)

    Youre not great with Hebrew – Again, most of these places are big on textual academics.

    Meohr may still be an option, but Ateres has upgraded in that area. You could sneak in, but why would you want to if their focus is text and you’re not good at it or dont like it.

    And dont kid yourself, this is not the year it’s going to change. If it hasn’t worked for 12 years, then you’re just not cut out for it.

    Chofetz Chaim type – Rules out most BY places, other than maybe Seminar and BYA. Meohr has girls of middle-level frumkeit, but more New Yorky (Flatbushy), not the outta town type you seem to be.

    You want out-of-town type girls.

    Meohr is pretty ruled out there. Seminar and Bnos Sarah are in, but BS is very academic and probably too frum.

    College plans – Only a problem for Super-frum places, Hadar and tiferes, but those arent relevant to you anyway.

    Non-Jewish music – An issue in every seminary but denied in most. From among your choices, only Meohr would admit to it existing by them. And why be in a place where you have to deny what you’re working on.

    The only place that fits ALL of your criteria is Peninim. You can literally tick every box and thats what they have/are.

    The hesitation about “chevra” was real last year and the year before. It had a large percentage of serious problem girls. They totally revamped, actually thought about closing down, but decided to try very hard at being more selective, and they were successful.

    My daughter is there this year and she’s thrilled, both with the seminary and also with the girls, which she was very nervous about beforehand.

    She is very similar to how you describe yourself, and so are all the other girls. Obviously, people arent EXACTLY the same, but they’re all that type…what we call out-of-town type frum. Or “Chofetz Chaim” – for lack of a better word.

    My daughter loves everything about Peninim, classes, teachers, is making great strides in the low-pressure environment, and is already talking about a second year.

    I’m not sure if I should say “Help” or “Halevai”!


    qsman-I apreciated seeing all your different opinions of what you know about the seminaries,thankyou, it helped alot,and leah22 thanks 🙂 @least right now im not considering england, even though it sounds like a great seminary, I am really interested in going to eretz yisroel. Brach18-i will look @ the link thanks 🙂 its the 1st time ive heard of it.Couldnt think of a username-yeah im in 11th grade.Ayshoshee-you sound like your having an amazing year,along with shua cohens daughter :p, i really am leaning towards peninim strongly, i was just nervous about the girls and what someone had mentioned earlier on abt. peninim having a bad reputation but, its sounds from what your saying and what shua cohen is saying that lately they really have decided to pick a more selective groups of great girls :)and sounds great for me thanks!!!!Shua cohen- thanks for looking @ all my comments, sometimes people just see some of them and dont take in all the considerations, like that im going early ect. “And why be in a place where you have to deny what you’re working on.”<i agree completly! But overall thankyou for all the responses and comments, there really helping me try and figure out what to do, because before this someone couldve thrown out the names bnos sara, meohr, mmy, seminar, and p’ninim and i would have had no clue what the difference is. 🙂


    I was thinking you’d be great in two schools: migdal oz or harova. I know it seems like you’ve already made up you’re mind so I don’t want to get you all confused again but cerealously, they’re great schools and I think someone like you can gain lots from them.

    They both want girls who are looking to grow and while migdal zo is intense academically, they help you out immensely so you can get up to the same level as everyone before you know it.

    Harova is less intense but the girls who go there are great. Some of my friends went there and they loved it! Plus, it right near the koisel and there’s nothing better than shabbos davening there.

    Good Luck!


    thanks bigjew613….yeah as of right now im not gonna look into much else just cuz, hopefully i have my mind set on a few different places already…but i apreciate the suggestions.Maybe ill keep it in the back of my head though. 🙂 ive actually never heard of either.r they in eretz yisroel?


    hey im from brooklyn and thinking of doing the same exact thing as u… im in 11th grade and just got permission to do early admissions. looking in pninim but was wondering how free it is… and what kinda girls go

    the other seminary im looking into is medreshet shmuel. ever heard of it? im trying to get info on it


    muartist- thats cool that your doing the same thing too!what do you mean by “how free it is”? Ive actually never heard of medreshet tehilla…i feel like there are soo many different seminaries now


    i love how people feel that they are experts on seminaries… there’s no way in the world to know so much about so many seminaries and be completely accurate… the only real way to know a seminary is to spend time there… by the way, i know of someone who went to ateres straight from 11th grade so they DO accept early admissions… and from the number of people that i know that went there and have given me feedback… it sounds really great for you… really sorry if that completely confused you!!! hatzlacha!!


    i know i agree with you its just thats why its so hard. Thanks for the information on ateres! haha btw its fine it didnt confuse me just it might be too late because what i found out before is that they dont usually take, so i didnt try, but thanks! 🙂


    Can someone describe the girl that will go to Darchei Binah?


    speaking as someone in israel now- seminar and bya sound up your alley-

    leah222- michlala has plenty of by type girls- the girls in my grade who went there are very by type- they also applied to bnos chava, bnos sara, a few also got into bjj and mesores rochel-


    ive heard about sems but everyone says different an i really want to try for nachlas but ive heard that its very academic and hard to get into and uve gotta be from a weel known family- is this all true?

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