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    jO jO

    I’m thinking about purchasing one of those small computers.

    Can anyone suggest any models?

    Are they any good?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Y.W. Editor

    We at the YWN Desk have a Dell Mini, a HP, and an Acer.

    They are all good, but the Dell is the best so far.

    The only issue is that they don’t have CD drives. That can be taken care of by purchasing an external drive and plugging in via USB.

    PS: YWN Israel just recently added an HP to the news room as well.


    How’s the Acer? Are there any specific problems? We just got one, it’s good to know.


    Dont pay for the microsoft bunch. Try “open office”- free, similar version. There is word, excel and more under different names. Its like 2003 microsoft, but they are constantly updating it! Only catch- You cant open DOCX files, but can open others from many different word processor companies.

    Y.W. Editor

    We have the “Acer Aspire One AOA150-1447 8.9-Inch Netbook”.

    No issues that we see. Runs nicely.

    Dell is still a Dell, and takes the lead.


    whats the chiluk between a “netbook” and a regular notebook? (becides size and no cd drive?)



    You basically described the main differences.

    Others are / may be;

    -Less memory

    -Less storage (in some instances solid-state memory of 4 – 20 gb instead of a hard disk)

    -Slower & less powerful CPU

    -Lower price

    -Lower screen resolution

    -An older OS (operating system) in order to place less strain on the components

    -No upgradability

    -Fewer ports (network, external monitor)


    and what is the price differential between a netbook and a notebook (laptop)?


    I have a lenovo laptop (I never even heard of it until I bought it and now I’ve seen it advertised online). One of my siblings has two dell laptops, one works very well (pretty new) and the other is not too good (older, but I dont think it was too good from the beginning). The only difference I have seen in mine (lenovo) is a bit more in price and it holds less memory than most of the dell I see advertised. Other than that, I am B”H very, very happy with it. IMO, it works as well if not better than the dell desktop I usually use.

    OP, I would recommend checking user reviews on before making any final decisions. Good Luck!



    I can only try: how do the netbook’s do with internet usage?! or mostly just well for Microsoft word!?


    What’s that new tiny dell laptop that’s like $200?? Anyone have it? Is it any good?



    Price is model dependent. Based on my observations of sale sites and advertisements, netbooks seem to go from $200 – $450, depending on their specs, while laptops are about $400 (for a rock-bottom model on sale) and up. A really loaded laptop can easilly be well over $1,000 and in some cases $2,000.


    I would recommend checking user reviews on before making any final decisions.

    Good advice.

    Also speak to people you know have one, check other review sites and read customer reviews on sale sites.


    Netbooks were primarily designed for simple tasks like net surfing, email and word processing. You should be fine. (btw, if you prefer spelling out my full SN by all means do so, but “icot” as a salutation is fine – no need to impose needless wear-and-tear on your keyboard 🙂


    icot: thanks for ur imput


    Are there any netbooks out there running on Android?


    shaatra, its convenient but a bit annoying typing on such small keys. You kinda have to have small fingers for it to work comfortably. Also, its a smaller screen so you obviously dont get the whole webpage in front of you, which is also annoying. Otherwise, its pretty cool.



    My pleasure.



    Kapusta, Lenovo is a Chinese company which bought out IBM’s laptop division. Lexmark bought out IBM’s printer division.


    Jothar, thanx for the info.



    Jothar, Lexmark was actually an IBM spinoff.


    ICOT thanx for info I think ill wait for that one…



    I’m happy to share my limited knowledge on the subject of netbooks, as well as the results of a google search on “android laptop”, but for a more thorough answer I suggest speaking to someone who has already researched and/or bought one (such as “Y.W. Editor”).

    Just curious – why the interest exclusively in a machine running android?


    I can only try: thanks!

    p.s. i use good ‘ol copy & paste for your name! 😉


    I can only try: because its nice and stylish and really user-friendly and reliable (not a lot of crashing etc). Just outa curiosity what area in computers ARE you very knowledgeable on?



    The knowledge I have was gained by research, trial-and-error and asking others for the purpose of maintaining my computers, home network, printers, and other peripherals as well as assisting relatives and friends with theirs.

    Sometimes a poster will ask a question which is related to an issue that I recently researched, in which case I may have relevant and up-to-date info to help them with.

Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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