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    cell alert

    did anyone here, hear the new miami boys choir?

    so what do you have to say about it?

    is it the best one so far?

    which songs do you like the best on it?

    cell alert

    i am just refreshing this topic.

    c’mon no one has anything to say about it?

    i want to hear from all the music lovers!!!!


    Hi there..

    what can i say?

    as a kid growing up in the late 90s.. i think the two best eras of the last decade or two have been the early 90s with ari goldwag nochum/nathan stark

    and then the upper middle 90s with eric sten yitzi spinner oded karati etc…

    i didnt really get into miami again till a year or two again.. and thought miami 25 was BRILLIANT..

    and then the 2004-2007/2008 stuff was a bit meh, i guess we can call that the revach era! LOL

    I bought the yovoh album in 2009, and it was fantastic, the abramowitz kid i thought had the potential to be an all time star..

    but i dont see him on the cover of the new cd at all..

    in fact i dont recognise ANYONE on the new cd cover that was even with miami in 2009/2010 moshiah/ yovoh era.

    i listened to a sample of the songs, and i suppose it was okay..

    but i still stick with the best miami choirs were miami 25

    and hascs 2 and 5 🙂

    hope you enjoyed my long winded feedback lol


    woops.. type mistake

    miami 2 and 5 NOT HASC LOL


    I LOVE THE NEW MIAMI!! I’m obsessed with 1st, 2nd,and 7th songs in specific. It’s on a whole day here!


    its good…i like tracks 1, 2, 12 and 7..


    as i say i listened to the samples.. but there didnt seem to be the funkiness that moshiach or the yavoh dvd had


    excellent CD

    to all those familiar with Miami this one is also veeery typical Yerachmiel Begun, But still has its own unique style. besides for “oh Hashem” which I was singing along with the first time I listened to it because its very similar to his previous English songs!

    also you don’t get sick of it too fast. its very catchy and easy to sing along to.

    Every song is a masterpiece. well worth your $$.

    I recommend you buy it on mostlymusic and buy the download for only 12.00! save $$


    lol.. musictomyears u dont work for aderet do you ?


    oh my i gotta get it!!


    Great album!! Listening to it all day.


    I like yovoh better. But this album was also pretty good.

    cell alert

    thanx everybody for your feedback my favorite song is # 7 its great listening to it while driving!

    does anyone know where you can get sheet music?

    i play by ear but sheet music is better for the chords!


    jewishmusick- nope, i just like saving myself and other people money!

    cell alert- check out the mbc website, it should be there. it might be too soon though.


    whats the mbc website called?


    cell alert/goody613- Sorry, I thought they had one but i googled it and nothing came up…funny…most singers nowadays have websites and i vaguely remember seeing theirs!maybe I’m getting confused with a different singer… they do have a facebook page- maybe check that out

    good luck!


    musictomyears- earlier this year mbc had a site that said “coming soon! new miami boys choir site!” and apparently they closed down the site…

    cell alert

    thanx for all your help! would somebody post the sheet music online?


    C C

    OH Hashem OH Hashem ……..

    NOte i just put these chords on top they can totally be wrong but my educated guess that the chords are that !


    does anybody know the lyrics to Mi La’Hashem Ailai and Oh Hashem??


    here ya go

    Up upon the mountain

    With holiness around him

    And then upon returning

    A fire within him burning

    His words resounding- who would come

    to answer his call

    Who will be on His side

    Turn to the One Above

    Serve Him with trust and love

    Live by his law with awe and pride

    How can our souls deny

    The road to a life complete

    Just step to – your inner heartbeat

    The Greek rule was so daunting

    The sacrifice – so haunting

    But the courage of one leader

    Who would dare to take a stand

    And in that golden moment

    Matisyahu brought atonement

    He chose those solemn words again

    That rang throughout the land

    So the money and the music and the culture are

    What its really all about

    Oh the sickness and the struggles of economy

    Many children have been pulled away

    But the answer is the question

    That can truly save the day

    Shout out – so our faith will show

    Never – can it lead us wrong

    Forever – will it make us strong


    and here’s oh Hashem

    The Footsteps getting louder each day

    The lunacy is all in play

    Nothing we could all understand

    The time has taken its toll

    We feel it in the depth of our souls

    Though he does delay each day

    We still do believe and we pray


    Oh Hashem oh Hashem

    Can the time be right

    For Moshiach to arrive – we need your light

    Please reveal your glory so the world will know

    From Yerushalayim your word will eminate

    Everyone to Tzion will storm your gates

    All the nations speak ???? ?????

    We believe with all our hearts

    In our thoughts 2000 years

    If only we could serve you with fear

    In the ??? ????? so dear

    We would feel your ????? so strong

    For the days of old we do long


    I went 2 the MBC-Fried concert thid past pesach it was AWESOME!! they sang a lot of these new songs!!

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