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    I need to buy some suits but right now i cannot afford custom tailored suits. Does anyone have good recommendations??


    Non-custom tailored suit.


    What kind of suits does everyone here wear? I was thinking about Ralph Lauren suits but after reading the shatnez alert on the STAM website thats not an option..


    You can actually find really nice suits for good prices on Amazon. You’ll just have to know exactly what your size is. I personally don’t really care for designer brands, I just like funky looking suits.


    TJ Maxx or Marshall’s


    Just wear a white shirt with dark dress pants. That’s all you need.


    I have dress slacks and white button down shirts that I wear but I think it would be nicer for me to start wearing suits. Thank you for the recommendation of Amazon, looks like they have some nice affordable suits. If anyone has any other recommendations I would greatly appreciate it.


    well i know nothing about this place but im tempted


    I hear Syms in lower Manhattan has great deals on suits. Also, Jos A Bank always advertises ridiculous sales. Check it out. Of course, don’t forget to check out Century 21. There’s one right here on Brooklyn on 86th st.


    Syms is okay. Also shop the sales at Macy’s or Barney’s warehouse. I seem to remember that Syms does shatnez testing.


    SYMS is a great option. what about Century 21 or even Marshalls and TJ maxx


    Does Syms really do shatnez testing? Ill go look at Marhalls and TJ maxx sometime next week.


    Ein Od, I’m confused, your talking about custom and Marshalls in the same sentence? Are you looking for quality, but custom is just a bit too pricey, or are you looking to go inexpensive, regardless of the quality?


    I guess im looking for something in between. Im not looking to buy drek but I dont know if I can find quality at about $300 per suit.


    What’s better about a suit costing $400 or more? It lasts longer or it looks better?


    Im looking to spend $300 per suit


    How is a $300 suit better than a $200 suit?


    For 300, your best bet is probably gonna be macy’s, unless you have a lot of time to shop around, then try barneys outlets in woodburry commons and riverhead, century 21, saks off 5th, ect. – if you bide your time at those kinds of places you can find real gems – $1,000+ suits that fit and feel wondeful, and last a long time, for $250-400.


    Go to Hat Box. They do Shatnez testing as well.


    Another great store I would consider is Nordstrom Rack, if you have one nearby.


    wait…there’s a bit of a disparity between your OP and the post where you said you wanted to spend $300 per suit. unless you are having parnassah issues in which case i apologize and wish you hatzlacha.

    in any case, TBH i don’t think any of the stores like hat box or right place are good places to shop. customer service and selection is always terrible, and quite often, so is quality. try jos a bank, but you need to be prepared to put $50 into shatnes removal as their suits have a 50% chance of shatnes.

    #812077 has had some real suit deals in the past.

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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