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    Does anyone have any good ideas for places to make a nice but not very expensive fleishig Sheva Brochos in Brooklyn?





    I don’t have a restaurant recommendation (sorry!), but here are a few suggestions/ideas:

    -Owners and employees of kosher restaurants read these threads. So…

    1) How many people (approximately) do you have in mind?

    2) Does “Brooklyn” include Williamsburg, Crown Heights, etc. – i.e. all of Brooklyn, or only the Flatbush / Boro Park area?

    3) What price range do you have in mind (approximately – it’ll vary based on service, course choice, desserts and other factors).

    4) What other requirements do you have (private room, mechitza, etc).

    Good luck.

    Oh, and Mazel tov!


    Yun Kee / Chap a Nosh of Brooklyn. Has a great room for sheva brochos. I myself had sheva brochos there 5 years ago. It is very reasonably priced, has great food, and great service. 718.627.0072


    ICOT, thanx for the good suggestions. BP/Flatbush area (sorry,to be so small minded) probably 40-60 people. Definitely want a private room. not sure what the going rate is but $30-$35 a person sounds about right.

    Mark_1 great idea.


    How about in the Ihr haAtikah overlooking the Kossel.


    147 sounds great, Halevai Moshiach will be here and we can do that, if c”v it’s not here yet we’d be happy to have it there if you’re willing to spring for tickets and accommodations for all of us. 🙂


    Essen on Coney and J.

    a mamin

    Many people in Boro Park, rent small halls and then take any caterer they choose.



    The hall has its own caterer, so you can get the complete cost (hall, food, waiters, etc) from them.

    Their listed number is 718-758-9700.


    Thanx for all your input, We are looking into most of the suggestions. We are now also considering maybe milchigs so would appreciate suggestions for that too.


    Spoons in Boro Park is a very nice milchig place with a separate room in back. Excellent food. They’re on 50th St. and 13th Ave.



    Spoons, both locations, Glatt a la carte all not available that night. Anyone else?


    for dairy in Boro Park

    Kaff’s Cafe 54th corner 16th Avenue

    Corner Cafe Dahill Rd. around the corner from The Palace

    Motti’s Pizza on 16th Avenue bet. 50 and 51 has an upstairs where they cater

    Shem Tov 13th Avenue corner 54th Street have a small hall for catering on New Utrecht between 53rd and 54th Street. The food there is delicious. Try their vegetable soup and you’ll be returning for more.


    i wish i could be of help but given the fact i got married in between yom kippur and sukkos, all my sheva brachos (exept for one) took place in a sukkah. (by the way as a side note people that want a specific hall should book a wedding then. it worked for us as the hall we wanted, tiferes rivka, was booked for months in advance exept for those few days in between. some halls might even go cheaper on their prices because they will not get business otherwise. but thats off topic…) anyways back to my sheva brachos…they werent lavish. plastic everything prety much and decorations consisted of colorful construction paper chains and fake fruit hanging on the walls but hey, it worked! my point is like this. truth is most chassan and kallahs the week after the wedding are so exausted they prefer small events as opposed to larger ones. many of my friends even told me they wish they could just skip going out and stay home and sleep. it was the yumtiv seuda for us so we had no choice :). the one time our sheva brachos was at a resteraunt eventho it was seperated it was still so noisy with kids it wasnt so enjoyable. so make sure whichever resteraunt you choose they really try to make it private and not just put up a mechitzah. it blocks out people but not noise. if your paying anyway, you want the best service. perhaps if feasable you can make it in your house and have it catered? much cheaper and the couple might really enjoy it. a family my brother was close to made a bbq sheva brachos for him in their backyard. like I said I dont know if this is feasable for you but theres other options besides resteraunts if nothing pans out. good luck and mazal tov!

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