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    The Minhag of Las Vegas is that we do not know the proper night to observe Nittel, and that it could be any night of the year.

    Therefore every night is treated as Nittel.

    They do not hold of Nittel ending at midnight.

    They also have a Safek (doubt) whether the time is when it is night where you are or when it is night in the middle east.

    There remains a few hours each day in the spring and summer that can not be Nittel, but they are afraid that one might start learning and get too engrossed and not stop in time.

    Hence, the casinos are kept open 7-24-365.

    A few were found to violate the last Takanah, and actually calculate those few hours and pull out Gemaras then. To stop that they banned clocks in the casinos!!!


    apushatayid: “while oso ish the xtians celebrate was supposedly a contenporary of Raban Gamliel and a talmid of hillel according to their scriptures.”

    Actually according to the nt it was Saul of Tarsus that was at the feet of Rabban Gamaliel not oso ish.


    Apparently satmar holds NittelNacht on Jan 1

Viewing 3 posts - 101 through 103 (of 103 total)
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