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    Rabbi of Crawley

    Being that it was already 8 generations since rampant assimilation swept through Europe It has been suggested that the majority of the six million souls who perished in the Shoah were not hallachically Jewish.

    If we minus the frum yidden who died al – kiddush hashem, how many are left ?

    ……And of the remaining who were secular…. the majority of secular Jews married out…..

    Just wondering if there was statistics to prove

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    It has been suggested that the majority of the six million souls who perished in the Shoah were not hallachically Jewish.

    That was debunked and the one who suggested it retracted it.


    Just what we need: a Holocaust denier that calls himself a rabbi.


    As matter of fact new documents of the Nazi regime have come to light in the last couple of weeks that point to the fact that the total number of Nacchio victims in general was at least twice as previously thought. Hence you can just assume from there that also the number of Jews must had been larger than the previously though 6 million. Study still in progress. And yes some of the victims where not halachicaly Jews and therefore they weren’t count toward the 6 million figure. Nazis were very meticulous about everything so there are plenty of documents to back the figure. If you still need to be educated please go to Yad VaShem or contact your local adl chapter


    Many of the victims were not thought to be Jewish and weren’t counted in the 6 million.


    You mean like practicing Christians whose great-great-grandmother was a Jew who converted to another religion?


    A non-Jew who is murdered because the murderer thought he was a Jew is also a tragedy and should not be minimized.

    The Wolf


    That is very true and it is sad that people forget it.


    Unfortunately, one doesn’t have to go back to the Holocaust to find examples. There was Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. who set out to kill Jews at the JCC in Overland Park, Kansas three years ago. He ended up killing three non-Jews.


    In Germany, the assimilation began around 1800, so it was perhaps six generations (remember also that non-frum Jews tend to delay marriage and have fewer children, so their generations take long). In any event, most German Jews left in time. In Eastern Europe, where most of the deaths were, the movement towards assimilation was perhaps only three generations old, at most. Also remember that the person an “off the derekh” Jew has most in common with is another “off the derekh” Jew, which affects the rate at which such communities become safek non-Jews. It also should be noted that assimilated Jews were more likely to survive since in some cases the Germans wouldn’t know they were Jewish (especially outside of Germany), or they might have had less than the required amount of Jewish ancestry to be targetted – and of course assimilated Jews had a much easier time pretending to be goyim.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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