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    Does anyone own any of these devices and, if so, what do you like/dislike about them?

    I’ve been thinking about an e-reader for a while since I do a lot of reading. However, I may also consider splurging and going for the Ipad since it’s capable of so much more than the other two.

    Anyone have any experience with them?

    The Wolf

    (Please keep this on the technical/functional level. If you feel it’s assur or inappropriate to own one then please don’t respond — I’m not looking for a debate on the propriety of e-readers. I just want a technical/functional discussion of them.)


    I haven’t used any of them, but I would go for the iPad if money isn’t an issue. You will get just as much functionality plus more.

    I’ve heard that books for the Kindle are cheaper, but I don’t know if that’s true.


    You can read kindle books on the ipad. The nook is tied to B&N only.

    Y.W. Editor

    YWN recently added an iPad in our fleet of computers….

    It serves no purpose besides a very “cute toy” which would be perfect for ladies surfing the web going shopping for designer shoes.

    Just our opinion 🙂


    And I should be receiving mine when?


    Editor-seems like wolf wants it for reading.

    The ipad is amazing for reading! I love it!

    I don’t own one but I did borrow one for a day to test the product. It’s a great thing.

    Small screen, yet everything is so clear. Mamish a pocket computer.


    If you are thinking of getting an ereader to do a lot of reading, you are overlooking the advantage of Kindle/Nook over iPad. The iPad has an LCD screen and is similar to reading a computer screen. The ereaders such as Kindle use e-ink and have no backlight. The reading experience is similar to a book, not a computer screen.

    If you are looking to maximize functionality, clearly the iPad wins over any single-use device.


    Never heard of these devices. I only know Nook as a in “nook and cranny”, and kindle-as in what we do on Channukah. I must really be behind in technology.


    Ipad can do what the others do plus a lot more, BUT…

    it costs 2 to 3 times the price

    (and does have possible halachic issues… -sorry ;] )

    Hello Kitty

    I have the Ipad and I love it. It’s the best thing I ever splurged on.

    THe Ipad should be the best, but the Kindle might be better for reading. I am not sure since I do not read much but rather do my work on it.


    The screen on the IPad is significantly bigger then the other two. Coincidently, we were at an Apple Store today checking one out because my husband would like to be able to use one for learning on the subway. There are two books available for purchase, IMishna and ITalmud that are readable on either an Ipad, Iphone or Ipod Touch. But for now we thought the Ipad was still a bit pricey.

    Are there seforim out there that are compatible with the Kindle?


    Italmud is beautiful on the ipad.

    Max Well

    Et tu smartcookie?! They taught Talmud in Beis Roochel??


    Maxwell-huh? Again please?



    Max Well

    It was a Shakespearean joke. (i.e. they don’t teach Talmud in chasidish girls schools.)


    It was a Shakespearean joke. (i.e. they don’t teach Talmud in chasidish girls schools.)

    They don’t teach Shakespeare either. 🙂

    The Wolf


    I have an iPad and it’s very useful when traveling, I don’t use it much at home though. I find it easier to read text on than most computer screens and better than the last version of the kindle I saw (might not have been the newest one). Also the Hebrew apps made by Rusty Brick are incredible (although I can’t see using it in a shul).

    Sister Bear

    What’s the difference between the Nook and the Kindle? Which is better?



    If you are finding that reading on the iPad is easier than a computer screen, the explanation is probably because you are holding it closer to your eyes. Probably too close. There is no real difference in screen technology between iPad and a flatscreen monitor (AFAIK). Is there is an eye doctor in the audience?


    Are there electronic versions of seforim available yet? We know about the Rusty Brick products, but how about even PDF versions (there is an app that you can use to read PDF on an iPad or iPhone/Touch).


    but how about even PDF versions

    Go to You can download PDF versions of many seforim from there.

    The Wolf


    squeak: I have to disagree with you, there are reasons it’s easier to read on the ipad, aside from how close i may be holding it. In general it’s easier to read on Apple products b/c of the fonts and graphics technology they use. Also, the brightness on Apple’s mobile products is better than on most monitors.


    AinOhd – What halachik issues doe iPad have over other devices? You are on YWN, isn’t that a halchik issue?

    Nook may be better for because it looks and feels more like paper. You are less likely to get headaches form something like that. LCD screens like the iPad are still screens.

    [Psst… YW Editor, surprised to hear me say that? 😉 Yes, I do love my iPad.]


    With the release of the new Kindle this week, has anything changed with regard to its capability to read seforim on it? Or any of the other devices?


    On Amazon

    The Gemorah or Tanach is 99 cents for Kindle


    I would love Artscroll Gemorah’s on the Kindle.


    The Kindle (I don’t think it makes a difference if it’s new or not) is now capable of getting library books – meaning you can read them on your device for a specific period of time after which they will disappear.


    How much memory do these things have? Would I be able to load it with the entire That would be awesome, I could come to yeshiva every day and have a library at my Shtender!! I do really need Hebrew text though.


    We have an Ipad. It’s useful beyond surfing the web and reading books. My husband has taken notes on it, can do work/access his computer at work…

    If you have kids it can be invaluable in keeping them busy when they need to sit quietly but are having trouble. You can access drawing games and pottery games for children, books, etc.

    I don’t think you can have any of these features with the kindle or nook.

    If you just want it for reading/learning, though, the above two may be enough.


    Felt like reviving this thread…

    I have a Kindle, and I recommend it. Specifically for the avid reader (even though it may not have the shticky extras that the iPad does) – if only for the sake of eyesight. But there are lots of other good features for readers – unlimited storage, lots of free classics, and good battery life. Plus, Kindle has this cool app/program that lets you access your Kindle books on any PC/Apple device/Android phone/etc. that you register to your Amazon account.

    Oh! Does anyone here have the new Kindle Fire? Curious to see how it compares to the old model and/or iPad…


    I have a nook and am very happy with it i got it for a present last chanukah and really enjoy it, its not as slim as the kindle but its small enough, i bought a nice cover for it, its especially nice on long bus trips.


    Kindle is an eBook, while an iPad is an iPad with thousands of apps.

    I own an iPad, only use it for work. great for logging into my computer using team viewer (free app)

    there is no start up time (unlike my laptop) always has internet connection, and lightning fast speed.

    I pop it open take out my bluetooth keyboard and start working right away. its the best thing for remote computing.


    The only one of the above I own is a kindle. I like it a lot, but Amazon’s mobi format uses DRM which could cause a problem if you ever want to put your books on multiple devices (of course you can use it to read books in other formats too). I don’t know anything about the nook but the iPad’s screen is not good for reading ebooks (or anything else) because it’s glossy and the glare makes it hard to read anything outside or in a well-lit area. It’s more of a tablet for websurfing and watching videos.


    Wolf, what did you end up getting? Or are you still deciding?


    In order to reduce Education costs, Newt Gingrich proposed to do away with textbooks and give each child a kindle-like device which they will take with them from year to year and upload books (if that’s how it’s done).

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