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    Do you think you’re an “old soul”? and what do you say on this topic?


    If my soul is a “chelek eloka mima’al” then, by definition, it’s eternal.

    The Wolf


    Sounds intriguing. But what do you mean by “old soul”?

    ha ha ha ha

    there is something about gilgulim and coming back down.


    do senior citizens qualify?


    like kind of the concept of gilgulim but using the term “old Soul” like the feeling that you have aready been on this world..having a different perception/ intuition on life…it sounds strange, I kno, but does this make any sense to any of you?


    New management. Same great soul.


    HaLeiVi- NICELY PUT!!!

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    RedNails, yes, it makes sense. There is such a concept. I personally don’t think I have it, but it is possible that people do. Since you asked about it, I’m assuming you or someone you know has it, or at least something like it. Is it helpful? Confusing? What are your thoughts about it?


    Well i can definitly say I’m pretty certain there are people I know that “have it” “are old souls” and until we spoke about it and came to the realization that there is something “different” about them and people who “consider” new souls (not babies) things started making sense.

    but we agreed that it would be weird to discuss this with people, and really feel like only people who are “old souls” can understand.

    I think it can be confusing if your the only one in a group of people “unliike” you…it this feeling of like: a strong need to accomplish on this world, a deep understanding of people and the world around you, a great yearning and understanding of abstract concepts (even in learning)…etc.

    In our discussion we thought maybe “old souls” have a harder time finding their zivug because maybe you need to marry an “old soul” too…I know, it sounds VERY strange, and A LOT of pple might think this is crazy or ” another therapy/psychiatrist case” but if someone IS an “old soul” they might be able to comprehend our “theory”…


    i believe this concept od old souls was begun by some charlatan

    here are 2 an excerpts from his book:

    “According to the Michael Entity channeled through Emily Baumbach, Baby Soul organizations include most government agencies, the Ku Klux Klan, the National Rifle Association, and groups such as Rotary Clubs. Most of Corporate America is Young Soul, while ecological groups such as Greenpeace and the Sierra Club are Mature Soul. We Old Souls are just too laid back to even want to organize anything. “

    “What would the world look like if Old Souls ran it? Actually, we wouldn’t run it; it would run itself once Old Souls predominate in the population. Normally getting there would take about 50 generations, or 1,500 years, but we don’t have that long, for as you’ll read in Chapter 12, something will happen in 2012 that will catapult us into that future, ready or not.”


    A LOT of pple might think this is crazy or ” another therapy/psychiatrist case” but if someone IS an “old soul” they might be able to comprehend our “theory”

    The Christians say that you need to have the “holey spirit” in order to understand that their books don’t really contradict themselves.

    avi e

    I had a well-known Rav tell me that I had an “old neshama.” What that means for me, an 18-year-old, I don’t know.


    Derech HaMelech- i;ve heard that before in passing…but I’m speaking in terms of judaism.


    The Arizal said that in his days 500 years ago there were already no new souls.


    so we would derive from that that we are all “old souls”?

    I’ve heard that s/o was told by a great rabbi/mekubal that he is a new neshama/soul…

    does one contradict the other?


    Why is it that of all the people who insist they remember previous lives, none of them remember being someone ordinary?

    (if anyone remembers who said this, please attribute)


    At Techiyas Hameisim, if a neshoma was here multiple times (as the AriZal said everyone these days is a gilgul), will ALL his multiple incarnations come back for techiyas hameisim?

    If not, then NONE of us will be returning by techiyas hameisim (in our current persona), but we will return as the person we were in our first life.



    I remember seeing in the Otzar Acharis HaYomim that its a machlokes, but I could be wrong.

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