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    This was sent around but I didn’t see anyone discuss it. Was anyone else already bothered that last year’s Shmorg had a video of a “Rabbi” misquoting Rashi to Devarim 7:22 and based on it telling children [over and over and over again, for 20 minutes] that wild animals can’t hurt them if they don’t worship idols? Rashi actually says if the Jewish people (entering Israel) would do NO sins whatsoever then wild animals won’t hurt them. Did Oorah ever retract? They have the same “Rabbi” on their Shmorg this year.


    It was the Animal section in Shmorg 9


    Ya, I saw it. It was horrible but Oorah is not responsible for what some guy says on the shmorg


    What? Are you serious? They send a video to people’s homes where a Rabbi tells children that going into animal cages can’t hurt them because that’s what Rashi on Chumash says. (and really he misquoted rashi and rashi DOESN’T say that). but they’re not responsable for what they send to people?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Do you think children getting mauled by animals (chas v’shalom) is a joke? Do you remember what happened last year? I cry when I look at this https://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/headlines-breaking-stories/1258547/horror-orthodox-jewish-toddler-viciously-attacked-by-pitt-bull-in-spring-valley-video-and-photos.html . You think it’s because the kid worshipped idols?


    he made a vdieo based on how he rememberd what rashi says. they just sent out his video’ i dont think any children died testing out what he did. oorah can’t be sued just because they sent out a video telling kids you can walk into wild animal cages and not get hurt.


    One should not be making videos based on how they remember something without looking it up. If they do, and make a mistake, it’s imperative that they send out a correction. As far as the video itself, aside from the Rashi in question, it’s pretty stupid and quite misleading. I would not want my children watching it. Young minds are impressionable and no need to teach them nonsense. Bottom line, I do not expect oorah to necessarily have caught this the first time around, but after it’s called to their attention, they should not have gone with the same guy again. (Unless, of course, this year’s video features a retraction 🙂


    shmorg has nuthin ta do wtih ooorah, so they made up a chazal and told your kids wild animals can’t hurt them? so what? it is there to make money, nmot to teach people


    But is it kosher- look at your name! I am not talking about suing Oorah. I hope c”v no children die because of their video!! But is it right what they did? That is the question!
    Daas: Yes, I agree with you. But this was pointed out to Oorah right after the video came out last year. They could have sent people an email, the video is only available to those they sent it to (by mail), so they could have sent out a letter to those people. This is people’s children’s lives we’re talking about. I am sorry they made a mistake, and it takes a big person to admit they made a mistake, but it makes you even bigger when you admit it. Even the Sanhedrin can make mistakes, mistakes happen, but the solution should not be, let’s cover it up and hope no one notices. These are people’s children’s lives we are talking about (aside from how silly it is – that type of ridiculousness is one of the reasons kids go off the derech nowadays).


    (I am waiting for a different comment of mine to be moderated, so I won’t repeat those points.)
    butisit- I understand it is just about fundraising. But does it make sense that they can send anything they want out to little kids b/c it’s for fundraising? You would be okay with them telling children to close their eyes and play in streets or that they don’t need to wear seatbelts because they believe in Hashem? Everything is fine because it is just there to make money??!! Does that make sense to you? How about: swim without an adult around, Hashem protects you as long as you don’t serve idols? This sounds sane to you? Is there no limit?


    I donated $100 to them and this is how they repay me? By sending me a video (which most parents don’t watch with their children) that tells children they can go into wild animal cages? Are you crazy? Imagine if your son’s school sent this home! Would you say: “it’s just about making money, not to teach”?! I can’t believe your logic.


    oorah deals with kids that aren’t religious at all, they are making money to help those children become religious. it is a tzedaka


    would i be upset if a school sent it to my kids? yes. was it a stupid thing to produce and send? yes. was it a massive chilul hashem? yes. should they have apologized and warned parents and retracted? yes. so what though?! it’s there to make money for oorah


    Is that why their symbol is a five dollar bill? To show everyone it’s just about money? That also really bothers me as a chillul Hashem, by the way, goyim just see a Jewish person driving a car with a smiling five dollar bill on his car. Don’t you think that also is borderline of a chilul hashem? Couldn’t they have some other symbol for people to put on bumper stickers?


    Why do you let your kids go into wild animal cages?


    Reb Yid who are you talking to? The Rabbi told kids they are allowed to go into cages, I would never chas v’shalom allow it


    i take back everythinw i wrote before. i am sorry. it turns out you are right. you are not even allowed to have such a dvd in your home. you have to destroy it and remove it from your home. everyone can ask there own rabbi. i will hopefully hear more tomorrow and let you know what else.


    and yes, the feivish is a chilul hashem and you should take it off even if it will ruin the paint job, find a different bumper sticker.


    Is not being allowed in the cage the only thing that’s stopping your kids from entering the cage?


    Is it okay to put your kids in a cage – if there are no (other) wild animals there?


    Its gonna be the Kinderlach, the little bitty Kinderlach to Bring Moshiach now


    this comment section is great entertainment as usual. People losing their minds over a stuffed mascot and an obscure comment in a kids video.


    Uri- I think making up a fake Rashi and then passing that off to children as Halacha lmaysa – and the one publishing such a dvd and sendig it to the masses – is the one who lost their mind. Your commenting without knowing/watching the video is also quite telling and humorous


    It is hard to watch the video without wondering if this is a parody making fun of judaism

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