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    many times when dating people overanalyze the other person and often breakup over small, insignificant, minor details. i know someone who almost broke up with a guy because he wasnt overly thankfull to the tollbooth attendant. So as a result people on dates act extremely nice like overly thankful to tollbooth people and pretend to be people that they arent in reality, so you dont really get a good feel for who they really are. People really just need to relax!!!!!!


    I heard from someone that the “rule” is to put on a show until the 3rd date. From then on you should be yourself. I’m not sure how that works for people who get engaged after 3 dates…


    Dunno – Some people put on shows their whole life. I don’t believe in ever putting on a show -what ya see, is what ya get!


    Chayav,thankful and overly thankful are not the same thing.

    I saw a subtle condescension of others on dates(was told it’s the unpolished yeshiva bochur thing)….it wasn’t too long before I became the subject of it….v’hamayven ya’vin.


    what does condescension mean??


    mod 80 what are you trying to say??

    always here

    laughing out loud again, Mod!! 😀


    i was acting condescendingly


    im still not sure what you and eclipse are trying to say


    more condescension:

    that’s a link chayav

    youre supposed to click on it.


    thats so cool how do you do that


    thats so cool how do you do that

    Take a hint, pal 🙂

    Unless you want to be treated condescendingly again, I would suggest you ask Google instead of Mr. 80.



    follow the instructions


    Always be pleasant to tollbooth people, wait staff, people at the checkout counter, and yeah, EVERYBODY ELSE. Don’t be a phony on a date. Be a good person. Period. try not to over-analyze, but if someone treats people condescendingly (like he feels they are beneath him), then maybe a different shidduch would be in order.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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