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    I need a good Hungarian recipe for a over night potato kugel asap….

    for some reason every time i make kugel it doesnt come out the best,

    i put in potatoes eggs oil salt & pepper….

    so plz don’t tell me thees ingredients or to add a “onion” cuz you’l just sound like a broken record…..

    what i do wanna here is the HUNGARIAN secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    uh… Hungarians…? (Ok, sorry, but you just reminded of an old girl scout cookies joke).

    I can’t imagine, if you are following the recipe, that it isn’t working, unless your oven is not true to temperature. Maybe you need to bake it for a few minutes at very high, and then turn the oven down to the lower temp for overnight.


    moyshe, what are the ratios you’re using for it? How many potatoes and eggs, how much oil?

    I found that for a 5 lb bag of potatoes, using 8 eggs works well for an overnight kugel. I also use about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of oil.

    Put it in the oven on 500 degrees for about an hour. Then, lower it to 225 and put a pan filled with water on the lower rack. Cover the kugel and put it on the top rack. Leave it overnight.


    this is not a recipe site

    really? than what’s this, this, and this? and lots more. -79


    First, add an onion. Really. Just because you don’t know how to make doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

    Second, there is no secret. You just need to make a decent kugel and then wrap it in parchment paper and chuck it on the top of your cholent.

    Third, the secret is you need a drop of the horn of a Hungarian Horntail.


    maybe find a store that makes a good one and ask the owner for his recipe and technique


    i don’t think that popa_bar_abba “learnt” Harry Potter…..

    not that i knew, i just checked wikipedia……

    P.S. if i’d put that in it would be the magic of the kugel not the secret………..

    “yeysh lechaleyk,,,, dos iz TZVEY DINIM!


    moshe kapoyer – The first secret is that you need to be Hungarian. IF you are not, don’t even bother. It’s something in the genes.


    Look it up in the Bais Yaakov cookbook they have it there.


    Why don’t you just put kugel mix into the oven and bake it?


    FTR, if you put a potato kugel in the oven for AN HOUR at 500 degrees, will it not already be baked (and burned)? When I bake a potato kugel for that amount of time at 400-425 degrees, it only takes a little more than that amount of time to be done.


    baking at that heat will probably result in a burnt kugel IMHO ,speaking as one who does a lot of kugel baking (I don’t let my wife mix into the kugel or the cholent ,that’s my job). I would recommend low and slow for any overnight baking


    TBONTB – Can your wife outsource you? 🙂


    Ha! no she is busy trying to teach me how to clean a chicken now. I doubt there will be any meat left on the bones when I am done


    To be or not to be, I guess you then will be used for meat.


    It hasn’t burned it for me. I find that the top gets a bit crispy, and the eggs inside set well. Cooking at low heat can often cause the eggs to settle at the bottom. The high heat makes them set, but doesn’t cook the potatoes all the way. Then the low heat cooks it slowly. The water in the oven keeps it from drying out.


    bake reg kugel.

    pour in cup of water, cover the kugel and bake @ 220 for at least 4 hours.


    That’s not nice, Malbim.


    Are you saying you’re CHICKEN?????


    No I actually did quite well . Now my wife says it’s my job from now on , oh well, shouldn’t have offered 🙂


    If anybody is still interested …

    You can’t reduce the recipe too much or it’ll be dry. And more eggs than potatoes (I use loose, not bagged — which are usually larger).

    Oomis: you’re right it’s basically done by then except it has to be a big kugel so it takes longer to bake and the overnight idea is that it’s more dense yet soft and moist (think melt in your mouth…) with no visible “strands” of potato.

    Good luck and Bon apetit!


    For Hungarian Kugel you need to start with Hungarian potatoes.


    Hey my jewish brother…

    i opened an account here just for you! lol.

    my name is sharone and im from israel.

    listen my english is not the best but ill try and do my best.

    im not orthodox but we do believe and love our jewish tridition and my family does (to some extent lol) keep the shabat.

    anyway my mom makes the best eastern european “jewish” food (even though we are NOT ashkenazi jews).

    one of the things she makes that i love is her kugels..

    whether its her sweet kugel with apples,and wallnuts,and raisins,or her “jerusalem kugel” (sweet and spicy) and i also love her potato kugel.

    so i saw your question and i felt how its important to you..so i asked my mom exactly what she does so i can give you the recipe..so here it goes and i hope you love it.

    So here are the things you need,

    and i will try to be as precise as i can…

    1 and a half kilograms ( i think its about 3 and a half pounds) of **Red Russet Potatoes**.

    4 medium sized onions

    hefty half of a Tsp of black pepper

    one and a half Tsp of salt

    one cup of high fat sour cream

    4 (hefty) Tbsp of white flour.

    4 Large eggs

    2 Tsp of onion soup powder.

    34 cup of canola oil


    heat oven to 200C or 400F with fan (“turbo” setting).

    in a bowl mix the eggs,sour cream,pepper,salt,flour,and soup powder and put aside.

    then chop (finely) TWO of the onion.

    heat the oil in a pan (on medium to low heat) and add the chooped onions and “sautee” them slowly on medium heat until light golden colored.

    then move the pan away from heat and set it aside.

    peel potatoes and grait them (on the “small holes” of the graiter) either by a hand graiter or by an electric food prossesor and just grait them to a large bowl.

    then grait the remaing two onions into the graited potatoes.

    then add the egg mixture and the fried onions (with the oil) and stir everything well.

    then oil a pan and pour the kugel misture into it.

    wrap it with the “alominum foil” and place in oven.

    bake for Exactly 25 minutes.

    then lower heat to 150C (300F) and shut down the fan in the oven.

    bake for an extra 4 hours

    OR you can bake it “overnight” (around 8 hours) by reducing the heat of the oven to 110C (220F).

    or simply cover it good and put it on a electric shabat platter for the whole night.

    and thats it!

    there you have it….our “israeli potato kugel” lol.

    that will be the best potato kugel you ever tasted 🙂




    Ohhh and one more thing brother,

    my mom said that if you are planing to have it with meat then in that case delete the sour cream from the recipe and instead do the following…

    use 34 cup of **Schmaltz** (goose fat) INSTEAD of the canola oil.

    use 2 Tsp of Knorr chicken soup powder INSTEAD of the onion soup powder.

    and also add one Tsp of paprika to the egg mixture.

    and thats it…continue with recipe as usual


    You couldn’t open up the account 11 months ago?

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