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    pink vaultz

    I have 2 kids who are overweight. I was wondering if there is something like O.A. for kids.

    Are there any other mothers out there that are concerned about their overweight kids and would like to do something about it?


    my ima used to only treat me and my siblings with nosh only on shabbos or yuntif. i think thats a great idea.


    I have an overweight child who gets teased in school because of his weight.

    I got some good advice from a nutritionist, but we’re still struggling with this issue.

    He loves to nosh, loves bread/challah and dislikes activities and sports. Oy!


    I can’t speak for OA, (and I’m not a mother)but weight control is among my favorite topics. Please point me in the general direction, by giving me an idea of where things stand now:

    * How much weight are you talking about? 10 lbs? More than 30?

    * Is the weight of the parents under control?

    * Any out of the “normal” stress that might be a factor?

    * Is the food they eat store bought or home made?

    get a life

    If you push the issue and the kid is not interested it will only backfire. try to keep the junk in the house to minimal and/or get the “healthier” kind of junk. incoursge fruit and vegtables but DON’T make it a major issue otherwise it will become an emotional issue as well and the kid not only wont lose weight but a now have to battle emotional issues as well.

    I took this approach with my daughter and recently she started putting in an effort and lost 6 kilo!


    The nutritionist recommended putting a platter of fruit on the table after a single dinner portion was served (to avoid the “I’m still hungry” mode).

    We give way too many sweets. It started in the toilet training years and became a habit of rewarding with food. Bad idea.

    We try to get him on his bike or running whenever possible, but late hours at school and darkness when he returns make this difficult in the winter.


    First of all make sure it’s a significant amount of weight (with all the eating disorders out there) I would suggest limiting the nosh and increasing fun activities..

    Be careful about how you address the weight issue if it’s something that he is made fun of. It will affect his self confidence. There’s a fine line between watching and giving the child a complex.

    I would recommend speaking to your pediatrician, nutritionist and a personal trainer for advice.

    It’s best to give everyone in the house the same healthy foods so the child wont feel different. Incorporate exercise and sport into the family’s activites.


    I love that advice that everyone should eat the same to avoid his feeling different.


    My niece has this problem. She’s under 10 but the doc recommended going to a nutritionist since she was putting on weight too fast.

    For the main meal, my SIL always makes a soup first to fill up, so that she’ll eat less carbs in the next course.

    For a bread meal, she gives plenty veg, yogurt, etc, so that she won’t eat too much bread.

    Nosh is only for Shabbos and even so she doesn’t buy the high fat/sugar nosh.

    Plenty fruit.

    My SIL has made changes to the family diet and tries not to make an issue out of it, but it isn’t easy. I haven’t heard of any OA for kids


    I once saw a mother taking a walk with one of her kids. I thought it was a great idea for her to get one-on-one time with him. I’m sure this kid doesn’t come home until close to 6 at night or even later, so when can he ride a bike if it’s been dark for more than an hour in the winter? Once the younger siblings were sleeping, she could take him out for 15-20 minutes two or three times a week. This would encourage activity, although not aerobic exercise, even under the guise as just getting time with mommy. Some kids would really love that especially if the house is normally very busy.


    Playing sports is the key to good physical and mental health. Unfortunately what they get in school is not enough…

    It’s also important to lead by example. Take your kids out, go for a walk, go to the park, kick around a ball with them….Organize games with other kids if no sport teams exist….

    A Heimishe Mom

    I would NOT put kids into O.A. or on any formal diet plan, especially not one that involves meetings or weigh ins. They don’t work with kids. The best solution is to change your entire family’s eating habits from top down. Restock the snack cabinet with better choices and expect that they will probably trade it for junk in school, but if you feed them better meals, and model proper snacking, eating and excercise habits it should rub off on them and help them out in the long run.


    Another idea is popcorn as a snack. Buy an air popper. It is very low calorie and very yummy when popped fresh. He can enjoy helping to make it also (depending on his age).

    golden mom

    u can not limit the nosh the child takes to school because he has to feel like everybody else u dont want him to chas veshalom lead to other problems like stealing to be like others but u could incourse one nosh and one healthy stack ie fruit pop corn apple chips

    also all nosh in house should be in indivital bags once a big bag is opened pp think they have to finish it

    never harp on the weight just fustrates the child and makes negativity just try as a family to change eating habits like avoiding all fruit juices (waste of calories) all sodas including diet it doesnt let u loose weight

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