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    How do i become a P3 tutor? I am a licensed special ed teacher for 1-6th grade. Any information would be helpful.

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    Speak to the agudah


    Rosesharon there are a number of ways on how you can become a p3 tutor. 1)you can call the agudah office at 2127979000 and speak to ext 326-p3 department, to put your name on their list for where you want to work. 2)you can call the schools in your area or where you want to work and ask the if they need a p3 provider for in school or afterschool hours. 3)you can advertise like on luach.com and on fivetownsshul or kgh shul yahoo group that you are looking to be a p3 tutor, and you can also check there periodically to see if someone is looking for a p3 tutor. I know the brooklyn section on luach.com has a lot of p3 postings. Hope you find this information helpful in finding a p3 case, and keep in mind you might not find any p3 case til after sukkos as that is when more p3 cases start becoming available.

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    most schools have p3 teachers on premisses and the take the kids out during class y dont u call up schools im sure they are soo over welmed they probably need more or u could call agences in ur area like yeled yeyalda ami…they advertise see if there are any slots available alot of times the schools go thru them


    To golden mom. I don’t know where you are getting your info from about schools being overhwhelmed, cuz the schools that I called at least in Queens, told me they either don’t do p3 or have their own p3 teachers so they don’t need anymore. Also I never heard that yeled vyalda or omni deals with p3. I know that omni for sure deals with shadows.

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    mra01385 — The situation in Queens is very different then in the rest of the city with regard to P-3 providers because most of the yeshiva elementary schools and many of the Catholic schools have direct DOE providers for SETSS services so not many P-3’s are issued. There are some issued at the high school level, and occasionally when there is an overflow of students or a small caseload in a specific school. That is not the case in Brooklyn and the rest of the city, where the primary way in which private school students receive SETSS services is through P-3 letters.


    If you are willing to work nights, there are TONS of p3 cases around Brooklyn- and you may even be able to get groups together.

    I know this personally, because I myself had to turn away many cases because I could not fit them into my schedule.

    Once you get the case, all you have to do is get the p4 authorization letter from the parent, and send it to the Board of Ed along with a copy of your license. Then the BOE will send you an approval letter and then you are all set!

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