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    To those experienced daters out there: what are some of your best dating places, and also what # date was it?

    golden mom

    totally dont go to a toy store dont ask! it was terrible!

    anyway there was a whole article in this wks misphaca of a man that does this you call him up and tell him what city and ur intreastes and he gives u ideas where to go i think it was called a dating gemach


    all my dates with my husband were amazing, here are a few ideas, the water club (nyc), central park, mets game, abigails (nyc), olgas on smith is a cute panini place(bklyn), bakshin its an indian place in the city, a musical and clubhouse cafe (nyc), tiberias is a 24 hour dairy restaurant in the city…dave and busters is always fun too, coney island when the weather is nice…

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    Hey cshapiro welcome back,

    For our first date I took my wife (or rather she took me, bc I was an ooter) to the park and we had a picnic there


    A friend of mine took his date to an amusement park they are at the top of one of the tallest ride when the thing stoped! they both remained calm, he was so impressed that he decided to propose on the spot! this was already the 6th date, so he already knew she would say yes, so there was no risk to that, they had already gotten to know each other pretty well.. luckily he took the ring along with him on that

    shmoolik 1

    tomorrow is 2bee shevat so place the dates in a large dish and put it on the table with the figs and nuts


    I usually like the outside stuff the most. Spent an hour at night on the beach with a guitar, walking through parks, boardwalks. Coney Island is fun, my favorite is Deno’s Wonder Wheel, although the park and boardwalk are a bit scary these days.

    Also, you can always check Mikomos for some great spots in practically any city.


    The parliament building in Teheran, if you are of a certain persuasion and you want a photo op with the Naye Homon. If anyone asks you what you’re doing there, just say Aron from Manchester sends his regards.

    ED IT OR

    parliament? u better check the definition of that up!

    I think tahrir square is the place to go


    In E”Y, if you’re in the central area, Ganei Yehoshua (Park HaYarkon) is very nice. Most of all, I enjoy walking all the way from Tel Aviv Port / the Sde Dov area, from the sea, all the way along the Yarkon to Bnei Brak (you end up near the Ramat Gan stadium / Ayalon mall). It’s a 2 hour walk, green and quiet and plenty of places to sit.

    I even did it with my wife when she was in a wheelchair after having surgery, 2 days before we left E”Y to move to Europe. But we were there on one of our shidduch dates also, a looooong time ago.

    i love coffe

    Does anyone ever feel uncomfortable when your date takes you to the most busiest places where you are most likely to bump into everyone you know, or is it just me?

    Think first

    I always make sure to know beforehand if its a high traffic place, I think its insensitive to the girl if she’s “seen” by people she that know her. Basically the girls don’t need the town to know who she going out with. As a guy I don’t mind who sees me with who but, I do it for the girl.

    Be lucky

    Your house


    I love coffee:

    Depends on the guy. If he’s normal I don’t mind seeing people. If he’s weird…oy!

    i love coffe

    lol Be lucky 😉

    I went on a date where the guy took me to the heart of the city where I live. I was completly mortified and checking my surroundings at all times. I think that it was just a complete miracle that I didnt see anyone I knew… (unless they saw me but I didnt see them) 🙁

    The guy even wanted to walk in to a store to get something and since the owner knew me I just told the guy that someone was trying to reach me and if he wouldn’t mind that I check who it was outside the store and return the call. I was so uncomfortable. I guess this will be one of those stories that I will look back and laugh, but I’m not laughing yet…




    would u recommend a quiet cafe for a first date.. or something more “active”


    for the first 2 dates I recommend a quiet place to shmooze. A cafe, a hotel lobby, etc is perfect. After getting comfotable in each others’ company and getting to know “the basics” of your date, you can do more leisure walking around, and go to places where it’s more interesting. I don’t recommend bowling or other sports where you hardly get to do any talking, and is difficult to interact and play at the same time.


    I think the reason a lot of people pick hotel lobbies is that you can sit there for as long as you like and not spend $. Yes, you can buy a drink and sit and talk for as long as you like, but it’s not like you’re in a restaurant or cafe, where if you’re sitting at the table they want you to order food. You’d be taking the place of someone else who could be a paying customer. Try to find a quiet place that will allow you both time to focus on each other and converse. Like BHB says, you are not going out to play games together, especially not the first couple of dates.

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    LOL!! need a place to date? no problem, there’s an app for that too…

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