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    I am from Passaic and it is a very nice community. it is not very materialistic and the people for the most part are Frum people who are always working on themselves. People call Passaic the “Out of Town In town.”

    I am going to probably surprise most of you but here are some facts about passaic.

    1. There are Three Elementary schools

    One is the Regular Yeshivish Type of school together in the boys, girls and preschool there are about 2,000 students in three different buildings. (the girls and boys schools are on two different parts of town.

    there is also Hillel which is a more main stream smaller yeshiva.

    and there is a cheder which is also small.

    2.There are two Misivtas in town and a Beis Yaacov

    3. There are over 15 shuls

    There are YU shuls (and they are very Frum)

    and there are very yishivisha places

    4. There is a Yeshiva Gadola under Rav Meir Stern

    5. There are Full time Kolles

    6.There are Pizza bagel stores as well as restaurants under the local Vad.

    7. We are only Seven Miles from the city

    This means with out traffic it can take fifteen minutes.

    8.All of passaic is close and walkable

    there is buses into the city

    9. there are parks

    10. There is a lot of shopping within five minutes drive

    (Target, Shoprite, cosco,staples,barnsandnobeles sports authority, stop and shop, Acme, These are just to name a few.

    11.With in fifteen minutes you will be in NEW YORK, Teaneck, Numerous malls.

    12. Within Thirty Minutes you will be in Monsey, West Orange, Elizabith, Linden, Edison.

    14. There are many many Gamachim and other Chessed Opportunity’s in passaic

    These are just a few things off the top of my head

    I know there is some type of chabad but i don’t know the extant.

    Also the people in passaic are very nice.


    i second your opinion that people in passaic are very nice.



    How about Newark?


    to: yentingyenta

    I assume your also from Passaic/Clifton?


    yup. love it here!!!! wouldn’t live anywhere else.


    Cleveland is a SUPER-nice community! Midwestern values, and housing is unbelievably affordable. The only drawback is winter. Cleveland has nice museums including the Great Lakes Science Center (which is better than Liberty Science Center in NJ IMO)and the Children’s Museum, both places my family has really enjoyed going to.

    They also have a world-class symphony orchestra, the Cleveland Orchestra, Severance Hall is easy to get to, and it’s only $10-15 to park. They have a summer concert series in a beautiful national park only 30 miles southeast of Cleveland. There is a ski resort near there with skiing and snowboarding.

    Passaic is nice but may not be out-of-town enough for some – lots of transplanted Brooklynites, and horrific east coast prices (even now with prices depressed).


    one note on Cleveland winters: in the “heights” (Cleveland heights) people rarely shovel and the city does not put down salt. i went there for seminary, and imagine walking on a thick sheet of ice that is the road. not a fun situation. Cleveland is a place for people who tolerate the cold really well.

    a plus side of Cleveland is that the housing is not as expensive, the people are really nice and friendly, and the schools there excellent.

    wanderingchana: you left out one beautiful feature. lake erie is very nice, but it also gives cleveland alot of lade effect snow.


    The problem with moving out of the NY Metro Area is that salaries are generally far lower in other frum communities (as a general rule.)


    Indeed 🙂 Although Geauga County gets the brunt of the lake effect snow, anything north of Mansfield gets pounded every winter.

    Also, Telshe is in Wickliffe, which is in driving but not walking distance to the Cleveland Jewish community.

    I don’t know about Hebrew Academy, but I know families from outside Cleveland who send/have sent their girls to Yavneh (which is 7-12). They have a very nice, fairly new building. I have heard it has a swimming pool.

    I would move there myself it it weren’t for winter (and parnassa) 🙂


    Bed-Stuy: True, but if you don’t have to pay for east coast housing etc., you don’t need as high of a salary.


    My husband and I are possibly looking to move next year. We’ve already done extensive research, but I’d love to hear some “inside information”. Please only respond if you live in, or have lived in, one of the following communities:

    Phoenix, Kansas City, Waterbury, Richmond, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Albany, Memphis, Atlanta, Houston, South Bend, St. Louis

    [This list was generated primarily based on affordability of housing as a starting point. If you think we’ve missed something, please share!]

    We are most interested in

    1) accessibility of Torah: Does the rabbi give in-depth, Hebrew-sourced shiurim? Do they bring in noted scholars-in-residence?

    2) politics: In communities where there are both a modern and a yeshivish presence, do the people get along? Do they talk to each other? Do they eat in each others’ houses?

    3) schools: In modern schools, how strong is the Torah education? In yeshivish schools, is secular education valued and are kids encouraged to go to college? How much is tuition and are they generous with financial aid, or do they ask you to justify every dime you ever spent?


    Bump…anyone have any info?


    wat about Indianapolis my brother lives there its a very small jewish community its very nice there the rabbi is nice, his name is Rabbi Yisrael Gettinger the only thing is they don’t have kosher restaurants they have a bakery under there hashgacha iobk for more inf go there the shuls website link removed i think the housing there is on the cheaper side also lubavitch is currently building a chabad house, people are moving over there


    Awesome g, if you want to help jfem, please clarify. I think you’re trying to talk about South Bend IN, not Indianapolis IN.


    no I’m talking about Indianapolis IN, Rabbi Gettinger moved from south bend to Indianapolis to try to help grow the community they have a day school called hhai ( Hasten Hebrew Academy) its a very nice city

    this is the shuls number

    Congregation B’nai Torah

    (317) 253-5253 Telephone

    (317) 253-5459 Fax


    I see you mentioned Albany. If you want to be a little closer to NYC you can consider the Catskills. Specifically Woodridge and South Fallsburg. I would recommend Woodridge as I live there. If you are Yeshivish then South Fallsburg.

    There are express commuter buses (shortline bus) to the city (which I commute daily). Trip is a bit less then $10 each way when including transit check discount.

    The day school (Torah Umesorah affiliated) is small. Hebrew studies you cannot compare to Brooklyn. Not such a high level but still good. Good secular education. They will work with you for tuition.

    Housing very reasonable. On average houses around 130K. I paid less.

    Every summer you live in-town as the entire city population comes up. Pretty busy between Pesach and Succos. Now it gets pretty quiet with certain weeks in the winter where it gets busy again. Yom Tov you have many people in shul and in the area.

    Just 1 hour and 15 min from Monsey.

    Generally speaking everyone gets along. There are all kinds that live up here year round.

    Two year round kosher groceries. One Pizza shop open year round. South Fallsburg, Woodridge and Mountaindale are all pretty close to each other by car (10 min point to point). Everything is here to live in a frum community without all the people part of the time.

    I have published articles I can send you with more info on the area etc… Articles were written in summer 2013.


    Is there a high school as well?


    For girls there is Bais Yaakov. South Fallsburg crowd. Boys not so sure. Most people will send boys to out of town yeshivas. I believe some people also commute children to Monsey. However I do not know anything about this option.

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