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    I am going to be in Yerushalaim for a month this summer and i wanted to know about places (gravesites of tzadikim, important landmarks of tanakh, etc.) that can be visited in a single day trip.

    thanks nem621


    The Kottel.


    anywhere else thankyou


    the dead sea, tzfat=all the kevarim, kever rachel, the kotel tunnels, arab shuk, binyamin’s kever, the man in white,rav chaim kanievsky, jeeping, masada, ein gedi………….


    In Jerusalem you can go to geula, ben yehuda, aish, tachana hamerkazit

    shmoolik 1

    Nabi Samwil kever of Shmuel Ha navi


    In the Old City there are numerous museums. A must-see is the Kosel tunnel tour. I believe there is also a tour of the southern side of the area of the kosel, it’s to the right side of Dung Gate. In the Jewish Quarter, there are houses that were found from the times of the Second Bais Hamikdosh and they have found mikvaos and beautiful mosaics, etc. There is also a museum where they have samples of the keilim that were used in the Bais Hamikdosh.

    In Jerusalem proper, there is the Israel Museum and the Dead Sea Scrolls. To visit kevarim, go to Har HaMenuchos. There is a chelkas harabonim there with many gedolim buried there.

    Also don’t forget that everything in Israel is close. There are buses and tours going out from Yerushalayim to all parts of Israel, including Tzefas, Amukah, Tiveriah, Haifa, etc. If you are here in June/July, there may be an erev Rosh Chodesh that you will be here and there are tours to the kevarim of tzaddikim in the north that day. Look at signs at bus stops, particularly if you are in the frum neighborhoods. Signs will be up the week before. Reserve a spot if you’re interested.

    Enjoy your visit!


    If you are going from Yerusholayim to Tzefas, bear in mind that this route is now served by Egged #982 via Route 6, and not along the Jordan River, so is much quicker than it used to be in the olden days.

    But be sure to spend plenty time in the Jewish Quarter. Whilst there, you may also wish to book a tour of the rebuilt Churva Shul. We took a tour of the Churva Shul on Purim morning, and returned to the Churva Shul on Shushan Purim morning for Esther Reading.

    Bear in mind that Zechariah haNovi is also buried on Har hZeisim.


    Old city Shuls kotel tours and David citadel light show that one is a must

    Shopping613 🌠

    You can get to ANYTHING in a day trip here….

    I suggest going to Meron- rabbi shimon bar yochai

    Also seeing not just tourist sites, different cities and lifestyles across israel.

    The old tzfat art colony is BEAUTIFUL! They have sn amazing cafe there calkld the art cafe. You can eat inside with art or outside at the edge of the….well everything and see all the mountains.

    Tzfats shuk you also cant miss.

    Under the old city there are tunnrls, shuks and shops too.

    Also they have a boat service…i forgot the name of the yam. The boat is calked Lido, its very famous and fun to be on. By lido the have a very expensive steak restraunt (if you willing to spend that type of money) looking over the yam….you can even see the next country over!

    Tiberias, you can eat in the sand at the ocean, by the ocean tbere they have shops, food and its beautiful to watch the sunset.


    thank you all. i did know that i can get to almost anywhere in e”y in a days trip the thing is i am going to be learning so a days trip means after morning seder until the night


    I heard there’s an amazing museum on the evacuation of Gush Katif. Don’t know much about it, though.


    The gush Katie museum is right outside the shuk. It was good but tiny. Check out the lifta by knisa la’ir. it’s a pretty hike through an abandoned Arab village and there’s a pond and a little cave with water.


    You should visit battei medrash, who knows how much longer they will be legal in EY?


    Smart As They Come:- If you are after an amazing Museum, then you are after the “Menachem Begin Museum” very near Sha’ar Zion.

    You will gain amazing insight into the nobleness of this most incredible & dignified prime minister that we ever had.

    I left this museum so inspired. Something which just about never happens at any other museum.

    You can reserve a guided tour in English, up front.


    Behind Gan Sacher (on the side closer to the Supreme Court) There is a small cemetery.

    Buried in this cemetery is R’ Gedalia Moshe M’Zvil

    There is a segula to daven there, on Monday, Thursday and the Following Monday. Say the tehillim, light a candle, give tzeddaka, and promise that if your request has come through, to publicize that one davened at the kever and was answered.

    I strongly suggest, if in Yerushalayim these days, to go and daven there.

    I have, on numerous occasions, been zoche to having my tfillos at the kever answered in the positive.



    Uch nauseous.


    Was there recently; here are few that I liked:

    • Rampart walk – along the top of the Old City wall. Get tickets just inside Shaar Yaffa – to the left
    • rebuilt Churva Shul – I think you can only go in for davening. I got lucky to be there at the right time.
    • Har Hazeitim
    • Ein Gedi – the cool waterfalls was much needed on such a hot day
    • Kibbuts Sdei Eliyahu – Dati kibbuts that does natural agricultural methods
    • City of David – just south of the Kotel. Possibly David’s own castle.
    • Ammunition Hill – interactive movie with 3D model of Jerusalem that lights up
    • I’m a Kohen so I could not go into the Maarat HaMachpela (yes I know there are those who are Matir, but the psak I got was ‘no’) But anyways, the pizza shop there has Great pizza.
    • Speaking of food, the felafel shop across from the Cardo (where the columns are) is also really good.
    • See other Yeshivot. I was glad to have brought my son the Yeshiva of Rav Yaacov Hillel. Unfortunately for me, he was giving shiur, but it was real powerhouse of hatmada. I’m glad to have seen that and show my son that.
    • Don’t forget about the people there. See the specialness in them also.


      My favorite places to eat:

      Hess- one of a kind Swiss/Yekke meat restaurant. Try the gruenkern, the deli meats and wide array of wursts; they even have AYCE sausages on Thirsday nights. Mehadrin.

      Little Italy- 38 Rechov Keren haYesod. Italian fleishig. The veal-stuffed rice balls, Ossobuco, and artichoke ravioli are to die for.

      Papagaio- Kosher churrascaria (AYCE Brazilian grilled meats). 3 Rechov Yad Harutzim. OU Mehadrin.

      Vaqueiro- Argentian AYCE churrascaria. Slightly better than Papagaio, IMHO. 54 Rechov HaNeviim. AYCE meats and salads for NIS 149 makes it a good option for a satisfying dining experience.

      Darna- Real Moroccan food. The harira, pastilla fassia, mrouzia, and tagines are all among the best things I’ve ever eaten. 3 Rechov Horkanos. Mehadrin.

      O’Connell- A kosher Irish pub! I love their sliders, fish and chips (considered by many the best in Yerushalayim), and their Irish stew. 3 Shimon ben Shetach

      McDonald’s- I loved the novelty when I ate at the one in the Central bus station, which is the only kosher one in Jerusalem, IIRC.

      Pizza Hut in the Malcha Mall has the same novelty value for me, as well, just like the Elite/Badatz Cheetos and Doritos (do they still make them?)

      make sure to check hechshairim before you eat in any restaurant as not everyone trusts every hechsher.

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