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    for thos who have a TV, which is better for sports??


    Sorry… despite being a Yankees fan, I usually end up watching no more than a few minutes in any given season. I’m just too busy.

    The Wolf

    Feif Un

    LCD. I’ve heard that plasmas don’t transition as quickly, so for fast moving things, like sports, you’ll sometimes see some ghosting in the image. LCDs don’t have that issue.

    Of course, this is based on things I’ve heard, not actually seen or researched.


    I do not have either, but I have watched sports on HDTV’s. What’s the big deal? You can see the drops of sweat on their foreheads, and see the tobacco chaw in vivid living color, but what’s the point?


    Feif Un, I think it’s the other way around. Plasma has a higher refresh rate, allowing for a smoother picture during intense motion scenes (like sports). LCDs are very close, though, if not pretty much on par. The big difference to me is in color reproduction and energy use. LCDs (primarily LED backlit LCDs) are much less of any energy hog than are plasmas, though that gap has narrowed a bit lately. Plasmas, generally, offer more faithful color saturation and reproduction; LCD colors tend to be more vivid and saturated than plasmas tend to be, so it depends on your preference. Plasmas also have the potential for image “burn-in”, where an image is “burned in” permanently to the screen if that image is left up on the screen for too long. They’ve pretty much licked this issue though over the last few years with some interesting technology, so burn-in is still an issue, but only if you leave the same static image or color on the screen for like 15-20 hrs straight.

    Do some research on LCD vs Plasma b4 any one buys…


    I cant believe YWN allows this particular discussion. whether you agree with TV or not, it doesnt seem like the right forum to discuss this.


    justsmile613, If one can discuss Facebook, Shidduch dates, opening a door for a girl/boy, rebbe’s hitting kids, then I think one could ask a question about technology as well…


    I second justsmile613.


    I second mikehall12382


    Perhaps the next thread can be what is prettier, a gold cross necklace or a silver cross necklace.


    I second enlightenedjew


    Ronrsr, have you ever watched sports on standard definition TVs? Compare the two images – then come back and ask “what’s the big deal?”


    i second trying my best


    if I can’t be at the game, high definition is a close second…Hockey is amazing on it as well…


    I “like” mikehall12382


    mikehall, agreed. In some respects, I’d RATHER be @ home with some friends watching a game in HD than at it. Games these days = HUGE expense + hassle to get to + uncomfortable seats. Big games, OTOH, far better to be there in person.

    Just out of curiosity, what make/model/type of HDTV are you looking into (or have)?


    Personally, I am partial to the silver cross necklace; its less garsih and showy. White gold would work though, and you dont have to worry about it tarnishing. 🙂


    “Perhaps the next thread can be what is prettier, a gold cross necklace or a silver cross necklace.”

    so you equate having a television to being not jewish?


    Although technically a Jew could wear a cross and still be a Jew, technically a Jew could watch television and still be a Jew.


    TMB- it is people with comments like yours, that turn people away from Yiddishkeit.

    (And that doesn’t give my approval to watch TV)


    sc – Whitewashing it is what does that. Except in that case they think they are practicing Yiddishkeit, when in fact they are practicing the something else.


    TMB- that’s correct. But by bashing them on a public forum, you only make matters worse.

    There’s a way to make people aware of something they are doing wrong.

    I’ll leave it up to their Rav or mentor to teach them between right or wrong.


    Apparently they are not in contact with their Rav on this issue. The responsibility to set the record straight rests with all of us. There was no personal bashing.


    >>Ronrsr, have you ever watched sports on standard definition TVs? Compare the two images – then come back and ask “what’s the big deal?” <<

    Dear enlightened, yes, the picture is much better and there is so much detail. But do I really want to watch sweat and wads of chewed tobacco?


    Mikehall – this is a sneaky way of getting a pro-or-con discussion on TV going, especially since so many people “only watch the sports” on TV. I know people who actually rent hotel rooms with TVs to watch the World Series / Superbowl, etc.

    As far as type of TV – shell out the cash and go to the game in person. Your local team needs the financial support. And take your little kids – they’ll remember it as good family time.

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