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    As uncomfortable as this topic is to present to men who say they attend minyan and learn and women who say they are jewish mothers and wives, I think someone should say something that is apparent.

    Simply, there is a sheer lack of respect for other people on the forum.

    You may think your opinion is more valid but the poster you are communicating with thinks their opinion is more valid.

    We all follow Torah as we see it. Seeing indicates a perception. So, officially, as long as you are following a rav who is a yarei elokim who cares?

    We are in galut as is.

    Even if you reply claiming that there are no negative feelings on your part, you may not realize that you are presenting your opinions in a harsh manner.

    A plea to all, try kindness and respect when presenting a differing opinion.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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