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    May we all use the remaining time till the Yemei HaDin wisely, in earnest return to HaShem, with a renewed fervor and dedication. And may HaShem gently, compassionately guide us on the proper path towards that goal.

    May we all be blessed and inscribed in the Sifron shel Tzadikim, for a good and SWEET new year, and for all that stands for.

    Little Froggie

    (TGS OS HD ZK etc.)


    Beautifully expressed!


    Thank you


    Very nice! Amen!

    (TGS OS HD … etc.)

    Now you made me me curious!!


    SIDI: I know one of them, but the mods won’t allow me to post it (despite its being immortalized in various places on the CR…).

    So don’t expect any answer, unless it’s from the Froggie him/herself.


    Whooo hooo!!!

    Randomex, (why’s someone so interested in me?)

    Me? I’m a quiet being, don’t make too much noise (anymore), no more trouble… what’s the problem?

    OK, if you must, it’s “The Golem Speaks…”, a try-out at a new chance to restart and refresh & a play on the “Maggid speaks” series. (obviously folks didn’t get the pun – a golem by definition can’t speak!). There was an earlier tryout, it held for a week, then some poster got really mad at me for trying to reboot & clean my slate, and admin here closed it. Why? I don’t know. Can’t anyone restart without having the whole world gang up? And I’m not really such a noisy personality. (really?)

    OK, that was another. Then there was one right before my current one, I needed to change because family and acquaintances were hounding me. Goodness!! What has the world (world wild web) against me?

    Maybe one day I’ll run a contest here for a newest best (SECRET, of course) screen name. One day.. For now I’m staying put. Enough “agmas nefesh”. Just Little Froggie.

    But we’re getting side tracked here. The ikkar is the request for mechillah, and brochos for a good, blessed (gebentched), sweet and fulfilling year. From the deepness of my collective hearts.


    Uhmmm, a quote I’ve heard, I may forgive but I’ll remember who I forgave.

    Definitely y’all and w’all should be Gbencht with a Ksiva Vachasima Tova, a Shona Tova Umisukah.

    Hoping that the new year will help us bond closer to Hashem and his Torah.


    Me? I’m a quiet being, don’t make too much noise (anymore), no more trouble… what’s the problem?

    THAT is the problem! I liked the old, noisy (in a good way), cute, funny you (whichever one of you…)!

    I haven’t been here that long, but from what I have seen, you have no need to ask mechila!

    Don’t worry about the whole world (ww) and be your funny self! You have cheered me up many times and I’m sure countless others! And you can also be serious when needed.

    I can go on, but I don’t have much time…


    You have done nothing wrong to me LF so no forgiveness is needed.


    I’ve been here a while. Not long enough to be considered an old-timer, or to appear in any other lists of posters, but long enough to have noticed, when this time of year comes around, the “mechila” threads that sprout like mushrooms after a solid summer rain. They are heartfelt, beautifully written pleas for forgiveness.

    Here’s my question to the authors of the above:

    In The Real World, outside the CR, where you are not an anonymous poster posing as an amphibian, or someone of indeterminate species with a strange name, but a real person with a face, a name & and a recognizable identity–

    Do you also manage to verbalize to your family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, such eloquent requests for Mechila for your wrongdoings? Are you able to use the same words contritely, humbly, and ask them to overlook your wrongdoings?


    Goq: Thank you, and be ‘gebentched’ with a real ??? ???? ??????.

    SiDi: Thank you for your kind, warm words. May HaShem shower you with his blessings. And v’chol tuv selah.

    Golfer: An EXCELLENT question!

    And my personal (that’s admitting that deep down I’m a person) answer is that I try really hard not to antagonize, cause pain, hurt, discomfort or etc. to anyone in the first place. Yes, I’m human (that again) and I do slip (boy do I), but I always try to make up as soon as possible. I know that “pirud levavos”, “sinas chinam” and the like are grave offenses, they cause much harm, and I take it most seriously.

    There’s just one difference between here and in real life. In real life, face to face, I won’t end up doing much harm (I’m not such a “in-your-face” type), whereas here, being (supposedly) anonymous, and also not seeing another party, I may end up hurting and annoying another. Then again, it’s also easier to ask on-line, anonymously, my (big) ego won’t suffer much, whereas in real life …

    I do know I have annoyed one poster here, am still waiting for her Mechila… <Waiting… press and key>


    I have to say that I find myself getting teary from reading these posts, Froggie. The fact is that this is a totally anonymous forum, but still, a Yid is a Yid all the way- even bchadrei chadorim and when no one would know otherwise, and the yiras shomayim and emeskeit comes through even here… I’m really proud to be part of such a nation! At the risk of sounding schmaltzy- mi k’amcho yisrael:)


    Thanks for the honest answer, LF.

    May you be zoche to a year of catching many juicy flies, and finding many cozy lily pads to rest on.


    golfer, honestly, no! I find it much easier to express myself here, in writing, anonymously then in real life. (And even here it doesn’t always go the way I would like it to…)



    SIDI, did you get it?

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