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    i know you don’t know gefen’s real name, but please keep her in mind in your tefillos this morning. she is having two tests done, and we would appreciate if you could say tehillim that the tests should go well, and that the results should be good (no, great!)-don’t daven for the results to be positive, because in this case, that would not be good. daven that she should come out of the tests healthy and comfortable, and that she be zoche to a life of continued GEFEN- gezunt parnassa and nachas.

    thanks so much! i’ll keep you posted, and maybe i’ll even tell her to post later!

    tizku l’mitzvos!


    She’s in my tefillos-good health ad meah v’esrim shanah!




    who is gefen a poster? i will have them in my tefillos

    kol daveed

    Kuf lamed & kuf chaf aleph for a refuah sheleima for Gefen. May we hear besoros tovos!

    a mamin

    We should only hear Besiras Tovos!!


    just letting you know that gefen came out of the tests fine Baruch H-Shem. thanks for all your tfillos!

    a mamin

    Chasdei Hashem Ki lo Somnu!


    yummy cupcake-

    …gefen came out of the tests fine Baruch H-Shem…

    B”H for that.

    Just for moral support, you should know I said a kapital or two of tehilim for her, and I’m sure others who also weren’t able to post did so as well.


    Hi – I’m here and B”H fine. I had 2 tests and procedures this morning. Thanks to all of you for your tefilos! I really appreciate it!

    Thank you my sweet Yummy Cupcake for starting this thread!

    Goq – yes I am a poster. In fact i’ve commented on some of your posts in the past. btw – i’m not a “them”, i’m a “her” 🙂


    i will keep gefen in mind for my tefilos, thanx so much for posting.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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