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    squeaky head

    Hi I’m frm OOT and I was wondering what do post sem girls wear to classmates weddings? Do they wear fancy top n skirt or short dresses? heels? thanks


    Whatever you want, as long as it’s tznius.

    There’s no rules.


    There are no rules but you don’t want to look silly. I’ve been to weddings where the OOT girls really stuck out because of the clothes they were wearing. I suggest bringing a variety and getting ready at a “in town” friend’s house to see what the type is.

    I think heels are a necessity unless you’re really tall. I tend to kick mine off once the dancing starts getting more intense, but I would never wear flats to a wedding.

    About top/skirt or dresses- really depends the type. I think more people are wearing fancy skirts and simpler (but still nice) tops these days, but I still see fancy top and nice skirt, and short dresses.

    As Torah613 said, there are no rules, but if you don’t want to stick out, maybe find out what the type is…


    Wear what you think is kavodig and tznius enough to go to a wedding. Most people forget that the reason we go to weddings is to fulfill the Mitzvah of Hachnasas Kallah. so, while you are still supposed to look nice, its not supposed to be a fashion show or a social scene! Ur dressing up L’Kavod a mitzvah! so wear whatever will help you fulfill this mitzvah properly.

    Note: i personally would ditch the heels if you could get by without them! (most people can). or at least wear really comfortable ones that aren’t too high! ppl with heals slow down the dancing soooooo much!


    Apparently there is some hierarchy as to who gets to wear long and who can wear short, depending on how close you are to the kallah. This corresponds to the order in which she will dance with you.

    Also, you want to remember that many shidduchim are made at weddings, so you do want to look good – not over the top, but people will be looking for their nephews and neighbors’ sons…

    Finally, have no fear because I hear that there are gmachs for “friends of kallahs dresses”!


    Popa thinks you should dress for a wedding the way you dress for a date.

    More accurately, he thinks you should dress for a date the way you dress for a wedding.


    Bimechilas kvoidoi, popa should Not be on this thread.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Golfer, bimchilas kvodech, this thread is supposed to be about which threads to wear, not which threads to comment on.



    I got censored.

    squeaky head

    thanks e/o!


    Is there a difference between what post-sem girls wear to weddings, as opposed to pre-sem girls? What about girls who went straight to college and never went to sem? What about girls who married straight out of high school – do they go with the post-sem look as well, even though they’re not post-sem?


    I’m not popa. I’m her husband posting on her account. Sorry about the confusion before.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Wearing “long” is something the kallah will ask her close friends to do. It is a way of saying this friend is “close like family”, since the family also dresses long. I think of it as a way of saying – this is your simcha too, come dressed like us. I have never heard of it affecting the order of dance though. It just may be that people graciously allow the moms, sisters and closest friends to have the first dances with the kallah.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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