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    I have no idea if this “Tefilla” has any merit; I wrote it, maybe it is worth saying:

    Master of the World, please see the suffering of those having difficulties finding a Shidduch

    Desperately trying to find their way in a dismal maze of unending questions, robbing them of happiness

    Only to have them shattered when everything sadly slipped away as sand through desperate fingertips

    Feelings of unworthiness haunt their peace of mind

    Each time they go to Shul with heavy hearts, hoping that this time their desperate yearning

    Will pour out as water from their soul in front of Your Throne of Mercy

    And You will consider their tears as a perfect Kurban brought on Your Mizbeach

    Ribbono Shel Olam, how many times can they go on, feeling that their prayers are so lacking and inconsequential

    Look at how much purity they carry themselves throughout all their youthful years

    Even while living in a world where everything sacred is cast aside

    That You will cherish and thus, change Your decree for them to find their proper Shidduch

    To transmit the fear of Heaven and love of Torah and Mitzvos to the next generation

    Remember them in the Zechus of our Avos and Imahos HaKedoshim

    Blessed and filled with Kedushah and Simcha from Your loving Hashgochoh

    Nothing is to hard for You to do; You can bring their Yeshuah in a moment

    So we are in Your hands – the people we meet and their feelings for us are all in Your control

    May it be Your will that our few words should cause the fate of these singles to be brought before You in a favorable light,

    Please speedily unite these suffering people with their intended Shidduch

    Our dear Father please collect the pain in their hearts; think of them sitting at a Seder Table, surrounded by family or friends, yet so alone

    Wistfully thinking what a different Yom Tov it would be it would be if only they would be complemented by their intended Zivug

    How many Shabbosos come and go with only a faint hope in the heart that one day the Gut Shabbos greeting could be so warmly said to their intended

    Please bring them under the Chupah with joy next to their beloved partner in life very soon

    My frustration, anxiety and sadness flee, replaced with the Simcha of excitedly looking forward to an imminent Chasunah and days beyond


    SilentOne; I can some it up in one word, BEAUTIFUL.

    D’varim Hayotzim Min Halevh!

    So may HB”H hear the prayers of and every single

    boy and girl in klal yisroel who is in the parsha and may he

    grant everyone a wonderful Zivug Hagun spiritually, as well as physically, healthy and nice, so as to find proper chein in each others eyes and be faithful satisfied.



    Beautiful tefilah.

    What a special person you are to be able to write this. May H’ hear your tefilos, and answer the tefilos of all, soon!

    am yisrael chai

    you have some talent. You summed it up very nicely.


    For someone named Silent, you defenitely have a way with words!

    Do i have your permission to print this?

    am yisrael chai

    Thanx AYC!!! i missed that one!


    SilentOne, your post was beautiful, as were your other prayers in the threads ayc so thoughtfully linked. G-d should answer your prayers for you and for all of us!

    I find it interesting that people who may seem to be more “quiet” or “silent” are at times more likely to write and say things impacting, beautiful, and inspiring than those who are always speaking their minds.


    Wow, Silentone.. that was your heart on paper. Thank you so much. It was really beautiful.


    Thank you all very mcuh for the kind words. Of cours you may print or distribute it.

    May Hashem answer all your Tefiilos as well.


    Indeed, very beautiful and well-done! Silent One: not sure if you’ll notice it, but I commented on your post from six months ago.


    yytz: Thank you very much for your most kind words. It is very heart-warming to see such kind words especially months later.

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