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    Hey, does anyone suggest a specific pre-paid cell phone plan???


    I use pageplus cellular $55 a month unlimited talk and text and 2gb data. They use verizons network.


    LycaMobile. 2 cents per minute, Incoming texts are free, outgoing texts 4 cents, and 6 cents per MB.

    Or $19 unlimited minutes and texts. (6 cents per MB). Or $29 unlimited minutes, texts and data.

    They are the absolute cheapest carrier in the U.S.

    You can use any *unlocked* (that’s a must) GSM phone. The kind that AT&T and T-Mobile use. They run on the T-Mobile USA network. No roaming, so you need to be in a T-Mobile area.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    depends what your looking for. I did a ton of research and picked boost for one kid, cricket for another (but discontinued due to bad service), and t-tmobile $30 for 1500. Different plans for different needs.


    What type of plan are you looking for?



    tmobile has a good one you can purchase any phone you want for the prepay plan.


    I recommend AirVoice Wireless. $30 unlimited talk & text. Runs on AT&T network.


    MetroPCS, or net10. If you get a net10 phone, take good care of ur phone, because the workers dont help u at all!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Depends on your service area.

    Miri Zamora

    Get Straight Talk! They have a very good phone selection and you pay $45 dollars a month for unlimited voice, tex, and data. Also, Virgin Mobil offers great phones too for $35 a month with unlimited tex, data, and 300 minutes for voice. Personally, I have Straight Talk and it is working out beautifully. I never have to worry if I am going over and there os NO extra hidden charges.


    If anyone knows of ANY better prepaid plans than the ones I mentioned above from LycaMobile, whether pay-as-you-go OR unlimited, please share.

    I believe they have THE LOWEST prices, bar none, from all U.S. wireless providers – whether carriers or mvnos.

    The only reason not to choose Lycamobile would be if using T-Mobile is a problem for you. Otherwise they kick everyone else out of the water.

    They are brand new in the U.S., so you may have not heard of them yet. But they are the largest mvno in Europe.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    shikron – if all that is true (shikron does sound a lot like shakron) and available for me I will be extrememly grateful to you. I only have a phone when I can afford it and that would cut the price in half.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    lycamobile is $19 until April 30th, now it’s $29. 🙁


    Jolt Mobile.

    It’s an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that uses AT&T’s network.

    Its service only works with an unlocked tri-band/quad-band

    GSM 900/1800/1900 frequency phone.

    The phone uses a SIM card, which Jolt Mobile sends to you.

    If the phone’s service carrier is Cingular or AT&T,

    then you may use a locked GSM phone.

    If the phone’s service carrier is any other,

    then you must use an unlocked GSM phone.



    Have you actually used Lyca Mobile and had a good experience with them?


    Syag: The $19 and $29 plan pricing has been extended indefinitly.

    Jane: Not yet, but I plan to.


    Also, it should be noted that Lycamobile’s pay as you go plan pricing of 2 cents a minute and unlimited free incoming texts, are perfect for youngster and elderly and any other very light users.

    If the user only uses 25 minutes, for example, the entire months cost will be 50 cents! They have no minimum usage requirements. You put $10 on the account and you can let it last as long as it takes to use up. The only requirement is to make at least one phone call (cost: 2 cents) every 120 days. No need to add additional funds.

    too geshmak

    I heard a couple horror stories about lycamobile. Terrible customer service, they didnt even answer the phone some of the times, and no roaming whatsoever is a problem. There are holes in every company’s coverage but they have roaming deals with other networks that allow them to fill it. On Lyca, if t mobile’s towers dont reach you for a minute, you have no cell phone. Overall, a lot of the issues my friends had were probably due to it being such a new company (in america), so I’d only take the chance for a month if I already had the t mobile phone


    You have nothing to lose by trying them out for a month. There’s no contract and you can leave them at anytime. You just need an unlocked gsm phone. (They give you a free SIM card.) If you have an old unlocked at&t or t-mobile phone, that’l work. Otherwise you can buy a cheap unlocked gsm phone for $20 or $30 or so. If you want, you can even port your phone number to google voice, instead of to lyca, and forward the number from google voice to your newly issue loycamobile number.

    So your only cost to lycamobile would be $10 for dirt-cheap cell service.


    Porting to Google Voice takes care of incoming calls, but what about your caller ID on outgoing calls? I think I’ll wait for you to try Lyca and report back here. Lyca’s website isn’t very good. I couldn’t find any explanation of their pay-as-you-go.


    Page plus all the way! 40 buck for unlimited talk and text 200mb data.

    They use verizon network which is the best. You can pay monthly or have them automatically charge your card.

    You can get on Amazon the droid incredible for 50 bucks- its a pretty solid phone , I drop it almost everyday and there is no signs of this abuse.

    Don’t use any off brand pay-as-you-go! it is not worth the aggravation of bad networks and the crappy phones.

    T-Mobile also has good deal if you need the internet $55 unlimited everything.


    I use Pageplus for the best service. They use verizon’s network. I too use the droid incredible but battery dies often.


    Stay away from Boost Mobile. My husband used Boost in the past and it is terrible service. Cheap, but not worth it. He switched to Verizon for the peace of mind.


    yehudayona: Lycamobile’s PAYGO is straightforward. 2 cents per minute, 4 cents per outgoing text (incoming free), and 6 cents per MB of data. $10 minimum deposit and no need for any further deposits (ever, until you run out – but it never expires as long as you make at least a one-minute call or text every four months).

    As far as outgoing Caller ID, if you use the google voice android app it will show your gv number. So it will be the same for incoming and outgoing.

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