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    Be Happy

    How do you prepare yourselves for Rosh Hashono and YomKippur? Do you give more Tzedoko? Do you daven more? Do you do more Chesed? Perhaps you are someone who does not take on anything extra?

    How can we keep these things up – after the Yomim Noroim?


    Teshuva is applicable at all times of ?the year. The commitments to change and rebuild a person are the main things. Teshuva is a long process, not a lip service.?


    My advice is, try something small, that’ll still make a difference. Perseverence for something smaller is easier. If you try something too hard, chances are, you wont be able to keep it up.


    a good book to learn now is:

    Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss on the Yamim Noraim

    I was looking for my copy this morning as Elul is fast approaching/


    MD, is the book sold in your regular judaica store? How many pages?


    Also: The Practical Guide to Teshuvah


    Rabbi Shaul Wagschal

    Be Happy

    My Rebbe says don’t take on anything new, but take on to improve one thing you do already. For instance decide to say the brocho of shehakol with extra kavano or the brocho of Asher Yotzar. Or maybe decide to concentrate more when washing hands for netilas yodoim.


    Accept upon yourself to learn at least 10 minutes of mussar every day



    if only everyone here would see your post and follow through. this is SO important.

    i promise everyone who does this, especially in the morning, if they try to fulfill what they learn, they will become closer to Hashem, in a palpable manner


    Is there a mussar sefer cut out for short daily learning- like A Lesson a Day- but on other topics?


    This post was submitted by Mazal77 and I thought it would be appropriate here. Great to see you posting Mazal77.

    To all the dear CR members, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Rosh Chodesh Elul. Now that we are in this month of preparing for the Yomim Noraim. I wanted suggestions on how we can all prepare ourselves. Here is one suggestion that I heard at a class today. The speaker suggested reading 10 perakim of Tehillim a day. That way, we would be able to finish Sefer Tehillim 2 times this month. This would be great for someone who can’t read alot of Tehillim at a time.


    Thank you Mod 26 for posting it here 🙂 I did not see this thread.

    Be Happy

    Since considering the yomim noroim and personally having had 2 major surgeries in the last 6 weeks I have realised that a lot of what I do is “mechanical” If I am going to eat I make a brocho and don’t really think about it….

    I am now trying very hard to Think before making a brocho to eat. Wow I am finding it tough!


    Now that Tisha b’Ov is behind us, I shall commence listening to R’H Y’K CR ROMs, so that I come to Shul on R’H morning in 7 weeks time, more prepared & inspired with the Nussach haTefilloh, and can follow more studiously & copiously.


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    I don’t know about everyone else here, how often we think about our life, most people make an account of their life once a year-before Yom Kippur- Tzaddikim make an account once a month-before Yom kippur Kotton. I know a person that makes a account of his life almost everyday of his life. He told me that this is the final last thing he thinks about almost every night AFTER saying Krias Shma al Hamita he makes an account thinking did i learn today, daven, give tzedaka, help another yid etc… is Hashem going to say to his Malachim i have Charata (pity) i gave this yid an extra day to live. How precious life is. Hashem doesn’t just say this yid will live to 98 this one to 108 & this one to 110, every day & hour is a gift from Hashem, U’vacharta B’chaim-you should choose life-lets learn this now while we are still young.


    Don’t try to be a malach for a couple days or weeks. It won’t work and will probably backfire.

    Make a game plan and focus on things that will accomplish real change.


    Slow and steady wins the race. And don’t get too anxious or feel too guilty, that also usually backfires. Our chesronos were created by Hashem.

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