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    Sam they never denied the literal interpretation. I know that because they kept Shabbos.

    Zalmon and thinkingverydeeply, this obviously was not an opinion unique to the Niturei Karta.


    yitayningwut- I’m a bit surprised that you seem to be defending the view that the world is more than 5772 years old considering who your rav is. I’m sure you are aware that your Rav takes a pretty hard line on these issues.


    I agree that the N.K. platform doesn’t stand any ground, and it is totally in the wrong. And is certainly not Das Torah, and they are actually hefich das torah.

    Now since Medinas Yisroel is not running al pe das torah either. And this borderline min Shimon Peres is representing us around the world, it is worth noting what Reb Shach said when he was maspid the Satmarer Rebbe said, thank you Satmir Rebbe for reminding us that the Medina is only Bideved, and it wasn’t created al das torah, and we only engaged in the political side of it because it was already facts on the ground, but we could still forget this important factor, so he thanked the Satmar Rebbe for remaining firm in his opinion of the bedeved.

    Now the infamous N.K. is all wrong and by far, way more extreme then the Satmar Shita. But a slight point is a slight point. You wanna be blinded be blinded, but it is worth noting a slight point. The Arabs and the Goyim around the world think the majority Jewish opinion is inlined with Shimon Peres. And since they hear a secular voice, that doesn’t agree with the Torah, they sit and wonder what do these secular Israelis that are representing that Jewish people, what right do they have to hold a part of the land over the arabs. Arabs claim the Torah is truth at least, they make up that they are the chosen people after we were punished, which is absolute stupidity, but they claim that secular jews that don’t believe in the Torah definitely don’t have any claim to the land.

    We must make sure Jews remain safe in Eretz Yisroel. But we must try to at least demand Jewish Torahdigi opinions are expressed by the leaders. Is this asking for so much? Why wasn’t there at least a machu on this matter? I agree with Zalmon on this matter, only I think a machu should be made as well.


    Kozov: One can interpret Bereishis allegorically and still hold of the relevance of Shabbos.


    Thinkingverydeeply, I have a newsflash for you:1 the average Arab didn’t know or care what Peres said and they don’t believe ANY Jew has a right to Israel


    thinking… I said in my earlier post- If religious jews of all stripes would be in Eretz Yisroel- you would have a religious President and a much better governemnt.As it is, we had a Chabadnik as President once (Zalman Shazar) and Rabbi Dr. Josef Burg a.h, wasd also considered for the post.

    BTW- one does not have to agree with the Satmarer rebbe zz’l or even rav Shach zz’l and still be a frum jew !


    rabbiofberlin I was not implying that being a disciple or a chusid of rav shach and the rav of satmar is the only recipe in being a frum jew. heaven forbid, there are and were plenty of other great rabbis out there! I was only implying that having a president represent us without respecting the minimum element of toras moshe is in essence futile, and doesn’t do us any good on a international level. I know people will claim that it is not so, and the arabs couldn’t care less etc. I beg for facts please, I don’t think that’s true. I think you could see a pretty strong element of increasing anti jewish the more the secular jews represent us. And even the Rebbe of Chabad didn’t want the leaders of Israel being ignorant, or secular jews.


    thinking….we are in agreement on many things. Id’ love to have a more observant President= not for the ‘umos haolam’ but for us!!

    Menachem Begin made a kiddush hashem because he would only eat kosher, would walk to shul and put o ntefillin daily. Zalman shazar was a wonderful President becuase he respected Rabbonim- he was a chabadnik. Even the -sadly disgraced- President Katsav was a better example for us. But- unfortunately, we are saddled with peres now.


    All I did was quote the Rambam.

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