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    What are people’s point of view on using things made in Germany? I recently bought something and only after got home did i relize it was made in Germany. I usually try to avoid, but its already in my house…any suggestions?return?use?

    Shticky Guy

    Sometimes you have no choice. My grandmother was made in Germany


    Boycott,boycott,boycott!!!give them a taste of their own medicine.

    hey Shticky Guy;very shticky I like that one,my mother says the same about her mother-in-law.


    SG- But the germans did not manufacture her!


    thanks , but I mean really can anyone tell me weather or not they feel it is ok?

    lost in Europe

    I am an American living in europe over thirty years. When I first moved here I was SHOCKED, SHOCKED, SHOCKED to see that the yiddische oilem bought german made items without blinking an eye. I remember when I was growing up in Boro Park, no one thought of buying anything German. The response I got from everyone is that they make the best quality stuff. Who didn’t have a Miele washing machine? So the people who were the closest in proximity to the enemy, who had the most vivid memories of what the Yimach Shemom germans did, were helping their economy!!! Without a second thought. What do you say to that?


    Apparently you don’t live in Israel. Everybody here uses German stuff, because they make the best appliances.


    What is the problem?!

    A person who is now 90 years old, was 18 years old in 1939. Can you blame an 18-year old for not stopping it?

    One who is 80 years old now, was 8 years old when the war started and 14 when it ended (1945). Can you blame him?

    People who randomly attack Germany and boycott Germany don’t have a clue of the facts in life. Why don’t you boycott the UK, where Jews were banned from living for hundreds of years? Why not boycott The Netherlands, where they burned Jews alive? Why not boycott Russia, about which little explanation is needed? Why not Austria, where Hitler was born? Why not Poland? Why not Switzerland, that refused entry? Why not France, which turned over all Jews? Why not Italy? Why not Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia? Why not boycott the ENTIRE WORLD, actually? Maybe boycott Israel also?

    For you, Germany is probably an alien place, something you cannot imagine, with evil people. For me, it is a country whose border lies 30 km from where I grew up – and its language is one I speak quite well (good enough to use it for work). Germany is not a scary, evil country. It is one of the world’s largest and most stable economies, a good friend of Israel, a country thar regrets its mistakes and has had amazing success in rebuilding itself.

    Sure, there are some lingering neo-Nazis, but you have those in the USA as well. As a matter of fact, in Germany, the authorities try to stop them, catch them, imprison them, outlaw them. They are considered a danger to state security and closely followed by Germany’s equivalent of the FBI. In the US, on the other hand, neo-Nazis can openly state their beliefs and wear Nazi uniforms, all protected by “freedom of speech”. Maybe you should boycott the USA?


    I am not neceassarily saying boycott germany, I am first of all saying do other people mind? I mean i konw they make very good metal for knives…. but is that a reason to give them money? I am not saying that all the people in germany did something bad, just some did and feel it is a state of mentality! When i look at somehting made in germany i think, maybe this was made by somone who murderd my relatives, or hurt my family.

    Yes of course we feel diffrent about germany in this generation! Mityzraim was htousands of times worse but we can only imagine that, we have actual physical “proof” in our hands, in our blood.

    I personally would not feel to boycott places that didnt let in. i can see two point f views, one is that they didnt let my people in, hte other is that they didnt want to get in the middle of something. by letting in they are taking sides and that is putting their own people at risk.

    Right Path

    I would stay away from any car manufactured by Volkswagen.

    Hitler ym”sh was very involved in the design of the Beetle or Volkswagen.

    During the war the company used 15,000 forced labors many supplied from the concentration camps.

    Check wiki.


    Right path: ford cars should also be on that list since henry ford who was a huge antisemite had shaychis with the germans. The fact of the matter is alot of countries hate the jews and if you made a list of products to ban you would be suprised what would be on that list.

    Right Path

    sam4321: Your right Henry Ford was a antisemite and there are many others.

    What makes this different is the fact that Volkswagen helped the German War effort.


    So what? Are you going to punish Volkswagen in 2012 over what they did in 1940? Do you think the bosses of Volkswagen nowadays are anti-Semites?

    I would propose a boycott on the USA, because it is just about the only country in the world where openly Nazist movements are allowed to exist and have ‘freedom of speech’.


    I haven’t read all the posts here so I apologize in advance if I am repeating what others have said.

    I know a Holocaust survivor of the camps who SPECIFICALLY buys German products just to “prove” that he and many other Jews did make it out so the Germans wanting to kill all the Jews did not work. I think this is an interesting way of looking at it.


    i understand this topic is sensitive so i wont blast away but seriously, get a life. you can buy whatever toothbrush you want.

    lost in Europe

    After reading all the posts, I realize that firstly, you can’t expect today’s generation to feel the same way their grandparents felt about buying German. Besides, in Europe, from one item you can have dozens of parts coming from different countries, so you really can’t know the actual origin. Opel is a German car with a general motors engine! Anyway, I will quote a neighbor’s response when asked how she can let a polish cleaning lady in her house, LET HER CLEAN MY TOILETS!!


    1st things 1st:- Why wasn’t there a Cherem placed on Germany immediately after the end of WW2? Within 5 minutes of Armistice & end of the war, there should have been an unequivocal & irrevocable Cherem placed on Germany & Austria. Period!!


    147- so the family that saved my great-aunt should be banned? And how can you drive a car- your supporting arabs and neturei karta! eluh meiy, youre full of it.


    when i was a kid veryone g-d fearing jew in london would never drive a german car, only volvo this was halacha moshe m’sinai. now everyone drives anything particulary japanese cars even though they were with the nazi’s against the allies during ww2. althougb everyone has german washers and fridges e.t.c

    germany paid millions in repatriations to israel during the 50’s which obviously built a lot of the infastructure in israel.

    recently i wanted to go to germany for a trip, but didnt because my mother doesnt allow it and says her mother would turn in her grave if i ever went to germany and so i didn`t go. despite the fact my grandmother’s parents were from russia and she was born in london, and never even went to germany.

    sof ma’aseh it’s a mixed bag and depends who you ask


    Toi:- So when someone smashes you up, & then puts a bandage on you:- Should s/he be innocent?


    @Chassidic Gatesheader

    last Summer I went to Italy and flew home from Venice.

    Because I was using miles I flew Luftansa and had to change planes in Frankfurt.

    It was real strange actually being in Germany and even weirder going through German Immigration (You have to go through immigration even though I never left the airport)

    I basically had to show my paper to a Large German Guard and made sure I spoke ENGLISH to him

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