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    I want to get professional pics of my kids – under three year olds, what do you recommend – outdoor photos or studio photos?


    In the summer, if you have a nice background and green grass etc. I think you should go for outdoors. It’ll feel more real when you look at the picture.


    both. if you can only do one, go with a studio. it allows the photographer to control all aspects of his shoot.



    TOI – all aspects except for the kids he’s trying to take pics of..would you not think kids would be more relaxed outdoors?


    If youre going to someone worth the money youre paying, he has techniques to help kids loosen up and forget about the camera.


    as someone who works with a professional photographer, i’d say it depends on how you want the pictures to look. outdoor pictures have the potential to be beautiful if the photographer knows what he’s doing with lighting and posing, and they also tend to come out more natural and candid. studio portraits can look more ‘formal’ unless you want to start incorporating props which some ppl do, but its easier to control the lighting.

    either way, make sure your kids are well fed and well rested! best time for pictures is after lunch and a nap. bring non-messy foods just in case they get cranky (dry crackers and water). know your kid and work with their schedule.

    depending on the behavior of your kid, it might be easier to be outdoors then in an intimidating studio with lights and umbrellas etc. but then again you may have them running loose around the park…

    I always love outdoor pictures if the lighting is good. make sure its not too sunny or you’ll all be squinting, and its better to do it either early morning or later in the day when its not so hot out. partly cloudy days are best because you get the light from the sun without the overpowering heat or shadows from too many clouds. if you’re doing outdoors, decide on beach or park type of venue and have your colors to match or blend. I love white and denim/navy on the beach, it contrasts great with the sand and water, so you can do white shirts with jeans/denim skirts or navy pants/skirts.

    also if you do outdoors, make sure the photographer poses you well like he would in a studio and doesn’t say ‘just sit’ or ‘just stand together’. you should get a nice combination of candid and posed shots.

    I like the idea of doing both a studio and outdoors, if its not too much more money and the photographer is willing. you should definitely do studio first and then bribe kids with ‘if you’re good, we’ll go to the beach! ‘ 🙂


    I always think that outdoor pictures always come out looking much nicer. The photographer is able to pose everyone professionally like he would do in a studio, as well as get pictures that show the kid’s personality and just having fun (think hanging from tree branches, get them to build a sand castle together and get shots of them doing that when they are not looking at the camera, a picture from the back of two or three kids holding hands running on the grass towards a park or on the beach towards the ocean, etc.)

    However the best time to do pictures outdoors is right before sunset when the sun is not at its strongest anymore but still there. That is when the lighting will come out the best.


    Go for outdoor! Unless: it’s very hot ( you don’t wana shvitz while takin pics 😉 )

    It’s very sunny ( the lens that your camera or the professionals camera may not be high tech. In scenarios with sunlight)

    If there are too many distractions ( my best friend had pictures taken outdoor and there were many people and dogs not to far from where they set up to take pictures in a grassy area )

    Goodluck! I’m sure they will come out great either way indoors or outside!


    i vote the post before mine as the least understandable post ever.


    I vote outdoors AS LONG AS YOUR KIDS WON’T GET DISTRACTED because it’s much cuter 😉


    u shld totally do outdoor pics- way nicer

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