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    If the Rabbonim aren’t opposed to huge Purim parties why are we? I think they actually give a Kovod to Purim that wasn’t had in previous doros. A big singer , good food, leibidig dancing what could be the problem?


    “What could be the problem”. Umm…. illness, deaths? Perhaps you’re kidding. First off, Purimis Rabbinic, so let’s understand that. I was told that if one is sick and had a choice between hearing Parshas zachur or the megillah, we strive for hearing Zachur, which is d’Orysa on several levels. All the more so, Parties, chaggigahs, and large gatherings have no mitzvah and have no place this particular year. Better to give kavod to protecting life, ensuring shuls and yeshivahs remain open the days after Purim, and we can prepare for Pesach.


    If you are not going to a Purim party for fear of death – please be sure that you also do not go to Shul where there are equally as many people and certainly don’t go shopping. If you want to be extra machmir please dont open the door for UPS driver who might be carrier and please don’t send your children to school where they can pick it up and transmit to you.


    Went to a yeshiva wife mesbiah last night from 1030 till 230
    Hundred of guys all dancing drinking food great time was had by all this is generally not the group that if they do get sick it’s not fatal the older people in attendance took precautions if your smart about it it should be ok we didn’t do anything like this with enola h1n1 avian flu etc which were more deadly so why all the hype
    A) Trump derangement syndrome
    B) media hyping this to the sky unlike with the other viruses where they said nothing to see here Bec it was Obama
    C) social media

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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