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    has anyone ever heard of it?

    and does anyone know if s/o who has it can give birth naturally?

    it’s a condition in which the gel of the eye begins to detach from the retina, pulling the retina, which can cause retinal detachment, hence, blindness in that eye.

    problem –


    Ask your OB -It probably depends on the pt.


    I had not heard of it, but I surmised what it might be. I can only say that the pushing stage of labor, requires a great deal of pressure exerted by the mother, and I have burst capillaries in my face and eye during one of the births. Speak to your doc, but if there is any danger of detaching or tearing a retina due to labor, a C-section is a safer bet. Retinal damage (depending on its severity) can result in blindness.



    pvd is absolutely no problem whatsoever in giving birth, no matter how much strain and pressure. c-section is not necessary at all.

    however pvd can sometimes be associated with certain retinal and vitreous abnormalities which should be treated (with laser) before a birth.

    anyone with pvd should be evaluated by a retinal specialist, not just a stam ophthalmologist.

    if you want to know how i am qualified to give this information, email me at [email protected]

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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