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    anyone know of a legitimate, reliable and free website on nutrition/diets where i can actually speak/chat with a real dietician/nutritionist?



    Why not go to a real life nutritionist?


    cuz right now i’m at home with access to a computer and a real life one costs $$$$$$



    Most of the reputable ones online also cost $$$$.

    Also, studies show that part of what works with nutritionists is that you feel personally accountable to someone. Working online may not provide you with that level of motivation.


    start fresh has an online program for $10 a month

    Proud Jew

    LOW CARB DIET, anyone had some good experience on it??


    sometimes i wish i can live in the olden days where everyone would porpously want to be fat to show how much food they can afford. i would be sooooo in style.


    Shuli: yeah, think so too.

    Proud Jew: You mean the one that you eat tons of protein? I don’t really think it’s that healthy, but yes, I know some ppl who really lost some weight by going on this diet.


    Go off sugar and white flour and you’ll for sure loose weight. It’s also really healthy because you end up eating more protein and fruits and veggies and only whole wheat. It’s not as hard as it sounds.


    I posted this months ago on the High Cholesterol topic: Reader’s Digest has a site called Change One. Here they help people lose or maintain their weight. They even have a section for diabetics. I don’t know how much they charge, but I trust these people for accuracy. Their recipes include all sorts of different types of food, not just veggies!


    these suggestions are all easier said then done! i find it so hard just thinking about making such a big change in my diet! It’s so not simple to just go off white flour sugar and all the rest! Maybe i dont like whole wheat flour or splenda! Then what do i do??? I wish there was a way to lose tunz of weight without having to make major changes, but i guess i should just dream on cuz there’s no such thing!



    try changing just one thing at a time. start by replacing one unhealthy snack w/ a healthy one. then work up to meals. and of course EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!!! (it helps to listen to music while doing so-last longer that way) b’hatzlacha! most of it is just self-control :0)

    Bar Shattya

    Being healthy is mutually exclusive to losing weight. People who eat healthy do not shrink into oblivion. and people who are proper weight dont gorge themselves to keep it up. The answer is that people who eat healthy stay the same weight, FOREVER. Losing weight by definition entails doing somethig unhealthy. Personally, when i want to lose weight i eat one meal a day. brekfast. and a snack in the afternoon or split snack for eveneing too. Oh yeah and jog upwards of five miles a day.


    “Losing weight by definition entails doing somethig unhealthy. Personally, when i want to lose weight i eat one meal a day. brekfast. and a snack in the afternoon or split snack for eveneing too. Oh yeah and jog upwards of five miles a day”

    That is anorexia.


    As many times this topic gets started, thats how many times I love to respond (its that encouraging and that important)

    The diet that works for us is really quite simple:

    1) try to only eat food you make at home. And never skip breakfast!

    2) if you must eat store bought food, try to avoid things with more than 5 ingredients

    3) avoid hydrogenated anything!

    4) portion size: divide your plate as follows: 50% salad, 25% main course, 25% side dish. desert should be the same size as your main course

    5) Excercise. No, not the NYC marathon, and not the Ironman triathalon. Walking 2-3 miles (within 30-45 minutes)a day should do the trick for 90% of us

    6) Remember, its the only body you have.. take care of it!

    Dieting / maintaining your health is not a punishment….its a gift you give yourself.


    And use sechel when picking foods. For example, supper = a 1/4 of a roasted chicken and a baked potato.. good choice!

    A fried chicken cutlet with french fries.. not such a good choice.

    An oatbran muffin (that you baked at home!) with your coffee… good choice!

    A 3″ slab of store-bought kokosh cake with your 16 oz Frappaccino.. not such a good choice.

    Which does not mean you cannot even indulge. But don’t make this your steady routine

    If there is something I wrote that needs clarification, please ask. I never tire of this topic.

    Bar Shattya

    anorexia is when one has a low self esteem and doesnt eat so they will lose weight and people will like them

    Bar Shattya doesnt care what anyone else thinks of him but rather loses weight because it is healthy to lose weight. Bar shattya doesnt have time for the game, though, and doesnt care to spend two years losing twenty pounds. so when bar shattya wants to lose weight he just does.

    In conclusion it is healthy when one is fat to do something that for others is not healthy Hence the postulate that

    “Being healthy is mutually exclusive to losing weight.”

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