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    Nothing better than a gassy cup of seltzer after a hot bowl of chulent

    Sorce: heard directly

    Yankel attended various Yeshivas and was the delivery man for Bochner Grocery in Boro Park


    Sorry, but it’s a distant second. Starting a new thread with such a quote is incomparable on a far greater scale.


    He was often in Chaim Berlin. You could also find him at many Simchos recording the event on tape.


    I’m sensing a pattern to your quotes

    ☕️coffee addict

    How much troll can a troller troll if a troller could troll trolls


    But chazal bring down that the remedy for the obvious consequences of having a bean-based chulent is not to add additional gas to the digestive tract. Yankel’s contrarian eitzah seems like using gasoline to extinguish a small fire.


    Gadol: Are you sure you didn’t go by the name sammygol in one of the previous of your nine lives?


    Which yeshiva(s) did Yankel Feferkorn attend?

    Where is he these days?


    He was niftar a few years ago. He was very sad about the fact that he couldn’t get married.


    he passed away a few years ago came from the bronx, davened by rav moshe bick ztl for many years who knew yet from the bronx


    to add my 2 cents:

    it’s not the cough that carries you off, it’s the coffin they carry you off in

    yaakov doe

    Yankel grew up in the Mt Eden area of the Bronx and was frequently seen walking with his father. I first saw him in Brooklyn around 2000 although I assume he left the Bronx much earlier as most of the Jews did.
    Although we share the same first name, he was not related.


    Is this a joke?


    Yankel lived in Brooklyn at least since sometime in the 1980s.


    Yankel lived in Mt Eden in the Bronx and daven by Rav Bick and at Chenkowitz on Eastburn Ave. He moved to the BP in the late 70s and worked as a delivery person for Bochners. Sadly he was nifter a few years ago.


    “Gadol: Are you sure you didn’t go by the name Sammygol in one of the previous of your nine lives?”…

    From Sammygol’s All-Time Best CR Posts (circa June 2008):

    He got his nomination,
    but how can a great nation,
    without contemplation
    at this historic station
    at war and provocation
    take a four year vacation
    performing self-ablation?

    The borders’ demarcation,
    the runaway inflation,
    the dollar’s deprecation,
    the fiscal constipation,
    the failing education,
    the lack of expectation,
    the overall stagnation,
    the general frustration…..

    What is the celebration,
    why all the exclamation,
    the shouts of elation,
    without reservation?
    Where is the trepidation
    and thoughtful reservation?
    As if by revelation
    the whole population
    avoids the obligation.
    Deriving inspiration
    from lack of information,
    as if the obligation
    of this new generation
    is the lack of moderation.

    Beyond imagination,
    sans any explanation,
    perhaps from desperation
    with this administration,
    or pure infatuation
    with much anticipation
    awaiting conflagration?

    Where went the condemnation
    of his affiliation?
    Why give accommodation
    to wishers of damnation?
    Guilt by association?
    Not quite – by emulation!
    His wife’s vilification
    of country’s obligation,
    the lack of reveration
    for homeland’s formation,
    the bigots’ reveration,
    the bland determination
    to hold a conversation
    with lowest of creation,
    the knee-jerk adulation
    of every aberration…

    Perhaps the accusation
    of old days’ segregation,
    the feeling of relation
    to Southern plantation,
    with general sedation
    of critical mentation,
    lent votes’allocation
    to Active Affirmation.
    So playing integration
    as if a compensation,
    awaiting transformation,
    swept up by his oration,
    the super-delegation
    gave us Obamination


    i grew up in the 70s in Boro Park where Yankel Feffercorn was a known person. He had social/mental issues but was rather harmless although when young boys picked on him he would sometimes get very upset (understandably). My father zl used to give him time and allow him to unload his heavy heart about situations in his life. We were always told to treat him as a mench.


    one of fond memories I have of Yankel was one day when he was out delivering and saw a commotion on 13 Ave, it was Moshe Ber Beck demonstrating on 5th Iyar, when they told him that they were demonstrating against Israel, he said what????!, he then opened the boxes found a carton of eggs and proceeding to pelt them with the eggs.

    a regular yid

    the gemara in mesechtes brachos in perek mi shamaisu discusses the potential prohibition of loshon hara, avak loshon hara, and motzi shem ra against the dead. Even if it might be technically muttar, it is childish to post insinuations about special needs people, and even lower to do so once they are niftar. this can lead to loshon hara and rechilus, even if it doesn’t directly contain anything negative. I’m surprised that the yeshivaworld editors/coffee room moderators allowed this comment to be posted. would they like it if they had a special needs relative who was potential fodder for jokes? yankel feferkorn z”l has relatives who are still alive and can potentially be hurt by this…you would think that the mods would take down this shameful post against people who cannot defend themselves.


    I guess that erev (goiyeshe) NYE, there is a bit of looking back in nostalgia at some of the more eccentric yidden we encountered over the past several decades. Does anyone recall Mendel the Coatrack or any of the other colorful neshamas to be ecnountered around Landau’s minyanim and other nearby shuls and shtieblach


    I gave Mendel rides when he hitched.


    Regular Yid: I think you may be reading some of these posts 180* from their intended meaning. These were individuals who were different and each in his own way had a certain pure joy and manner of expression that was unique to them. Certainly, none of the posts I read above were meant in a negative or derogatory way, or at least thats not how I read them.


    Anyone remember the lubavitcher guy who hung around 13th avenue and had a gematria for basically anything?


    @regular yid, First welcome to the YWN and congrats on your first post, Nothing I wrote disparaged either Yankel zl or special need people, I knew Yankel since the Bronx days, he came to my wedding and danced with me and my grandfather who he knew from the Bronx, He showed up and my sons bris and I bought the tape from him, there was no attempt to ridicule him, you really need to lighten up.

    efshar azoi

    it doesn’t matter what temperature a room is, its always toom temperature!

    I remember yankel from my trips to Boro Park. He was such a sweet neshama!


    anyone remember the pickle man of the east bronx. ott was a character !!!


    Disclaimer: I am not making fun of anyone.
    I really miss Diskin who would do an awesome imitation of every Rebbe and Rosh Yeshiva.


    Yechiell: I don’t remember “Ott” but I sure do miss Jake the Pickle Man who sold pickles from the barrel on Jennings street in the Bronx which were so much better than the over-rated pickles from Guss’ on the lower east side.



    Apparently, the above reports of R’ Yankel’s petirah (to quote Mark Twain) “were greatly exaggerated”.


    That picture doesn’t look like him (even considering aging.)


    BH I am glad he is alive it is said that if word goes out that one died and the person is alive it is a sekula for arechas yomim,

    Dr. Pepper

    That picture is so heartbreaking.

    He sometimes davened next to us at Rav Pollars Yeshiva on 55th St. He looks so frail compared to the vibrant person he used to be.

    May he have an immediate רפואה שלמה.


    “Nothing better than a gassy cup of seltzer after a hot bowl of chulent” – actually this is a quote from Rav Sholom Shvadron who explained the gishmak of Nishmas beKavonoh…as a parable .
    He said that years later someone told him that since he heard that, he never misses a cold soda after Cholent…(while he missed the main point , which was about Nishmas of course).

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