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    Hi Everyone,

    i have a situation. My wife was recently diagnosed with CANCER and everyone said because her name and her mother’s name both the same, she need to see a rabbi to have a name before or after to receive her Refua Shlama.

    recommended by a friend she went to see a rabbi name TZION MENACHEM from israel in Brooklyn.

    after examine her mental stage, Rabbi recommended that there is no need to change her name, he ask about my name and our kids name and told her that your husband is not in love with you and he doesn’t care for you!!

    is this right that to see someone in her most vulnerable time of her life to tell her something so horrible? since when a rabbi can read palm and be a future teller?

    does anyone know anything about this rabbi? Please let me know or post your comment.

    Thank you,



    Read Parshas Mishpotim as well as Parshas Shoftim, about keeping away from sorcerers. i.e. An Issur min haTorah.

    Refu’oh Sheleimo vHachlomo Gemoro vArichas Yomim.


    If you google the name Rabbi Tzion Menachem a link to a prior TYWN CR discussion comes up. The link is here: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/rav-tzion-menachem-mekubal



    You ever want to find out information about anything try Google. I Google his name and found some really bad news. Google his name.


    Why does YWN keep on accepting advertisements that this person, a supposed “miracle worker”, is coming to town? Doesn’t YWN have any standards?

    an Israeli Yid


    It says תמים תהי’ עם ה’ אלקיך. when someone is ר”ל not well, you give extra צדקה, say extra תהלים, say מי שברך, and try to get the best doctors, and follow doctor’s orders, and have אמונה and ביטחון in ‘ה that He will make the person well.
    I wish your wife a רפואה שלימה וקרובה בתוך שאר חולי ישראל


    Go to another rabbi and ask him about this one.


    No respectable mekubal advertises his miraculous powers. Every month another charlatan comes to town trying to make a buck. Hashem doesn’t need these intermediaries to bring a yeshuah.
    YWN should ban their ads.

    The little I know

    If any “mekubal” needs to advertise………


    OK, I get it, I should not advertise


    I googled “tzion menachem” and turned up nothing bad about the man. Where do I find this “bad information” people say about him?


    “The Mekubal Mantra”, by an anonymous author:

    What should you give to your mekubal?
    Every dollar, every Rubel
    Every shekel, every lira,
    Sell your dishes, sell your dira
    Brachos, brachos they will bring
    Go hock your spouse’s wedding ring
    Brachos come to all our givers
    You have no cash? Go sell your livers
    Give us euros and you’ll merit
    Bill Gates croaks and you inherit
    Gimme, gimme all your moolah
    And I’ll pray for your segulah
    We’re gatekeepers of G-d’s castle
    Grease our palms; you’re in, no hassle
    Some are skeptics, that’s so tragic
    How can you doubt mekubal magic?
    Your destiny we are controlling
    Your payments get the brachos rolling
    In the future (which we can foresee)
    You’ll transfer all your cash to me

    I’m not the author, but am sharing with the author’s permission.

    an Israeli Yid

    Uncle Ben

    Both this thread and the other one (link posted by ravnhw) either began in February or most of the posts are from February, Chodesh Adar! Resulting in a lot of Purim Torah especially on the other thread.
    In all seriousness, Hagaon Rav Yaakov Hillel shlita says that when a ” Mekubal” comes to town, the first thing to do it to be mechabed him to say a shiur on a sugya in Gemara i.e. Nigleh! If he passes the nigleh test, (which the fakers usually cannot) then we’ll see about the mekubal part. If they ask distraught people for obscene amounts of money or deeds to property that’s a dead giveaway right there. Unfortunately some people are so distant from real Rabonim, Tzadikim etc. that they don’t recognize this obvious charlatanism.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    “Why does YWN keep on accepting advertisements that this person, a supposed “miracle worker”, is coming to town? Doesn’t YWN have any standards?”

    They also have a history of advertising get-rich-quick business seminars… So, I think the answer is no. They have no standards.


    Uncle Ben – the point on checking out if one knows Niglah before giving any credence to their supposed knowledge of Nistar is one that I used to hear regularly from an older relative who was a known Talmid Chacham. Unfortunately, though, I am aware of some fraudsters who are knowledgeable in Torah but have turned it into a shovel to dig with – particularly in the world of “Mekubalim”, where they fool desperate and gullible people into parting with vast sums of money. I therefore think that your statement that “If they ask distraught people for obscene amounts of money or deeds to property that’s a dead giveaway right there” is the truer test than only testing their knowledge of Toras Hanigla.

    an Israeli Yid

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