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    Yesterday’s election proves what most of us long knew: that racism is dead. Sure there are exceptions with individuals who don’t like blacks, but institutionally racism is a long dead animal.

    Now lets kill its ugly cousin: reverse racism. Racism against whites is institutionalized, legalized, tolerated and unfortunately widespread. Sometimes its called affirmative action, sometime it goes by other sweet-sounding names.

    Its time to put it in its proper grave.



    Aye aye, Cap’n!


    we shouldnt be racist i think its wrong you dont judge ppl by the way they look its very wrong


    The race baiting industry, Sharpton & Jackson et. al., would never let that happen.


    Gila- PUT IN PERIODS!!!!!!!


    Doc- they make too much out of it! The race card is an easy way out of everything. Ever heard of “DWB–driving while black?” Yikes! they would actually be responsible for what they are doing! No Way Will They Allow This To Happen!!!

    It strikes me as weird- how come in over 100 years people are still complaining about the effects of slavery when no one alive knows someone who was enslaved!!??!!??

    why is it an excuse for not doing well in school, being in jail ect?


    Just by reading the responses to the death of his grandmother ( and comments about parking enforcement agents ), racism among frum Jews is far from dead



    TELL me about it!



    While that is true, the point is not that it is wrong … the point is that REVERSE RACISM is still very much alive and well … take a look (or rather, don’t) at Trinity’s website to see what their ideas on this are. That is what Black Liberation theology is about, and all it’s offshoots as well (of which Obama was a part)


    I just want to know- since Obama is now the president-elect, can they stop asking questions on applications (for jobs, school ect) what our race is? In America, race should be…American!!! (Note: I am not talking about Jews, who are Jews first and Americans second.) No American-Indian, African-American…or any other hyphenated “American”. I am not saying give up your heritage. Just dont make it a division between Americans.

    I think the next time I will write in American. Or just Other…

    If you say “decline to state”- they know you are white. So lets all say American and not be discriminated against in the future.

    Chuck Schwab

    havesomeseichel, The best way to fight anti-white “affirmative action” racism, is to put on the application that you are “African-American.” This way you’ll get whatever extra benefits they offer as affirmative action, and if they realize later you are white let them try taking away the benefit due to your being a caucasian.

    anon for this

    havesomeseichel, you wrote:

    “It strikes me as weird- how come in over 100 years people are still complaining about the effects of slavery when no one alive knows someone who was enslaved!!??!!??”

    Affirmative action isn’t just about slavery, it’s about the century of discrimination & outright attacks that followed. In another post you mentioned your knowledge of history. Surely, then, you are aware of events such as Jim Crow laws, the rise of the Ku Klux Klan, the hundreds of lynchings and other murders? And you certainly are aware of more recent events, such as the Birmingham church bombings, murders of civil rights workers, the assasination of Martin Luther King, and governors refusing to integrate schools? Millions of people alive today experienced this. Even Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves during the Civil War, didn’t believe blacks were or should be equal to whites; it took the Civil Rights Act of the 1960’s to codify this.

    The term “driving while black” isn’t meant to shrug off responsibility; rather it describes the experiences of those who feel they were singled out due to the color of their skin. I can’t say I’ve experienced this, being white, but I’ve often heard frum people complain of being singled out due to their appearance.



    AA is to combat slave mentality, which is a trait of Beni Cham.


    What do you mean racism is dead? 97% of blacks voted for Obama because he’s black, thats racism.


    arc, true.


    Arc is 100% correct, however

    According to the “mainstream media” when a large percentage of whites for for the white candidate it’s racism, when 97% of blacks vote for the black candidate it’s called “Black Pride” Think of it this way, if in situation X, you switch black and white, the “mainstream media” would call it racism and person Y who said/did/created situation X would be tarred and feathered.


    arc, though thats part of the reverse racism I refer too. Exit polls indicate it was 95%. If 95% of whites votes their race, you can be sure as the sun shines that every pundit would be decrying white racism.



    If so, then NOT voting for him because you (falsely) believe that he is Muslim or an Arab is too.


    illini07, Thats obvious.

    I didnt vote for him because I dont agree with his policies not because of his color-I could care less-.


    “I could care less”

    never understood that phrase

    shouldnt it be “i couldnt care less”?



    I’m glad, and I sincerely respect that you voted the way you did – it is democracy at its finest.

    Unfortunately, many here cry that blacks voted for him because he’s black when they sit here and post how you shouldn’t vote for him because he’s Muslim/Arab.


    If Joseph Lieberman had been elected Vice-President, would that have meant anti-semitism was dead? Of course not. Racism is alive and well unfortunately, despite Obama’s election. I’ve often been amazed how we, as a people, make broad negative characterizations about non-Jews, frei Jews, blacks, and Hispanics yet scream anti-semitism at every slightest perceived affront ( or accuse another Jew as self-hating if he says something you don’t want to hear )


    Feivel-yes it should.

    fightin-you’re right on that front but that doesnt change the fact that that voting based on race is wrong either for or against.

    lesschumras-generaliztions arent necassarily(sic)racist. although I will grant you it seems prevolent here.



    I agree – policies and a determination of who the best candidate is should be the basis for voting. You’ll never ever hear an argument from me otherwise.


    I think that every school, college, and other institutions that allow blacks in before whites who have equal or greater accomplishments/degrees should all be charged with racism. I believe that people should be judged by “the content of their characters, not the color of their skin”. The same goes for gender. All of this political correctness is sicking and discriminatory.

    anon for this


    Since I’m Caucasian, I don’t know what it’s like to be a member of a racial minority. However, as a woman who graduated from an engineering program (bachelors and masters), I can speak to the experience of being a woman in a program where most of the students & the overwhelming majority of teachers/ professors are men. Although I had good grades and test scores, I definitely did experience some prejudice from professors & fellow students who assumed that because I was female I couldn’t do as well as a male student and who sometimes laughed at my questions. However, I was very persistent & had a lot of support at home & b”h succeeded anyways.

    My school had even fewer African-American students & no African-American faculty. Given my experience, I’d be surprised if these students didn’t experience some sort of prejudice or discrimination. So those who say that racism/ sexism is dead in universities don’t reflect my experience.

    That said, not all students admitted to a program succeed in that program. This is true whether they are admitted through an affirmative action program or not. I knew many students who started engineering prerequisite classes when I did but decided engineering was too difficult or technical for them and switched majors and/ or schools. For what it’s worth, nearly all of these students were Caucasian men.

    Will Hill

    anon 4 this,

    Based upon your varied comments in this forum, its clear that the leftist ideology prevalent in American universities has rubbed off on you. Your personal experience does not extrapolate into the real world situation today.


    aft, I never said that racism/sexism are dead, although I dearly wish this were the case. However, racism/sexism today are, at least to the large part, not systematically applied, but their reverses are. Colleges today openly accept less qualified black students before more qualified white ones. If the reverse happened, I shudder to even imagine the consequences. If this isn’t discriminating by skin color, what is?


    I heard about this girl (from her cousin) that is Jewish and her heritage is Egyptian. She applied for a scholarship, stating her race was “African-American”. They awarded her a scholarship but when they found out she was white, it was revoked. Complaining and fighting for it did not help. If Egypt is not part of Africa, they need to re-make all the maps and geography lessons taught for decades.

    I know other people who applied to college and such who were denied entrance when their black classmates, with lower class rankings and grades, were accepted….


    anon for this

    Will Hill,

    Would you care to offer a cite for that? Or does the mere fact I disagree with you make me a leftist idealogue?

    anon for this

    Will Hill,

    My university had no “leftist ideology”. For myself & most of the students there, the primary “ideological goal” was to get the work done, go home (about 5% lived on campus), & graduate before tuition increased again. And maybe you don’t know very many engineers, but they tend to be a politically conservative group.

    Will Hill


    I said that leftist ideology has rubbed off on you, as clearly demonstrated by the tenor of all your comments, both political and religious. I don’t know that you are a full-fledged leftist like feminist02 and a small number of other posters here.


    I’ll take that as a compliment.

    anon for this


    The truth is that I’m not sure affirmative action quotas are really the best idea in general. But as much as I’d like to believe it, I don’t believe that Obama’s election means racism is over. Apparently the fact that I pointed out that discrimination against blacks didn’t end with the Emancipation Proclomation, and described my own experiences in college, makes me a leftist. I’m not sure which religious comments I made that are unsuitable. I did say I’d like a source for one poster’s assertion that it was kefirah to believe people could affect climate; maybe that’s it.

    I don’t always agree with what you write, but I admire your eloquence and the respect with which you treat those who disagree with you.


    92% of whites voted for a white candidate in a Mississippi Senate race. Were they all racists?


    Charlie, Which race and which exit poll is that based on?

    And lets assume they are, blacks on a NATIONWIDE basis voted 95% for Obama. Try telling anyone THAT isn’t a result of race-based voting by blacks for blacks.


    Thank you, anon.

    Joseph, I believe you are ignoring certain demographic realities. The African-American community tends to be heavily Democratic in general, just as the Jewish community does (one might think the opposite from some of the posts on this website, but remember, a very small percentage of Jews in America are frum). I’m not saying that there was no race-based voting, only that African-Americans voting for Obama cannot be attributed to that only.


    But how about all those african americans when told about Obama being elected yelled “yes! we now have a black president!!! yay!”

    And how about those African Americans who were polled in Harlem, “What do you think about Obama’s policy on this and that” when really they were given McCain’s opinions…. and they all agreed with Obama….?????

    Racism is dead! No more afirmative action! No more reverse racism!


    Miss “havesomeseichel” and others, notably “Joseph”:

    Racism is dead? Then how do yo explain this:




    gmab, Since you said you sometimes don’t read a comment ot article before responding to it, I cannot blame you for overlooking that in the initial post to this thread, I said “institutionally” racism is dead, but that exceptions exist. The institutional racism that continues, is reverse racism against white fellows.


    joseph, save your breath – you’re arguing with someone who openly supports



    and you expect him to be maskim to you?!


    well said Joseph! There will be exeptions to every rule made about people. But overall, to the vast majority of people, racism does not exist against the black population. How many black people kill white people for no apparent reason except racial?

    In our colleges/schools, scholarship contests, careers, and other public institutions, race should not be a reason of acceptance. How would you like it if someone with less experience and ability gets that raise in your office/job over you because they are black/white/hispanic/oriental or green with blue stripes?


    Joseph: It doesnt even make sense. Reverse racism is racism too.

    For anyone who believes racism is dead you obiously havent heard of the KKK.


    aussie, yes but how powerful are they today? (I wasn’t agreeing or disagreeing about racism, this was more of an observation)



    My guess is the new “Joseph” is GMAB, reincarnated. Joseph I, sorry for having fun at your expense, but reading these spoof comments by your alter ego are really funny. Glad they were deleted in any event.


    *** DELETED ***

    Do not try to post these types of comments again!

    YW Moderator-72


    yeah, I’m with you, OP. No more programs for minorities. Oh, of course you understand that means no more funds for special programs for Jews too? No? You didn’t get that memo?

    And of course none of you would vote for a candidate because he was a frum Jew, right?

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