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    I am seriously considering going to a rally in Brooklyn on Sunday to protest a guy’s refusal to give a get after a ksav seiruv was issued against him for making his wife an agunah. Is this the proper response? The wording of the rabbonim was pretty strong. I’d like to hear what others have to say.


    At the risk of asking a silly question…

    Did you ask your Rav (or whomever you turn to for guidance)?

    The Wolf


    Yes you should go and take along a bunch of friends. It is a mitzvah to help an agunah.

    always here

    no, IMO, this is not the proper response.

    there are 2 sides to every story & I’m sure you & most of the others don’t know both of those stories.

    I know someone – the husband- who was physically abused by the wife & there were issues involved that had to be straightened out (involving a child of the marriage) before the get could be given.

    protests were not only held outside the husband’s & his parents’ house, but also outside the elderly grandfather’s house.. which really affected his health.

    I am SURE nobody who participated in those protests knew both sides of the story!! :/


    id say the guy is getting off easy with just a protest rally. i mean beis din isnt beating him until he says rotzeh ani…


    If she were your sister would you go?

    No one should be locked in a marriage if they don’t want to be.

    You can speak to your rav to find out if he recommends THIS course of action on your part, but personally, I think it’s meritorious to show support for her, if you can.


    Always here: Beis Din should know the story and if they write a Seruv that’s the end of it. He’s in the wrong.


    Sam, not if he has a beis din backing him.


    Do you have reason to believe the Beis Din has nothing else to do with its stationary, other than to print a Siruv?

    always here

    Sam2~ I’m sorry, but you’re wrong

    shmoolik 1

    it is big mitzva and bring all your friends the message must be clear no blackmail for a get


    Always here/Sam2:

    In the seiruv itself, issued by five rabbonim of the Beis Din of Agudos Harabbonim, it says (and I quote from it -it’s posted on the site of the organization organizing the rally): “Several Gedolei Yisroal have spoken to him about this matter” and it goes on. It is clear from that passage that many rabbonim have examined this matter.

    What struck me even more was that the rabbonim turned to “any person who has the ability to influence him…will be the fulfillment of a great mitzvah”. All the loshon is so strong that I wonder–if he doesn’t listen to the Beis Din, what about his family? Shouldn’t they be stepping in before me?


    After waiting (only) three years for my get, I will go to any rally for any woman! I waited because he said that he is in charge and in control and he will decide when i’ve earned the get. Beis din started each session by quietly slipping him money then asking who would pay for that meeting. He said he would and he was listened to. So yes, there are two sides to each story but stories dont matter. No one should be forced to stay in a relationship!! Please post more info on rally!!

    always here

    daxy~ I don’t know about this particular case… I’m just giving my opinion.

    there are cases when both parties have been served w/ seruvim & they’re very complicated.

    in the past, I was always on the side of the woman.. but the case I referred to in my OP proved to me otherwise & made me wary of following blindly; these protests may have unforeseen consequences when both sides of the story are not known to participants.


    In this case it is obvious that the Beis Din is beyond reproach. The seiruv was signed by five leading rabbonim, not just three. And it is even posted for everyone to see. Beyond that, the seiruv specifically says that the agunah “is hereby granted permission to take whatever appropriate steps are necessary to extricate herself from the chains of this agunah status”.

    But I still don’t understand where is the me’agen’s family?

    Y.W. Editor

    YWN has a long-standing policy of not posting any Seruvim from any batei dinim no matter what the cause or case. (We get theme every day from people involved in all types of cases.)

    We hope all parties work it out, and the Agunah is let free.


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