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    Wouldnt it be cool if YWN had this thing where you can rate the posters? like a star system next to their name based on the average amount of comments that other people liked about them. its a good thing to do when you need a real reliable answer to something and dont want someone to throw you off.

    or just rate the comments. for example if someone says something you think is ridiculous , then next to his or her comment it will say “XYZ doesnt approve” or 1 person doesnt like this . something like that. or the opposite for a good comment.

    what do you think?


    Can we start by rating this thread?

    (No offense, I couldn’t resist..)


    How about we have this thread, called “Rate the Posters”, where anyone can write who and why they think is radical or untrustworthy. It will be like a reference thread.

    If one person out of many (not oneofmany) is untrustworthy, then stars work. but when the actual system is full of bad raters, there is no point in rating.


    There are so many good ones, it’s tough to rate the top posters.

    After much careful thought, here are the top five, from my admittedly subjective viewpoint:

    1) Uncle Sam Wants You. A simple, direct and effective recruiting poster.

    2) Keep Calm and Carry On. Now far more famous than it was when originally printed. A classic.

    3) Rosie the Riveter. Women are just as determined and capable as men to help in the war effort. The face of determination and can-do.

    4) Che Guevara. Sure, he was a commie killer, but that stare! that hair! that beret!

    5) Loose Lips Sink Ships. Ever so much more catchy than “don’t blab ’cause important info may get back to the enemy and be used against us in ways that hurt us”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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