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    At the time of the 9/11 attack I had been learning in Eretz Yisroel. I never really understood the magnitude of the attack. When I saw the video posted by YWN today the only words that came to mind were NORA V’AYOM. A very strong reminder of who is the mightiest in the world. Seforim tell us that the purpose of Hashem doing such things in the world is to be meorer us to Yiras Shomayim. May we all be zocheh to a Ksiva Vchasima Tova – A year of Yiras Shomayim without any reminders.


    ICOT: I worked on Fulton and William at the time, and remember your words all too well.



    B”H we’re here to discuss it.

    The mi sheberach’s said in my shul on Rosh Hashana that year for the list of names of the “missing” went on and on for several minutes – it was heartbreaking.

    The prior message was something I posted on a secular site a few years ago – hopefully it is appropriate to post here.


    Its immortal and never inappropriate.


    Unfortunatly, there are those who do not share the same patriotic views that you do.

    9/11 is appropriatly marked in new calendars as “Patriots Day”.

    Although I was not in NY, I remember that day as if it was yesterday. The flags waving outside, my house included, made me feel proud to be an American. This country has given us so much as Jews, including freedoms that other countries forbid us to do. Dont spite the giver, and be grateful. Not everything is perfect, but what it does give us is enough to be thankful for.

    It is upsetting the way that many hate this country and are not proud to be an American. If they dont like the country, they should leave.

    just me

    That year, before shofur blowing, my rav gave the shortest speach in history. He said “If the events of the past week can’t inspire you to do teshuva, nothing I can say today can” Then he klapped on the bima and we the baal tokea started the brachos. I also heard someone say that if only Half of the stories that were cirulating then were true, it is still amazing.

    Hashem should send Moshiach soon. We so need Moshiach. Halivai very soon.


    This editorial cartoon was an eloquent thank you without words-


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