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    my friends ipod has gotten water logged, in the weirdest way… she put it in rice for a few days, and also tried mouth to ipod resuscitation… but it still seems not to work.

    any ideas to bring it back to life???


    Tell your friend you will take her ipod upstate where it can play with other ipods and run in the fields.


    Goq- It’s in a coma it can’t move. On a serious note though, when did she buy it? She may still have a Apple warranty, and even if she doesn’t, Apple might replace it, but chances are less when there is water damage.


    just make sure she calls apple and NOT cherry… lol;) tell her to take the pink case off and replace it with the blue one. remember it’s nice cause it’s ugly…lol;)


    Shucks, I thought this thread was gonna address MY iPod problem…

    So I’ll just ask: does anyone know what I can do increase battery charge retention?


    Confuscious say girl who put ipod in rice should listen to music on Ywn.


    Hey, OneGoal, she wud bring it back, but shes already replaced it abt 3 times, cuz of other faults…Good ol’ apple!!

    BCK: a big red apple with 2 cherries on the top. lol

    btw, One of Many, just thought i’ll ask… do u leave ur iPod charging until the signal to remove it comes up? try adjusting ur screen brightness 2 a lower setting…


    one- drain it as far as you can till it wont even turn on. then charge it till full. should increase battery life.



    Yes there is a way. The screen brightness is something that eats a lot of battery. So does the amount of time the alight is on. You should go into the settings by brightness (or display I don’t have an ipod in front of me to see exactly but its in the settings and you should be able to figure it out). What you should do is lower the brightness to as low as possible (if you ever watch a video on it you can raise brightness for that video then go back to low brightness, additionally video burns through battery so don’t expect long battery life if u watch video on your ipod). The other thing to do is change the screen/backlight time out to a low number like 10 seconds or something so the screen light is used at a minimum.


    Busy As A Bee

    OneofMany – I know it sounds crazy but this a how I’ve gotten many batteries to retain more power (laptops, ipods, phones etc)

    Use it till it shuts down by itself because of no battery (shouldn’t take too long lol)

    Then place it in a small zip lock bag

    put the small bag into a big zip lock bag

    (make sure to get as much air out as u can)

    and put it in the freezer for a day or two

    Yup the freezer.

    The freezer – the reason it works is because with lithium ions get really cold, they produce more conductivity, thus more battery life.

    I’ve done it many times getting battery life from 30 min to 3 hrs…

    big difference. 🙂


    let me know how it goes


    oneofmany-I had the same problem so I called Apple and they said:

    1) Don’t charge too frequently

    2) when u do charge it, only charge it until the battery is full. Never leave your iPod plugged in for an extended period of time, like overnight. That totally destroys the battery.


    Wow, thanks everyone for all the help!

    jemmapuddleduck: Yeah, so I usually charge it overnight. That’s what I do with all my electronic equipment. I never tried to change the brightness…hmm, I’ll try that…

    Toi: Yeah, that’s what I do every day (out of necessity :S). I do charge it overnight though…just can’t be bothered to check it all the time.

    WIY: I don’t use it for anything particularly battery intensive – which is why I’m perturbed that it’s just failing. I just changed the screen brightness to the lowest setting, and backlight is at 5 seconds.

    Busy As A Bee: Wow, I never heard that one before! I think I’m gonna try it! (I’ll just have to survive without my iPod for a day or two…)

    cinderella: I am guilty on both counts. :S I have to charge it every day, though – I use it for 1-2 hours, and it goes completely dead. I’ll try not to charge it overnight, but I really don’t want to be a slave to it…


    Is it a reg ipod or an ipod touch?


    can we tend to the OP first??? I think it’s only fare….


    jpd: “BCK: a big red apple with 2 cherries on the top. lol”

    How about a small RED cherry with 2 BIG green apples at the;)!!!!!! or in the centre…lol


    Hey Goq…Haven’t u eva heard that putting a water damaged electronic device into dry rice, drys up the water….

    ne way…all of u …any advice????? its a iPod touch 4Gen if that helps…


    Have you tried a hard reboot? I think you press the dial button while pressing the bottom of the dial. That is obvious for the pre Ipod Touch.


    Don’t freeze your iPod touch.

    According to Apple’s website:

    It’s too easy to accidentally moisten or freeze it to be too cold.

    You’ll get better battery life on an iPod touch if you turn off bluetooth and WiFi when not using them. Also, notifications drain battery, so turn those off for apps that you don’t use. (Settings -> Notifications on iOS 5.)

    Since it’s a fourth generation device, you have multitasking. Bring up the multitasking tray and press and hold on an icon until they start to jiggle. You can now manually quit any apps that you’re note using.

    Best of luck, and don’t forget to check out my apps! 🙂


    YT: what’s hard reboot??? never heard the term before..


    whatelseisleft: Regular. Ancient, actually.


    make sure you don’t have all your programs running at once:

    double click the button

    There should be the options of programs running

    then with a firm push ( 2/3 seconds)

    the icons on the bottom should be flashing with the minus sign

    click the minus signs

    do that all the time – when you have too many programs running the battery is drained

    check settings:


    if you have it set that its automatically uploading (opposed to manually) you might want to manuipulate it to see what you dont automaticly need to update

    Inidviudal apps:

    Facebook, imail and others:

    check the push notification/ fetch new data

    if all else fails:

    go to the store have have them do a diagnosistis


    Thanks, but wud u know where the reboot button wud b on the iPod Touch?

    Btw…thanks guys 4 ur input…

    BCK: Small and petite with a stem and a leaf?? *winkwink*


    Most Apple devices don’t actually have an on/off button. In this case, it’s the sleep/wake button you’re looking for. Press and hold until the “slide to power off” slider appears. Then, well, slide to turn off.


    Goq, lol!!


    Maybe try separating it into as many pieces as possible (take off the back cover, battery etc) and get out a hair dryer and have fun.

    (Disclaimer: This is just something off the top of my head. I never tried it and don’t know anyone who did.)

    Good luck



    Kapusta, cute, but i dont think theres a way to remove the back cover…aside from the case…


    Do NOT remove the cover or back! It is not made to be removed and will mess up the Ipod and invalidate any warranty.


    Thanks YT, and all of u for ur help…she ended up bringing it back and getting a full refund…only some people are skilled that way…


    All devices have little water-sensitive tabs in them. If the item gets wet, the tab changes color. It’s the first thing they’ll look to see if you bring it in, even if it’s under warrenty, because water damage usually isn’t covered. I had the same issue with a cellphone. It was a goner, and your friend’s Ipod may have gone the same route. Sorry, BDE.


    What about people who leave their iPod in a docking station speaker thingy. It’s in there, playing and charging, pretty much 24/6. We only take out to move it to the one in the other room. So it charges all the time! Am I gonna damage it?

    (It’s an iPod classic that we only use to play music.)


    Women o/side bklyn; Dunno if they checked it or not…but they still refunded her..


    midwesterner- Yes, I’m pretty sure you are damaging the battery’s ability to maintain a charge, but in your case it should not matter because it’s plugged in the whole time.(So you are not using the battery life) If you are taking it out for some reason then it may only hold a short charge. I can’t confirm this but it’s my thought from my basic iPod knowledge.


    I never heard of them actually checking a returned item for water dammage before… interesting though.. perhaps only some stores do it, it’s clever I think they should all do it!


    playing music, with the device ‘turned off’, does it drain battery life? i find mine goes real quick when playing music…

    (Also iPod touch, 4Gen..)


    yes it does!!!!


    i think your friend should sit on it and incubate it till it hatches back to life!


    It’s already safely back on the stores shelves awaiting another sucher, refer to the above posts.


    Half; iz there any way to preserve it, even while playing???




    “Half; iz there any way to preserve it, even while playing??? “

    dim the lighting, that usually helps.

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