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    “The Bard” is sort of a fancy nickname

    For William Shakespear of literary fame

    What it means I don’t know, to my great shame

    But I hope my rhymes don’t sound too lame


    msseeker, you no one can ever blame

    of making your rhymes sound too lame!

    you even remind me of my dear friend Lane,

    a fierce little monkey no one could tame!

    (yes i know that makes NO sence AT ALL but i ran out of ideas :))


    mustangrider you made msseeker look beeter

    as if he/she hit a double header(even though it was lame)


    Moskidoodle, are you under the weather?

    Explain your doodle, or get your act together

    If you did not understand my rhyme

    Say so, I’ll explain it in no time


    i meant better


    Moski, perhaps it’s the hot and sad season

    Your words still have no rhyme or reason!

    am yisrael chai

    With some people, there’s just no pleasin’

    To compliment would be an act of treason


    Thank you, whoever you are (I don’t like to pry)

    You should change your name to Ohd Yosef Chai

    am yisrael chai

    You are quite welcome (I think!), but please tell me why

    My name should be changed -I’m not a crook nor a spy


    a name tell’s a person’s nature

    wherever you are a Tzadik or a instigator

    but Joseph is one of us

    therefore i love him with all my love XX


    If you’re not a krook or a spy

    Why do you give every SN a try?

    am yisrael chai

    ms, what do you mean trying every SN

    And how did you change a subtitle again


    he used the help of a hen

    giggle girl

    come on, people,

    start rhyming again!

    take out a paper

    and a ballpoint pen!

    write down your thoughts

    and let everyone know,

    what good poets we have,

    let your talents show!

    it gives you the chance

    to rest, relax, and rhyme,

    i hope you write some more

    – if you have time!


    Am yisrael chai, SN means Screen Name

    Your collection belongs in the CR Hall of Fame!


    theres no hall of fame what a shame

    and only the editor is to blame

    am yisrael chai

    msseeker, the CR knows the acronym SN

    but you are insinuating I’ve a collection again

    If it’s really true that it’s emes you seek

    Then perhaps you should consider thinking before you speak.


    Oh, your SN is now newly subtitled!

    I thought you’re Joseph; was I entitled?

    am yisrael chai

    You, msseeker

    A sheker speaker!

    You’ve no proof that AYC is him

    You are ???? on choshed b’ksherim

    SO perhaps it is YOU who should change the SN

    To “here goes the shekerspeaker again” 🙂


    I’m really sorry, AYC, but why are you so angry at me? It’s the mod’s fault, or whoever it was that changed your subtitle to Joseph (and then to the current one). How was I supposed to know it’s sheker? I guess you didn’t notice the changes.


    msseeker that didnt rhyme

    that wasnt worth a dime

    am yisrael chai

    You accused ayc of giving every SN a try

    Without supporting your accusation why

    You stated that ayc & Joseph were one and the same

    And all of a sudden ayc got a new name

    So now the story continues to unfold

    That msseeker might be a mod, truth be told… 🙂

    rhyme game



    that rhyme was worth gold!


    AYC, honestly, you don’t believe me? Didn’t you (or anybody else) notice that your subtitle was Joseph when I posted my silly little rhymes? (Sorry, moski, I’m not in the mood of rhyming when someone accuses me falsely. First let me straighten this out.)


    msseeker its ok

    you can rhyme another day


    So, moskidoodle, what did u do today?

    Did u eat, sleep or go to pray?

    I know how rediculous these questions may seem.

    But i’m so bored I’m singing row row row ur boat gently down the stream!


    mustangrider i had a dream

    am yisrael chai

    moskidoodle last night had a dream

    after ritually applying night cream

    now is well refreshed, it would seem

    For is quickly composing rhyming ????????


    songs i like to sing

    are songs about spring,

    or maybe a luluby

    about mama buying me a diamond ring!


    and songs about a string and bals that go pong and ping

    which are very special things


    its true i looked it up on bing

    am yisrael chai

    your honesty is uplifting


    Me?! A mod?

    Why, how odd!

    Just thank G-d

    I’m not a mod!

    Were I a mod

    I’d grab the rod

    Of a mop or broom

    And go vroom-vroom

    Clean out the Coffee Room!

    I’d suffer no fool

    Who tries playing cool

    And uses any tool

    To break every rule

    Like a boy in school

    Instead of a fight

    Every day and night

    Over basics so trite

    Of Yiddishkeit

    We’d treat each other

    Like sister and brother

    And help one another

    Kindle the fire

    And shteig ever higher

    In ???? and ???? ????

    ????? ?????? ??????

    ???? ???? ????????

    ?????, ????, ?????

    giggle girl

    this thread is quite entertaining!


    and not at all paining

    did u know yesterday it was raining


    Tomorrow’s Torah potion we’ll be laining


    observateen whats that potion

    youre making a commotion

    is portion what you meant to say

    that well be laining tomorrow day?


    I wanted to take part in this game

    But to my utter shame

    The word ‘portion’ came out lame:(

    But before you go and blame

    Look – you’ve done the same!

    Why, there’s an ‘n’ in my name…:)

    Another name

    Moskidoodle I’d have to guess

    his intentions were portion

    to that, he would surely confess


    observanteen sorry for the stress

    i did one letter less


    oy vey i made such a mess

    if someone would claen it that would be a ness


    i’m a maidEN! Not a maid!

    do not expect me to wade

    accross the mess you made.



    The mess I made

    was actually a raid

    on the kitchen fridge

    took some courage,

    what a privilege,

    sippin a frosty beverage,

    without your knowledge.

    am yisrael chai

    The fridge was locked

    And fully stocked

    But now it’s bare

    With nothing there


    the lock is broken

    all the goodies stolen!

    mods! mods! how did this happen!

    you are in charge and supposed to be wathchin!

    am yisrael chai

    An unsolved mystery indeed

    Contents gone with such speed

    At least they left the fridge itself

    With just the air on each shelf


    ayc you’re such an elf

    am yisrael chai

    The fridge needs desperately to be replenished

    It’s been a month since its contents were diminished

    From soup to nuts, all the food has been finished

    Can you volunteer to shop for the perennially famished?


    no rhymes for a month?

    what wrong?there a skunk?

    i smell funk

    i like to rhyme in the trunk

    am yisrael chai

    Went away on an extended vacation

    When maligned with a false accusation

    Spent extra time in my REAL occupation

    Did lots of chesed, had much appreciation

    Returned, now will contribute to this thread

    For no one wants to see it go dead

    And when this thread’s revival will spread

    Hopefully many posts will be coming up ahead!

Viewing 50 posts - 101 through 150 (of 173 total)
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