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    welcome back again, our friend, AYC

    we missed u to no end, your posts, your sensitivity

    Also, yasher koach for reviving this thread

    for a while it has been totally dead

    what…is everyone STILL in their beds??

    I know, I know….Monday blues, the stress, the aching heads,

    Although we turned back our clocks, gained an hour or so

    but today’s Monday, and THAT was hours ago!!

    A fresh week of posts, comments, and rhymes lay ahead

    So much work to be done! need it be said?

    so get your lazy bones outta bed

    push that pillow away already from your head

    and grab your keyboard and mouse instead.


    oh i dread

    my computer is dead

    wait i take back what i said

    sorry for not using my head

    but i fell out of bed

    now ive gone crazy

    and my brain is lazy


    Of course something like this would phase me

    The milk in the carton was turning mayonaissey

    So I grabbed the milk, receipt, and headed back to the store

    When it slipped, dropped, and spilled onto the new, hardwood floor


    A Sad, Sad Week

    This rhyme is not meant to amuse

    I just cannot read anymore news

    day after day, tragedies we never knew

    one worse than the next, is it not true

    What a difficult week for all of us jews

    Believing these horrific reports, I refuse

    Untimely passings, tragedies galore

    Sorry, i just need to express my sad moods


    am yisrael chai

    Instead of drowning your sorrow in booze

    Perhaps you can try to just “chap” a snooze

    And refresh yourself with vim and vigor

    For Hashem is leading, and His picture is bigger

    Let’s combat the sad news by doing more chesed

    Volunteer in a hospital or in Aym v’yeled

    With increased zchuyos and spreading good cheer

    May we all be zoche to a wonderful great year



    AYC, I hear what you say

    and I do hope and pray

    that come what may

    these ???????? ???? stop right away

    Perhaps I should take on a vow

    something light, nothing WOW

    a new ?????, or a chessed job

    instead of sitting here depressingly and sob

    ’cause next time I come to rhyme

    i wanna see that sun shine

    with YWN flooded with Mazel Tovs

    new babies, weddings, and Bar Mitzvohs

    Only simchas, and happy news

    a dose of “cheer” we sure can use

    then I’ll raise my glass of booze

    and toast a L’CHAIM to all you, my fellow jews

    am yisrael chai


    The sun is ALREADY shining

    Your kids are healthy and aren’t whining

    Every cloud has a silver lining

    Count your blessings and you’ll be smiling.


    OMG, am yisrael chai, you are right

    it was there the whole time in full sight

    if I would only look at the good I had

    and not focus on the bad

    i wouldn’t end up so sad

    thank you for showing me the light

    am yisrael chai


    By now your disposition should be shining

    And you’re probably back to boozing and “wining”…


    come on people lets get rhyming


    the rhyme tank is full

    so i let out a pull

    now the rhyme game thread is dull

    all i have left is a skull

    sem graduate

    I actually think this rhyme game is great

    The talent of fellow cr’ers I appreciate

    I felt I should write this before it gets late

    You see, here in Israel, it’s already a quarter past eight

    And in a little while, I’ll meet my husband, my mate

    But I just had to tell you that your poetry skills are top rate!


    especialy on todays date

    the day we carry a great

    big crate!


    If you rhyme, pay attention to meter.

    The better the lines flow, the neater.

    If all follows nicely,

    And oh so precisely,

    The whole poem sounds that much sweeter.


    oh oomis dont be a cheater


    Moski, I actually was trying to figure out a way to fit that word in, but it just didn’t go with the flow.


    ive been thinking a bit

    for an hour i’ll admit

    about a unique creation

    a divine gift that brings elation

    though so very common

    it gets us all hummin’

    cleans and refreshes

    so cheap yet so precious

    a delight from our King

    life’s most basic thing

    its water to which i refer

    so spiritual and pure

    sustains us all

    big or small

    it’s our life, our cure

    But besides its obvious components

    there are certain moments

    we should appreciate, just reflect

    not to be indifferent nor neglect

    lifes beauty in its simplest forms

    thats what this rhyme informs

    so next time you take a shower

    think of the Higher Power

    that created this delicious pleasure

    that we truely love and treasure



    They thank once a year

    over a turkey dinner and beer

    for all the country’s good

    especially all the food

    which eventually their theighs will wear

    But not the Chosen Nation

    who expresses his elation

    for all that He has given

    Our gratitude towards Him

    We express EACH DAY in prostration


    (NEW RULES:if you want to say somehing like just a note not rhyming or anything put it in parentheses

    you can freely change the rhyme but not to quickly

    do not put poems on this this thread.put them on ATT poetrry people thread

    Thank You:)


    I’m going to restart the game

    I am bumping this thread





    This thread I will now Bump™…


    Your bump 4 months ago and 5 months ago and 6 months ago did a lot of good…

    (Hint, hint.)

Viewing 23 posts - 151 through 173 (of 173 total)
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