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    Ujm, you’re too late on the issue of the new testament; it’s already studied in the strauss center as part of a class on how the “Bible” influenced America. They claim to analyze it.

    You phrased my point about institutionalized sinfullness a lot better than i did – thank you.


    “Legally a university has to make such accommodations. If an LGBT person came out with a suit against a lakewood yeshiva they would get into trouble.”
    “Legally today, if someone sued a Beis Midrash program that is an AARTS program or getting government funds that they don’t grant people certain rights, they would also be sued.”

    Real hero mentality. Shocking that BMG and other major yeshivos aren’t scared stiff. Personally, I think it’s worth it to study law and pass the bar just in order to be able to defend such a court case against a yeshiva (if it would arise, which hopefully it wouldn’t.) But lake–whut?! and 1 (same person, BTW) fall at the feet of Neil Gorsuch and the other traitors.


    Participant; the difference between YU and yeshivos kedoshos, is that any other yeshiva would close down if their hishtadlus failed and they were forced to teach devorim asurim or have clubs of that sort. And they’d operate in secret; break out the dreidels…. it would be just another sad chapter in the history of persecution that has befallen us.

    What YU did was the way of the misyavnim.


    How wise was heilike Chofetz Chaim in hilhos lashon hara who says not to praise people, unless they are 100% fully recognized tzadikim – and he is probably the last one who qualifies. So, an innocent question to list roshey yeshiva inevitably devolves into why someone else’ RY is not kosher. Maybe the poster could compete – here is a chiddush from my RY, show me a better one.


    Please there are Lakewood influenced yeshivas that have protected child abusers. No institution is perfect. There are frum therapists who deal with LGBT issues every day. The Lakewood yeshivas and Chasidish yeshivas take funding from Democrats who believe in these things. Our whole society is affected by it in different ways. Spread love not hate.


    Here’s another chidush – if you don’t want machlokes, don’t bring up controversial topics. The back and forth began when some were accused of omitting the faculty of yeshiva university. Then reasons were given as to why the yeshiva world does not consider the school to be a yeshiva, etc..


    I did not ask original question, but the request to count “gedolim” leads to lists and protests, not just by me. (I think) I usually bring names in discussion of certain issues, and controversy starts with someone saying that you can’t quote this guy or that gal … I think it is OK to quote Torah positions even to people who disagree with an authority – at least, there is a chance that all sides will expand their horizons by learning more about the positions than the caricature they have in their minds. To the degree I did participate in mindless name-bringing, I apologize for the bizayon.


    Hagaon Harav Yosef Raful Shlita


    הרב אברהם גורביץ שליט”א, מחבר ספר ענפי ארז


    Have Gershon Nadler just won election last night


    1 – there are colleges, public schools, and literally every sort of institution that have covered up abuse cases. We’re not talking about if what every administrator does in every Yeshiva is always good. We’re talking about beliefs and teachings. By your logic, we should count the Jewish theological seminary “rosh yeshiva” since that school supposedly hasn’t covered up abuse… That’s not a qualifier or disqualier; it’s a problem that is everywhere and needs to be addressed, but the yeshivos weren’t founded on abuse cover-ups. Modern schools are founded on heresy or borderline heresy, and condone forbidden acts on a communal, chilul Hashem level. Big difference.


    common, nachon, hu adam gadol, ani choshev, using lashon harambam

    I heard that a stroke survivor in PA had hutzpah to make fun of a doctor eating obscure vegies and got back a retort that he would not need to be a stroke survivor were he to know of veggies … apparently, this worked and the stroke survivor is doing teshuva, going down to 200 lbs.

Viewing 12 posts - 51 through 62 (of 62 total)
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