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    How would you compare and contrast these two Women in Tanach?

    What are the similarities and differences between them?


    What is this versus garbage? they are not opponents they are two great figures in jewish history they are not in any competition.


    not any competition chas v’shalom. just curious what people think their similarities (maaseh avos siman l’banim) or differences are.

    A Heimishe Mom

    School assignment Nothing? 🙂

    They are both strong, steadfast women, but so are all women in tanach. They are both also both know for their tzniyus. To contrast – Ruth was a giyores so her strength was a personal choice as opposed to ingrained in her upbringing. Esther was also placed in a position where she had to breach her concept of tzinyus and apporach the king while Ruth was never put into the spotlight like that.


    Both were modest (Rus in the field, Esther in the selection), both lived with relatives, both were related (wife, mother) to a king.


    Hi nothinglike.

    Both were totally awesome and shining examples for all of us!

    What are your thoughts regarding the two?


    Wait for shavuos, I’ll have something for you then.


    What do you think of Dovid Hamelech versus Shlomo Hamelech??

    As Goq said, these questions are garbage. We dont compare Gedolim. I cant see any good coming from comparing Gedolim.

    Maaseh avos siman l’banim doesnt tell you to compare to find similarities or differences.

    Just curious why you chose these two?

    Mod please close this thread.

    A Heimishe Mom

    miritchka: wife and GRANDmother. thats a bit of a stretch. its also circumstantial. You gotta be able to come up with something better than that!

    (typing can come off wrong – I mean to be light and conversational, not confrontational or patronizing.)

    sof davar

    “Esther was also placed in a position where she had to breach her concept of tzinyus and apporach the king while Ruth was never put into the spotlight like that.”

    She most certainly was. When she was told to go to Boaz during the night. That certainly was outside of what was/is considered tznius.

    To address the OP:

    Rus lived in a palace and gave it up to live as a “simple Jewess”. Esther lived the life of a “simple Jewess” and was forced to give it up and live in a palace. However, both of them valued a spiritual life more than all of the luxury in the world.

    A Heimishe Mom

    ok, sof. you got me there. I have no idea to which incident you are referring to by Rus (guess I should have paid better attention in class!).


    A heimishe mom: lol! wasnt affended at all! Its times like these that i am so happy my kids are in school! gonna have to wait until purim/shavuos when i get more info…lol!


    How would you compare and contrast Hileini HaMalka versus Amaslai bas Karnevo (Avrohom Avinu’s mother)?

    moi aussi

    They both had tragic private lives.

    Esther had to leave her husband Mordechai, and live with a Goy. She had a son with Achashveros, but no Yiddish nachas. She could never return to her previous life.

    Ruth’s husband Boaz died on their wedding night. She raised their son as a single mother.


    They both have a Megillah named after them

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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