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    i was by a “mitzvah chasuna” lastnight, in other words the chosson didn’t have to many people so they told guys from my yeshiva to go and make it leibidik. anyway so we went and we made it very leibidik

    in middle of second dance kallah falls breaks her foot. music stops. they bring her to another room and hatzaloh treats her. ALL her friends left. ALL the guests left and the only ones left for sheva brochos were us 20 yeshiva guys and the parents of chosson and kallah, and siblings. anyway so we come in for benching and the guy incharge says the kallah is embarrased and only wants 10 for a minyan. after benching the rest of us were allowed to be in for sheva brochos. i came in and the kallah was sitting there with her tears coming down her face she was covering her face most of the time, and chosson next to her also looking sad. I felt so bad to see a kallah crying on whats suppose to be the best day of her life! i cant get over it. also that all her friends left, they didn’t stay to cheer her up?? i felt like just crying.

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    yeah that is sad,

    people can be inconsiderate sometimes but maybe you can be dan lchaf zchus them that they needed to be home for some reason


    That is so very sad.


    maybe the girls left when the kalla was taken to the other room to be treated/ maybe they thought she would be embarrassed if they were there/


    yeah, that is really sad. nebach on the kallah, i wish her a full recovery quickly.


    That is sad.

    But cmon, there r far sadder things in life.

    am yisrael chai

    There’s still a week of sheva brachos to go; can u & your friends do anything to inject a festive mood?


    My mother suffered a severe cut to her foot on her wedding day and ended up in the emergency room. But she was married to my father for the rest of her life.


    i have to find out


    She probably would’ve been embarrassed of everyone besides her close friends anyways so it wasn’t nice of her friends but its good that the guests left. It was obviously meant to be although its sad.


    I don’t think this is sad or tragic. It might not have been the best chasunah of all time, but I’m sure it was plenty nice up to the injured foot. I know of a story were a middle aged guy in good health ( I won’t mention his name), was dancing at his daughter’s chasunah and had a heart attack and died -either there or in the hospital. Can you imagine how his daughter was feeling?

    Ken Zayn

    Truly sad. Hope you bochurim tried to sing and make it leibedig to improve the situation.

    How did she break her foot? (You probably mean hurt or twisted but not actually broken cos if it was broken she would have needed hospital treatment). Please tell us was she skipping which is very dangerous in high heels and a kallah dress and has caused several kallahs to break a foot? If yes then kallahs must be warned not to try it at their chasuna because it is just too dangerous! Dont risk the most beautiful day of your life! If your friends start turning a rope for you to jump just move away! Dont do it!!


    Ok folks just remember the wedding lasts a few hours, the marriage will last for (we hope) a lifetime! What do you bet that 10 years from now this is the funny story that is told around the dinner table.

    The quality of the wedding has very little to do with the quality of the marriage.


    It’s sad. May Hashem give her and them a happy marriage and life.


    May all of klal yisroel be zocheh to have simchas filled with simcha


    I remember years ago they did not allow the chasson or kallah to dance, or very minimally at best; they were pretty smart in those days.


    Like am yisrael chai said- maybe you guys can do something nice during sheva brachos?

    (What were her friends thinking????)


    The only kallahs I’m familiar with are my sisters and wife. In all instances they were told to wear sneakers with rubber soles by dancing so they wouldn’t slip.

    I was at a chasuna last night and I’m surprised more women don’t twist an ankle dancing in what passes for shoes these days. Shomer pisayim hashem?



    “The quality of the wedding has very little to do with the quality of the marriage.”

    I beg to differ. In fact that is one of the reasons there is a Mitzva to make a Choson & Kallah happy at their wedding, I’m told, is for them to have something to bank on when times are rough. Sometimes they wonder if the whole deal was worth it… they remember how glad & happy they were at their Chasuna… peace is restored.


    I dont think the title fits- maybe something more like a rough wedding night/ tough beginning to marriage… but you would think ppl died! still a very sad story and I hope never to hear of such things again


    This is bugging me..

    I dont know the details of this persons life, or why its a “mitzvah” wedding but- I feel like with a regular person- If ther so happy to get married, and so happy with ther chosson.. a broken leg or friends ditching would not ruin the happiness of the day..

    If u won the lotto and then while ur at the celebratory party of all ur dreams coming true- u break ur leg.. ur friend leave.. would u be crying???



    I was wondering the same thing…


    To Charliehall,

    That’s terrible.


    “they remember how glad & happy they were at their Chasuna”

    It becomes a dream and in most cases they don’t even remember who was there.


    Maybe Im too suspicious but I hope shes happy to get married..


    Think of the opportunity to be misameach chassan vkallah. usually the 2 are so giddy that they dont even know you are there trying to make them happy. At the wedding under discussion, a real unique opportunity to try and make them happy was presented. even something corny like singing kallah naah vitzaluah, might have solicited a groan and half a smile, and you did a mitzvah.


    OY!! i really feel very bad!! poor her :(!!


    “kallah naah vitzaluah”

    I think you mean “vachasuda”


    that is SOOOOO sad!! :'(.. maybe she didnt havve any close friends-so noone would have felt comfortable.. i hope she is able to be happy for the sheva brachos.


    That was one joke that didn’t go over well.


    A couple we know in our community had a similar story.

    When it came time to break the glass under the Chuppah,

    the sharp broken glass pierced right through the Chossons

    thin soled shoe and he was bleeding profusely from his foot.

    They took him to the hospital and he was gone most of the

    rest of the wedding. No dancing for him. Anyway, they are

    married 25 years and have married kids and eineklach and

    they are very happy B”H.


    HIE-Yashar Koach for making this wedding Leibidig. Sometimes it aint so easy to get out at night…

    I have to agree with what S2021 pointed out. Without exception, all my married friends mentioned (mostly when looking at their wedding pics) that honestly they were so happy to be getting married, they didnt even notice at the time who was there or what was going on around them! They only seemed to care if the Chosson showed up! And I was at a few weddings where there werent too mant friends, esp at the end, but the Kallah was glowing nontheless.

    I dont know details about this Kallah, if she was getting married in her hometown, second marriage, age, etc. It could be that many of her friends were married and had to get home to husbands/babysitters, but what is fishy is that closest friends would probably stay.

    What is also interesting is that if this happened only in the middle of the second dance, then this Kallah probably did get quite a good amount of dancing with people at that point (I hope!)no?

    Regardless, I do feel bad that she was feeling that way on what is one of the happiest days of one’s life.


    I am not the type of person to ever post on anything, this is my first post on cr but I started reading the coffee room recently and I came across this posting tonight. The wedding that HIE is talking about is my friends wedding. I was there tues night and left right before this happened with a bunch of her friends. There was a wedding the night before that ended really late and a bunch of people were very tired so weren’t there or left early. Not all of her friends were even able to make it since the kallah is from out of town. The kallah is very athletic and she once hurt her knee so I suppose after all the dancing it was what caused her knee to start giving her problems Tuesday night. Also the kallah is a gear so that is why they probably needed boys from the yeshiva since her family is not Jewish. B”H she has an amazing husband and it is very sad what happened at the end of her wedding but IY”H it will be a kapara and she will build a bais neeman b’yisroel because she is an amazing person inside and out. So as sad as it is she is very happy and very lucky to have found her husband so quickly and such an amazing man.


    Quack, thanks for giving us insight on this. It’s good to hear from someone who has been there.


    popcorn – (Do you like Jiffy pop?)

    I heard a similar story that happenned to a Podiatrist at his wedding, but he didn’t have to go to the hospital -all his friends at the chasunah took care of his wound.


    let this be the worst thing to happen to them…

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