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    should i say amen if i’m listening to a record shiur if the speaker makes a

    brocha ?

    Ben Torah



    what if the speaker says something like: may Moshiach come soon


    Mod 80

    You can think amen but there’s no need to say Amen.


    thank you

    no need, but are you allowed to say Amen?


    I always have that question… especially when watching family videos/simchas… I was told no, but it feels so wrong… so like Mod-80 one question remains: Is one ALLOWED to say Amen?


    Moderator-80, vnishmartemmeod

    Id love to know the answer myself. Lets see if I can find anything.

    minyan gal

    vishnamart; I know exactly what you mean. All of the services from my shul are broadcast over the internet. If I happen to listen to a service, I often find myself saying oomayn out loud out of habit.

    so right

    A brocho on a recording is no different than brocho simulated by a computer voice.


    so, here’s the solution. Get a small pocket recorder. Record the word “AMEN” on it, and whenever you feel like saying the word “AMEN” take out the recorder, and play back the “AMEN.”

    You don’t have to thank me too much for this slick solution to a very difficult question.


    i mean a brocho on a cup of water


    ty you already got your answer in the second post

    the answer is no you may not say Amen on a Brocha from a recording


    I remember asking just this question from some menfolk on Yom Tov… a lively discussion ensued… and if I am not mistaken it was brought up in some sefer… (I may sound like a total am haaretz here, please forgive me) about in the bais hamikdash (or was it just a huge shul?) where it was so huge, that the people didn’t really HEAR the bracho, but a flag was raised so that they can answer at the appropriate time… Hey, maybe someone can fill in the missing pieces here…

    In any case, with the answer being no… I still feel uncomfortable NOT to say AMEN…


    If you hear a bracha made in a time that has already past- you do not say amen. If you are watching a live video and you can be sure that there is no time delay- you can say amen. If you hear a bracha such as we should see mashiach come soon, you can respond amen because it is a bracha that doesn’t “expire”.

    You can always think the word amen- it is the first letters of kel Melech Nee’man


    MOd 80 et al.

    I asked a Rabbi. The Halacha is a prerecorded shiur it is ASSUR to say Amen on a Bracha on food or davening..

    If he says may Moshiach come it is permitted but not necessary to say Amen.

    If it is a live hookup and its immediate without a delay then one should say Amen.


    thank you wiy


    Mod 80

    You are welcome. My pleasure!

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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