Security measures in our Shul’s, Yeshiva’s and Kosher Grocery’s.

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    Unfortunately we live in a time where there’s been a serious uptick in  anti-Semitic attacks in the United States and we are constantly hearing on the news of mass shootings taking place either at various School’s, Church’s  and Store’s around the country. I dont understand what we are Chas V’shalom waiting for. Why don’t we have stronger security measures at all Shuls and Kosher Grocery Stores around the country? All Shul’s should have  armed security  guards as well as having designated and trained Mispalelim that are armed with a concealed  firearm in shul just in case Rachmana litzlan something should happen. As Yidden, we know that no effort is more critical  or more effective  than tefillah, davening to Hashem for Siyata diShmaya but we also need to do our Hishtadlus by protecting our community’s.


    Our shul, and most of those I’m familiar already have adopted such security measure for several years. We are also fortunate to have local police parked outside at the regular davening times or when some special event or simcha is scheduled. Privately owned markets will have to decide whether to invest in such security

    Amil Zola

    Didn’t shuls, yeshivas and schools get federal money to enhance security a year or so ago? What happened to that $$. Did it just vanish like some of that money for tech upgrades did? I do know locally when our new shul was in the planning phases we hired security consultants who worked on design issues.


    Hadorah: You have police parked outside your shul three times a day, seven days a week?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I know that the schools in my community, as well as the community center went to work right away using that money to put fencing around the schools, cement posts were erected around the sidewalks and doorways to prevent a car from having direct access and the “front desk” areas were the secretaries/receptionists sit all got walled in and plexiglassed so that the people there are no longer out in the open. Some schools have security, not sure about all of them. And I know several shuls also had the posts put up to prevent car access as well as fencing. And, in some cases, a second inner door for a second layer of security.



    Perhaps your temple misused the funds. Don’t project your dishonesty on others.

    How much money do you think the grants were? How many places do you think got them? How much of the actual cost do you think such grants covered? Do you have clue what security costs? You could read Rabbi Benders letter where he says they are spending $350,000 annually just on security guards. That is far from all covered by grants.

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    Who do you plan to pay for it?

    The government? The mispallellim? (In the case of the grocery stores, the shoppers by the store charging more for the products)?


    If it’s needed then the cost should not be what stops it from happening. It can play a role in decision making if you aren’t fully convinced that’s it’s necessary.


    Most places I know took security, and grants, seriously. Probably makes sense to spend grants on things that do not require upkeep – fences, gates. Hiring security guards with grants may not be sustainable. Having a course on handling weapons for mispalelim will be.


    I think armed security guards in place of just big fellas would be the best deterrent. A big sized guard who isn’t trained to use a weapon isn’t much of a security guard. He can make sure children don’t run out of school but he can’t do much in terms of physical protection.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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