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    Feif Un: Wow Thanks soo much!! You Mamish saved me the trouble of

    posting a ridiculously long post, covering all the stuff you did.

    I didn’t know Rav Belsky mentioned the same thing that has been

    bothering me for years.

    Everything that is Assur, Today we have to find a way around it.

    A cappella Definition see wikipedia below —->

    A cappella (Italian[1] for From the chapel/choir) music is vocal music

    or singing without instrumental accompaniment,

    besides, I find it more relaxing to listen to a choir/vocals

    than a bunch of pathetic attempts at beatboxing/trumpets/weird sounds

    it sounds like a bunch of “Meidlach!”

    It’s not cool!

    d a

    A couple of summers ago, I was working in an office. During the Three Weeks, my boss would say, “Turn on the tape, it sounds like a cemetery in here.” When someone turned on the music, I would turn to my coworker and say, “Now it REALLY sounds like a cemetery in here!!!”


    da: are you poking humor at the A cappella style tapes?

    d a

    no not at all (ummmm)


    Are there any CD’s available that have just people singing without any attempt at instruments? I would like to listen to songs that bring out the feeling of this time of year. songs about Yerushalayim, teshuva, etc. What type of CD’s are available like this?


    HaQer: If you’re looking for chumras, then according to these shitas, the CD/tape player or even the radio becomes the “Klei Shir”; making the singing (without music) assur as well.


    da: you seriously have to turn up the volume on ur pc!

    Did you not hear the sarcasm in my voice?

    d a

    bein_hasdorim: the volume on my computer is 100%!!!


    try six13- they’re superb

    d a

    Okay, time to bring this thread out from HidingUnderCover!


    Check out new the Maccabeats Acapella CD just in time for sefirah.


    Do people really have trouble abstaining from music?


    All of this is such am aratzus. Either you listen to music or not. dont start coming up with heteiros just so you can enjoy yourself. If u want to listen to msic listen. And if you dont, then jst leave everyone else alone.


    does anybody even know what acapella means?

    Feif Un

    It’s in my above post, in the second to last paragraph.


    Will YWN radio be playing sefira music?


    I would imagine so.

    Any reason why it shouldn’t?


    No, it just isnt playing it yet, so I asked.


    I don’t know much about the player. I believe it is currently active and playing music.


    yes its playing actual music (which I generally enjoy and listen to all day) and not sefirah “music”


    Sorry for all the confusion.

    What is sefira music? acapella?


    yes a cappella.


    I don’t know if YW Editor plans on playing acapella, perhaps he will chime in here.


    i dont understand if i were to sing with some friends and one would beatbox while another would make backround bass sounds and there would be harmony. would u tell me to keep quiet cuz its sefirah??????????

    I wouldn’t

    Feif Un

    someonesbored, R’ Belsky would tell you to stop. See my post on page 3 with his letter:

    “There are other forms of a cappella which sound very similar to regular music, although no digital modification is done to the voices. These types of a cappella should also not be listened to during Sefirah and The Three Weeks”

    YW Moderator-42

    hayom shnayim v’arba’im yom she’heim shisha shavuos la’omer. My minhag is to listen to music on the 42nd night of sefira!



    d a

    Its almost Shabbos! Motzei Shabbos I turn my music back on! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Wow! a year old thread touching on Halacha that is not closed yet. The real kasha is how we got from S.A. tav kuf samech: gimmel, to what we have today with a multilayered music industry of our very own, and people plugged into ipods all day. For the really adventurous, contemplate what the Navi (Hoshea 9:1) and Mar Ukva (Gittin 7) were trying to communicate. If Hoshea or Mar Ukva were magically tranported to the Flatbush of today, would they recognize us as Jews?



    ☕️coffee addict

    thanks for the bump Moishy,

    I wanted to post something about sfira music

    I was out grocery shopping and the place was playing a capella, so naturally I assumed it was an a capella cd until the singing stopped and I heard “Yeshiva Wooooorld”



    May Moshiach come first!

    Shopping613 🌠

    I don’t get this bump thing……


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    Koma: With all the Chumros and Minhagim that we’ve developed since then, it’s much more likely that we wouldn’t recognize them as Jews, and you want to complain about those who rely on legitimate Shittos of major Poskim? (The Yam Shel Shlomo already complains about this, in the beginning of Chullin I believe. He mentions that the Gemara calls a certain topic easy to keep and he says that was only true in the times of the Geonim before we were Machmir for many Shittos of the Rishonim, but nowadays-i.e. in his time-it’s no longer so easy to keep.)

    Shopping613 🌠

    Bump guy…in English please????


    Ok it goes like this:

    Bumping on a forum (like this one here) means rooting about the archives for threads from months or even years ago, and then posting to the thread, so it gets “bumped” to the main forum page, even though the thread was started in 1994.

    Shopping613 🌠

    got it! so who here listens to acapella during the 3 weeks? i did not even know that was a minhag till like last week


Viewing 39 posts - 101 through 139 (of 139 total)
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