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    hey. im looking into applying to Seminar and Ateres seminaries, does anyone no anything about either? do either have a good reputation?

    Letakein Girl

    And the deluge of seminary threads begins….


    Cemeteries are taking applications now?

    Everyone should have a long, healthy, happy life to 120, but this is getting out of hand.


    BTGuy amein! and your right it is! everyone has got to start thinking for themseleves just cause half the girls get up and go half way across teh world doesnt mean that all need to!!!

    Letakein girl we all knew it was coming!

    healthcrazy- that is somethign you will really need to research personally cause all awensers depend on you! they both have good reputations,but you might not be looking into what they are offering you. in the bais yaakov world they are very nice seminaries,while ateres has a bit of a more variety of girls then seminar does. you most likely find out who you know in those and other seminaries and give them a call


    Went right over their heads BT


    does anyone have any info abt seminar?

    Mr Sfardi

    there are literally hundreds of seminary threads already. just go look at all of the old threads


    Just look up old Seminar and Ateres posts. I doubt the school changed much from last year.

    Why don’t you ask your school for phone numbers of the girls that were two years older than you and just ask their opinions directly?

    Don’t be shy.

    Also remember that no sem is perfect, so if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Trust someone who tells you a mix of the good AND the bad.


    I don’t know about Ateres, but I can tell you about Seminar.

    It’s really a good place. Good Frum BY girls. They are very caring. Have amazing teachers and amazing classes. They have the best ymei iyun!! For real!!

    Also- the dorm is very nice and comfortable. All the rooms are air conditioned!! And the BEST food!! A real good American cook!!!

    I heard they have changed a lot for this coming year, stronger BY type, and they’re very on top of the tznius. I heard they have a new program- something about the next step- preapring the girls for the next step in life- how to find a job that’s your type, preparing for job interviews, etc..

    Let me know if you have questions! I love it so much and would love to help you have that experience too!!


    hey. im looking into seminar! are they good about Shabbos? like finding you a place?


    i need help with bnos chava, bjj and bnos sarah. ao kw at about it?!


    They’re great about Shabbos. We were never stranded. The dorm is open whenever you want to stay in and if not, they find you a place in the area you want. And if you need just partial, like a meal or a place to sleep, they help you with that too.

    Also- second day meals on Yomtov, there are staff members who keep only one day and prepare meals just for the girls so they shouldn’t have to beg by the young couples who keep two days!!!!


    cis do u kw at about bjj or bnos sarah or bnos chava?

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