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    So I looked at the seminary options thread hoping for help, but it was just talking about different seminaries then I was looking into, but I thought it was a great idea :)I wanted to know if anyone could help me, and give me some information on these few seminaries. Im looking for a seminary with teachers you can talk to,out of town type of girls, not so laid back, but not so academic where you would have to understand textual hebrew very well. ect…I have alot more but its kinda hard to explain myself in the CR. Does anyone know anything about Afikei Torah, Darchei Binah, Meohr, or really any suggestions are appreciated. 🙂


    i havent gone to seminary yet but iyh im leaving in a couple of days and since ive been hearing abt seminary this past yr i can try.

    one thing i have to say is abt the levels of frumkeit the girls from meohr are usually more right wing then darchi binah which is a little more than afekei torah!


    I know it sounds crazy, but you are describing Ateres very much! Did you ever look into it? All areas you mentioned, teachers being approachable, the academics, and the girls are really exactly Ateres!

    I won’t say that I know about Afikei Torah and Darchei Binah because I don’t. I know there was a thread about Afikei Torah a little while ago… Darchei Binah I know produces wonderful girls! Just don’t know much about the two.

    I applied and got into Meohr and was extremely close to going, but then ended up deciding to go to Ateres for although they are both great places I felt Ateres would bring to the place I really wanted to be. So I do know about meohr because I have done a lot of research.

    Bottom line is, they are going through a much needed change this year. It came to the point where although the school, teachers, and classes were out of this world, their crowd of girls was becoming lower and lower on the Bais Yaakov scale. So you may not be looking for a real Bais Yaakov seminary which is more then fine, but just explaining a main difference between that and Ateres, and that was a big part of the reason I didn’t end up going. I did go a bunch of times, and I found it to be more in towny for sure! There were a lot of girls doing a lot of things that the school was not impressed with, and many were dressing in ways that were not ok. They did not have a uniform. This year I know a lot of rules changed, and that they now have the dress code that all the other Bais Yaakov seminaries have. The teachers and classes are really great though! They only have midterms and finals, but do have reports and other assigments in the middle of the year. They have a lot of class. I know that I thought I had a lot compared to a lot of seminaries we had 3 night classes per week, but I believe Meohr has even more. The principal Rabbi Greenwald is supposed to be the most incredible person! I really enjoyed my interview with him immensely. I hope this helped you a little bit, but I really think you should look into Ateres as well, and not just because I went there! It sounds exactly like you are describing you want! I wrote a lot about it on the other seminary thread so feel free to read it. Also I think Meohr was the number one seminary that most of the Ateres girls had applied to as well! So wherever you decide on for real they are both wonderful and very special places and there are plenty others out there too, but I think you should look specifically at these two! Good Luck, and may it all go smoothly!


    Thanks so much,I really appreciate the suggestion. I had thought about it before, because I have only heard wonderful things about Ateres. Im not so familiar with the seminaries so I could definitely be wrong, but in all honesty although I really try to work on what I do listen to and watch I do listen to some non Jewish music ect. so I feel that might not be what ateres is looking for and another place may be a slightly better fit. As a side point though tznius is very important to me and I think I may feel more comfortable in a less intown type of school than Meohr. So far what sounds like they might be the best fit for me from what I know is Afikei or Darchei binah, although since im very unfamiliar I dont know if Afikei might be too modern and Darchei binah sounds like a great place although since I am not overly academic academic in textual hebrew I’m a little worried that could affect my interview, and I wouldnt be able to get in. Sorry that was so long, but if anyone does have any opinions or personal suggestions I would love to hear them 🙂


    IMO meohr is total hefkeirus some of the girls have real issues and the principal addresses them so wrong and so I appropriately and I say this seeing it first hand how this is considered a decent bets yaakov semi ary is beyond comprehension many rabonim are against the principals approach I cannot comprehend that decent upright teachers would send good girls there. I am saying this first hand knowledge I have been there and spoken to some prominent rabonim about the situation there.


    You should so look into Bnos Chana / Halichos. It is such an awsome place. It is for totally committed girls but it doesn’t stuff stuff down your throat. There is such a sense of kedusah among the girls and there is a real move towards growth and closeness to HaShem that comes from the girls, not just the staff. Alot of the girls come to work on things like not listening to secular music, and dressing more tzniusdik etc. It is better when you know you can talk about what you are feeling and going through with other girls that are going through the same thing.

    The learning is fantastic. Because it is a small place every girl gets tons of attention and help if they want it. There are tutors to help girls who want to work on skills. The classes are super relevant and the teachers help apply everything we learn to our lives. There is alot of learning inside so its not just someones opinion but it is Toras emes! They really encourage you to ask questions and to not rest until you get an answer that makes sense to you. Even though the girls are all frum and come from frum schools, everyone has questions they were affraid to ask in high school, but really want to know the answers to.

    There are two parts to the sem. Bnos Chana is all day learning until about 6PM and then the night classes are fun stuff like yearbook, nutrition, make up etc. Then there is Halichos. Halichos is pretty intense and it is for girls who really want to come out of their year in seminary with a way to make parnassa. It is alot of homework and you work with real clients but there is so much help and support that the girls just love it. The afternoons is limudei kodesh with the most wonderful teachers and rabbis. It is very inspiring to know that you really used every minute of your day when you fall into bed at night.

    The school is so friendly and warm and Rabbi and Mrs. Cohn make every girl feel special. It is such a great place you really should check it out.


    happym19, I do understand your concern about the music thing, but that is not something that should make you rule out ateres. There were girls who were not on the level that they were ready to give up their music and some that didn’t listen. The bottom line was that they said straight out that they don’t look on each girls i-pods but would not be ok if it was playing out loud. It could be Ateres still may not be the place, just felt I had to clarify that.


    bpmum yes the more I had looked into meohr it does not sound like a crowd of girls for me.

    Trying my best: Thanks for all the information, I had heard the name mentioned once or twice but I was very unfamiliar with how it worked.

    Candy 613 :I really appreciate that you clarified things for me, as you said that may still not be the perfect fit, but I appreciate you letting me know that it would not necessarily stop me from applying there.

    Again thanks so much!, all information is really appreciated, but if anyone has further information on darchei binah and/ or afikei that would be great 🙂


    Gut voch e/o! I just decided to try and bump this thread to see if anyone else had any further information and could help me out! 🙂 thanks!


    Afikei is closing down at the end of this year…


    What about Seminar?


    they aren’t.


    to trying my best:

    What was it like in Beit Shemesh? Did you feel out of it?

    How many times did you go to the kotel? what did you do for yom tov?


    hi! does anyone know any info on bnos chana? halichos sem?!?!?!???????????????????


    Snowbunny3318 I did hear that, but they’re opening up a new seminary called lev bais yaakov, which sounds absolutely wonderful from everything I had heard.


    no comment… long story, I am not the one to speak to about this…


    MOre info on the seminarey ateres anyone? is it out of towny? yeshivish?


    uhoh! :p sorry! that doesn’t sound good. was that negative or just a “no comment”?


    both… I have a lot of drama going on. I could embarrass Rabbi Segel and entire seminary right now and talk about the girls this year in relation to my anxiety disorder and how those factors prevented me from being able to attend class (for very legit reasons due to innapropriate stuff that went on, that was not my fault at all, but rather because of the other girls_ and then I was asked to leave, or I can just be quiet on this matter and say nothing more because I already said enough as it is.


    mischiefmaker- look on the seminary options thread…


    snowbunny3318 I am really sorry to hear that! I really don’t want to speak loshon harah here, so if theres any “loshon horah police” please help here. But i am really interested in lev bais yaakov, and was very impressed with rabbi sigal, and honestly I am really thinking abt. it as a serious option, but if it is litoeles, to the point where I really shouldn’t be going I’d really like to know, but on the other hand I’m really not interested in telling loshon horah for no reason. someone please help here. Again I am sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience, but “inapropriate stuff” really?


    any info on nachlas anyone?? is it an open-minded sem, teachers u could talk to, hard working, friendly girls?


    the girls were bullying me, and the school did nothing about it. They told me I was fat, and they went to the eim bayit and told her I was eating ice cream all day, and she accused me of having an eating disorder, then they wondered why I was not able to show up to class, because I was to scared of people making comments. On top of that, I was there for two months and the school did not know me at all, and considering how few people were there, they could have gotten to know me. The social worker told my friend medical information about me that she was not authorized to tell. Its embarrassing to have to go to a social worker to get ear plugs, on top of that we were forced to fill out medical forms in class, and girls kept on staring at me because it was taking me a long time to fill mine out (I am sorry I have ADHD and some other issues), it was humiliating and accused me of lying on my initial medical form, in front of the whole school.

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